Chloe's death

Chloe couldn't stand it anymore. She knew this thing taunting her wasn't Buffy. It was the first evil, the thing she was suppossed to help fight, but how. Chloe felt helpless, and she was just a potential. What if something happenned to Buffy, was she suppossed to become a slayer? That thought terrified Chloe even more than death. The idea that the fate of the world might rest on her. That was certainly possible, the younger the better with slayers. The first kept taunting Chloe, saying she would let everyone down. Th world would be destroyed and it would be Chloe's fault for failing. The first was evil, bu that didn't mean it was neccessarily wrong. Chloe decided not to let that happen, not to put the fate of the world in her own hand. And now, it could finally be over. And with these thoughts Chloe hung herself.