Chapter 6

A/N: So guys I had a totally different chapter ready but since it's Valentine's Day... ;D Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm sorry if it's a bit late in posting but it's the thought that counts!

"Happy Valentine's Day," Finnick whispered in my ear from behind me.

"Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!"

He wrapped his arms around my waist while I got things out of my locker, chuckling.

"Hey guys! Happy Valentine's Day!" Madge squealed as she and Peeta came towards us.

"Hey, you too!" I said and they both smiled conspiratorially at each other.

"So we all got Biology first period today, right?" Peeta said, still looking at Madge.

"Ugh, don't remind me! I do not feel like listening to another one of Abernathy's sex talks..." I groaned and they laughed. Haymitch Abernathy is our Bio teacher and he loves making us feel embarrassed and awkward every other week or so with his very detailed speeches and personal questions.

"Yeah they can get pretty awkward. Especially when he makes someone talk about their sexuality..." Peeta said and we all nodded our heads vigorously in agreement.

"Finnick Odair! Tell me: Who are you dating at the moment?" Mr. Abernathy- or Mr. A, as I called him- asked.

"Katniss Everdeen," Finn answered proudly while I subtly hid my face behind my hands. Everyone might as well have broken their necks trying to look at me.

"Really?" Mr. A asked, shocked. He turned to me for confirmation and I nodded. "Very well, then. Tell me, Odair, have you had sex with miss Everdeen?" Mr. A asked and I blushed furiously.

Finn choked.

"No, sir! Haven't even tried because I'm scared she'll put an arrow through me!" He said and everyone laughed, including me.

"And are you planning to?"

Mr. Abernathy questioned on but memories of Gale came flooding to the front of my mind. I think Finnick saw the pained look in my eyes, but I can't be sure.

"No, sir. Not till she's ready." Finn answered quietly with a small reassuring smile sent my way. I mouthed thank you to him and he smiled at me.

The Mr. Haymitch Abernathy turned to me then.

"How about you, sweetheart? Have you thought about sleeping with this playboy? Any hot and heavy dreams? No fantasies? Nothing?" He asked me, grinning. He knew I hated it whenever he called me sweetheart. Some teacher.

"No, Mr. A, I haven't. I haven't thought about sleeping with someone since-" I stopped myself before I went on, debating whether or not to tell him, the whole close, and initially the whole school the rest of the story. I glanced over at Finnick who just gave me a small smile. I nodded. "-since I was raped by my ex-boyfriend." The whole room was quiet. "I don't have dreams, I have nightmares of it. I don't have fantasies," I said.

Being with Finn made me realize that I don't care what others think of me. At the end of the day all that matters is what I think of me.

Madge held my hand.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart... I didn't know." Haymitch said, looking at me sadly.

"Its fine, Mr. A. I'm battling my demons, now."

"That was a very brave thing you did in there" Finn hugged me to his chest as soon as we exited the classroom.

"Thanks. Come on, we've got English..." I said, untangling myself from his arms.

"So I heard what happened in Biology..." Cato said, sitting down next to me and Madge. The guys were...somewhere. I didn't know where exactly.

"And?" I asked before biting into my pizza. I knew it would spread like a wildfire. Boy, do high school kids like gossip.

"I knew you were strong, but- Look, the thing is, the girls feel threatened. Pretty much... they're going to try and make your life a living hell. All I came to say was you should watch out and be careful with who you trust. Also... I'm sorry you had to go through that." He frowned.

"Thanks for the heads-up. It's okay. I'm learning to live with it..." I smiled at him.

Cato kissed my cheek, stood up, and left. What is it with the Victors and kissing me?

"Hey, babe!" Finn said, plopping down in the seat right where Cato just was.

"Where were you guys?" Madge asked.

"Well, I went to get my Valentine's gift for Kat from my locker but I don't know about Peeta." Finn said looking at Peeta, who blushed. He turned back to me and exclaimed, "Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful!"

He handed me a rose and a small box.

The box was red and velvety and when I popped it open I saw the most beautiful silver necklace. The charm on it was a little delicate heart with a tiny, tiny ruby right at the tip of it. As I fingered it, I saw on the inside of the box it had "Swarovski" written all over the silky lining in silver cursive lettering.

"Oh my... It's beautiful, Finn! Thank you!" I said, kissing him, and I could feel his lips tighten in a smile before he kissed me back.

"Happy Valentine's to you, too," I murmured, giving him the box that contained his brand new, waterproof silver Rolex. It cost me a fortune but it was all worth it when I saw him beaming as he put it on.

I heard my phone buzz next to me on my bed. Picking it up, I checked who the caller was first, before answering.


I barely got a "hey" out before she screamed my head off.

"He asked me out! He asked me out, he asked me out, he asked me out!"

"Who? And don't shout I need my ears!" I replied calmly. It was such a contrast.

"Peeta! Peeta asked me out! He asked me to meet him after school and so I said 'Sure!' and then when I did, he just went and asked me out!" Madge continued to shout down the phone.

"Madge, that's great! You said 'yeah,' right?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" I could just picture her nodding her head over and over, squeezing her eyes shut and giggling. "Can I come over?" She asked.

I said it was okay and we hung up. After Madge got here we ordered Chinese and watched some cheesy romance movies. Prim was having a sleepover at Rue's house and my mom was working the late shift at the hospital so it was kind of quiet, but we spent the whole night chatting about our men and just plain having a blast.

Best Valentine's Day ever!