Five Guardians stood around the moon crystal as MiM chose a new guardian. North and Sandy stared in awe, while Tooth and Bunny were worried about who MiM would pick. Jack Frost couldn't help but feel extreme excitement, for this is the very first time he saw the crystal. He couldn't help but try to imagine MiM picking him the exact same way.

They were all confused, though. Nothing was going wrong and nothing was predicted to go wrong for another thousand years. There were five guardians, six if you counted MiM, so what was there need for another. Fun, Hope, Memories, Dreams, and Wonder. What else could there be for someone to protect in a child?

The Crystal almost blinded the five as it glowed, then diming to the point where you could look at it and clearly see something above the crystal. However, it wasn't any familiar figure.

"Who in Mother Earth's presence is that!?" Bunny growled, hopping closer for a look.

North walked closer, putting his finger to his beard as he studied the figure. Someone around the age of 23, short hair with an odd curl to the side, a military jacket, and a mean frown on his face. Nobody he knew of, and North knew of every immortal…Or so he thought.

"Is that an Italian Military Jacket? It's an old one, might I add." Tooth pointed out, getting closer too.

"How are we supposed to find him if we don't even know him?" Bunny growled.

'He goes by the name of South Italy.' MiM's voice rang throughout the five's ears. Silent yet so loud.

"South Italy? But wasn't that a country? I mean, a long time ago?" Tooth asked, looking around confused.

'He is the Personification of the Southern Half of Italy' MiM explained

"Personification? Of Land? Don't be playin' with us, Manny!" Bunny laughed.

"But I've never heard of such an immortal." North said.

'He is an immortal who rose of the earth long before any of you were even mortals. He is as old as the country Italy itself. Maybe even a little older.'

"He could be over 2000 years old?" North looked amazed.

"Haha, oh no. Mate, do you really think that this "South Italy", someone we've never even seen, would be a good Guardian of children?! He's probably all worked up over the southern part of Italia anyway!" Bunny argued.

"Oh Kangaroo. Oh, which reminds me! If we go to see this "South Italy" Maybe we can see other countries! We'll take you back home to momma or papa Australia!" Jack laughed, flying over to Bunny with a grin on his face.

"Oh Shut ya' trap." Bunny tried not to pounce at the spirit.

"Or England, if that's what you're into." Jack sighed with a smile, flying up so that Bunny didn't try to launch at him that second.

"I'd try to insult you with America but knowing you and the country itself, that won't work."

"Huh, yep!"

"Fun lovers, outgoing, knows what's going on. Get into everyone's way, mix up words, fat, not serious." Bunny started out nice, but grinned as he continued.

"Oh Shut up!" Jack hissed.

"You two! Stop it!" Tooth flew over.

"He looks…Angry. Does anyone know anything about the southern region of Italy?" Jack turned to the figure above the Moon Crystal.

"As far as I know, it's not a very good place." Tooth said.

"When I fly over on Christmas eve, sure there are good children to attend too, but isn't southern Italy the birth place of the Mafia? I've seen adults down there. Not good Adults." North said.

"On my way around the globe to spread snow and keep weather cold, I go by that place once or twice. I've never seen anything but then again I normally rush through. I wanna get back to Burgess, you know?" Jack said.

"Lets save this talking for later. Right now, we should be trying to figure out how to find this…South Italy." Bunny said.

"Where could he be?" Sandy asked with his dream sand creating pictures above his head.

"What If he can't see us?!" Tooth asked. "He doesn't look like a believer!"

"…Wild guess, maybe at the world trade center?" Jack said shrugging.

"Well, I guess we should start looking!" North chuckled.

Little did they know, this was going to be worse then trying to get Jack Frost to be a guardian. Oh what fun they were in for. Well, actually, Oh what fun a certain Italian was going to be in for!

A/N: Continue? No? Yes? Maybe?

Really, I have NO idea where this is going. I just wanted to write a story where my favorite character becomes a Guardian. Why does Romano get picked for guarding children? Wouldn't His little brother be a better choice?

Maybe Jack and Prussia will meet and be friends. What would Australia think of Bunny and What would North think of Russia?

So many things I can do without a plot.