Author's Note: Hey guys! How's everything? Um, I decided to write more Degrassi so I found this little prompt challenge on Google. I decided to do it with Fimogen because I adore them. So anyway enjoy! Oh and check out my other stories too. Thanks guys. XOXOXO

Theme One: Breakfast

Fiona Coyne sighed as she rolled over in her big king sized bed. The condo was so quiet in the mornings now that Declan was gone off to school, and now that her mom was on house arrest in New York. The mornings like this were unbearable.

She drug herself out of the bed and decided to put on some coffee; after all she had to go to school today and the girl didn't get much sleep last night. Fiona was feeling slightly groggy.

She slouched her way to the kitchen, muttering profanities as she tripped over the carpet.

"What a good day already." She muttered to herself as she put the coffee pot on. Suddenly there was a knock at the condo door. Who would be visiting so early in the morning? Fiona sighed as she went to answer the door.

"Good morning sunshine!" Yelled Imogen as soon as Fiona opened the door. Fiona could only smile at her girlfriend. Suddenly her early morning grouchiness went away and was replaced with pure joy.

"Good morning Immy." Fiona said as she let the girl inside the condo. Imogen was already fully dressed for school wearing a cute red and black striped dress with some mismatched leggings, and ribbons in her pulled up hair. Fiona noticed she was carrying a... picnic basket?

"How is my Fiona on this fine morning?" Imogen asked as she sat down the picnic basket on the kitchen island.

"Good?" Fiona answered confused. "Um, what is that?" She asked.

"Breakfast!" Imogen answered with a cute smile. "You can't go to school hungry." She chided as she opened the basket and began pulling out a mesh of breakfast foods.

"You brought me breakfast?" Fiona asked as she watched Imogen get out the breakfast. Pancakes, syrup, strawberries, and of course some orange juice.

"Of course Fi." Imogen replied as she got a plate and cup out of the kitchen cabinet and began making Fiona a plate of breakfast.

"Thank you Immy." Fiona said as she pulled the petite girl in for a hug.

"You're welcome..." Imogen said sweetly. "It's just I know your mom isn't around to do this stuff for you anymore." The petite girl explained.

"Oh..." Fiona replied as she took the plate of pancakes from her girlfriend, unable to think of a more proper response.

"So as long as I'm around, you'll be eating breakfast everyday!" Imogen exclaimed and Fiona laughed.

"As long as you make bacon." She said and pulled Imogen in for a sweet kiss.

"Of course." Imogen replied smiling and kissed Fiona again. "Now hurry up and eat so we can go to school."