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So yeah.

"Do you think he'll be ok?" Yuffie Kisagari asked, looking at the young man leaned against a tree. Yuffie and her companion were standing in a clearing at the top of a hill. Leafy trees and green grass everywhere.

Tifa Lockheart nodded, then brushed a piece of lint off of her white t-shirt. "Yeah. He's tough."

They were talking about Cloud Strife. While trying to save a little boy from a burning house, he received several injuries including countless burns and a head wound obtained from a collapsing doorway. The child, however, remained unharmed.

Cloud was asleep, unable to stay conscious with all the pain medication he had been given. His head was bowed slightly, causing his messy blonde hair to fall in his face.

Tifa heard a 'snap!' behind her. She turned and saw her friend Aerith Gainsborough standing just outside the tree line, holding a basket of flowers shyly in front of her. Her light brown (and apparently wavy) hair was down to her waist, apposed to the twisted braid she normally fixed. And instead of her traditional long, pink dress, she wore a shorter, pale blue one.

At first, Tifa cocked her head, slightly confused. Then, she understood why the other girl was there. She grabbed Yuffie's hand and pointed to the little path that led back to town. Yuffie didn't 'get it' at first, so she rebelled. But Tifa pointed at Aerith's hiding spot and Yuffie beamed, then took off. Tifa turned, her dark hair waving, and flashed Aerith the thumbs-up sign and ran after Yuffie.

Aerith nervously brushed a strand of hair out of her fair-skinned face and tip-toed up to Cloud. He mumbled in his sleep and Aerith giggled. She knelt beside him and very carefully kissed him on the lips, something she feared she'd never do while he was awake.

Then, in an act of bravery, she tucked the only unbroken flower she had behind his ear so the soft pink petals almost disappears into his blonde hair, but not quite. The rest had been burned, for the little boy's house was right next to Aerith's.

Cloud's eyes fluttered and Aerith stood up. She started to run as he woke up, burnt petals spilling out of her basket. He stared after her, trying to piece together what had just happened. Then, once he realized it, his face turned bright red and he clamped his hand over his mouth.

After a brief moment of shock, he bolted up and ran after her, yelling, "Aerith! Wait up!"


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