Julie's death

Susan stood over the casket with a gun in her hand. How foolish could she have been, a family vacation in Sunnydale? She had assumed all those stories of vampires and slayers were myths, something to bring in the tourists. Now they were all gone. Her husband Mike, her children Julie and M. J. all dead. Susan didn't know why the vampire had let her live. Or why they left Julie's body intact but not Mike or M. J. But it no longer matterred. As Susan stood over julie's body alone she was ready to join her family in death. Susan closed her eyes and put the gun to her head. She could actually still hear Julie's voice, asking her to put the gun down. Susan opened her eyes and Julie was awake. Susan hoped it had all been a horrible nightmare, that Mike and M. J. would walk in here any second. Than she realized, those monsters had turned her innocent daughter into a vampire. Julie was all the family Susan had left in this world, she would help her daughter through this. As Susan and Julie walked out they saw Buffy, the legendary slayer. She had figured out what those vampires had done. It was clear she didn't like the idea of killing Julie, but she would still do it. Susan could not let that happen. Slayers were stronger than most humans, but they weren't bullet proof. Susan took her gun and shot Buffy. Susan was in shock, she'd murdered an innocent girl. Julie held her mother's hand. As a vampire she felt no guilt over Buffy's death but was grateful to her mother. Susan told Julie to drink Buffy's blood, had to keep up her strength. As Susan watched her little girl drink slayer's blood she knew there was no going back, for either of them. Whether or not they were both damned at least Susan and Julie would always have each other.