I don't know how I came up with this story as it is cold over here, but still. Currently working on two Kyman stories at the same time but this one was finised first, so. I like the idea of a still chubby Cartman and a fit Kyle, we all saw him playing basketball :)

Hot town

For fuck's sake it was hot. Who would have thought that an actual heat wave would ever come to South Park? But sure enough: people secretly watering their gardens at night due to water shortage, old people dying of heat seizures and children nearly suffocating in the shadows of nearly dried out trees, everybody begging practically for a breeze.

I wasn't better off myself. South Park houses were built for cold, not heat. The walls keeping in all the heat so desperately needed in the winter. That same walls now kept in the suffocating heat of July. Sweat was dripping down my face as I lay on my bed. It was too hot to do anything. All I had been able to do was open the window in the desperate hope for some fresh air. Only to realize I was even letting in more heat if that was at all possible.

Of course, as soon as the temperatures started to rise, so did the prices for air conditioners. The only god damn store that sold them tripled their prices over night. Although that didn't stop people from buying them: they were sold out in a day or two. But my mom hadn't bought one of course, not even after one of my tantrums. It was starting to look like a long and sucky summer if you asked me.

I decided to call some friends to go and get some ice cream. In this heat it was better to be miserable together I figured. I called Kenny.

"You have reached the answering machine of Kenny McCormick, which basically means I'm off banging some girl. And it's probably your sister! Hahahahaa!"

Douche. Okay, next.

"Hey dude"

"Yo, Stan, want to come and get some ice cream?"

"I can't I'm at Wendy's house."

"So? Dump the bitch. What are you doing with her anyway?"

"Well…" I could hear him grin.

"Oh, God damn it, hippy!"

"You can call Kyle if you want some ice cream. He's at the basketball court."

"Is the fag actually doing sports on a day like this?"

"Yeah, maybe you can join him, would do you some good, fatty."

"Fuck you." I hung op. I groaned. Fine! I would go and get the fag for some ice cream.

In the car, radio blasting, windows thrown open I drove towards the basketball court at high speed. On a day like this I couldn't be bothered for the air conditioning to start working. I parked my car in the sun, as all the places in shadow had obviously been taking already, and walked to the little gated basketball court.

It was the faggiest thing I had ever seen. Eight guys, running, sweating and jumping. I could see sweat sliding down their faces and backs. Kyle was instantly recognizable: stupid red hair was a fucking eye catcher if I ever saw it.

"JEW!" Their heads turned and Kyle rolled his eyes, thinking I wouldn't see. He motioned for the others to continue and walked to the edge of the court, looking down at my through the fence.

"What do you want?" I still hadn't gotten used to the fact that he was taller than me. Over frikkin' 6'4 he looked down at my measly 5'7. It pissed me off at moments like these when I needed to be persuasive and intimidating.

"Come and get ice cream with me." Never give people an option. When you ask questions people just get confused any way.

"I'm busy."

"For fuck's sake, fag it's hot, your boyfriend is busy and I want ice cream and you're going to get it with me!" I didn't want to sound so whiny but his sweaty smell was putting me on edge.

"Half an hour." He turned and got back, joining in on the game in an instant. I grumbled and walked to a spot a little away and watched them play. Kyle was good I admitted with reluctance. But why they let him play with them was something that still amazed me. Jocks were known to be great homophobes and Kyle had come out about 2 years earlier. Maybe they had gotten used to it or something. Or maybe they were all gay. It certainly looked gay to me what they were doing. Touching each other during jumps or slapping each other on the back after a good move or whatever it was they were doing. I kept check of time insanely precisely and when the thirty minutes were up I walked to the fence again.


"Alright, alright." I heard him mutter.

"Be nice, Cartman." Token called when the Jew walked up to me. Kyle smiled at that.

"Whatever!" I yelled back. Kyle got his stuff and followed me to my car. We got in and I opened the windows.

"Fuck, it's hot in here." He tugged at his shirt to cool himself down.

"We're experiencing a heat wave."

"No shit, Sherlock." I drove away and Kyle groaned at the cool air coming in through the windows

"Fuck, that feels good." I looked to my right and saw that he had his eyes closed and was taking in the breeze like it was the best thing he had ever felt.

"I can't understand you can even work out in whether like this." I just had to tell him.

"It feels good to sweat it all out when it's this hot." That sounded so gross that I wrinkled my nose.

"Could you get any gayer than this?" He laughed.

"What if I told you I had one of my nipples pierced?" I jerked to look at him, driving through a red light.

"DUDE!" He panicked and I looked back at the road. "I was kidding okay?"

"I wouldn't put it past you." I grumbled, turning red.

"You wanna check?" I slammed the brake. Well we had arrived at the ice cream place but also because I was angry.

"Kidding! Kidding! It's just the heat that makes me talk like this, I swear!" He looked scared at my reactions. We got out and got ice cream. He got something with little sugar in it, for his diabetes and I just picked some flavors at random. We ate in silence.

"Damn, this is good." He muttered. His sweat was drying up and he started to smell. I felt I had to tell him.

"You stink, Jew." He snorted.

"That's what exercise does to you, fatty." I whacked him on his arm. He grinned down at me. I finished my ice cream first.

"Damn, I want another one."

"You do that, I can't." He said bitterly. I was trying to figure out what flavors to pick next when I saw him looking at me, studying me.

"What?" He was still silently debating something as he looked at me. I rolled my eyes and was about to go back inside the shop when he stopped me by grabbing my arm.

"You can't tell anyone." He whispered.

"What?" I leaned in, matching his tone. His light brown eyes darted across my face before he whispered.

"My father installed a fan above my bed." My eyes went wide.


"SHHH!" He looked around in panic as if people knew what we were talking about.

"I haven't told anyone because you know how people are, they will want to come over all the God damn time."

"Why are you telling me then?" He shrugged.

"You looked like you needed it the most. If you want to, we can go to my place." I stared at him for a moment before jumping him.

"Cartman!" I had to lean up to get my arms around his neck but that didn't stop me from doing it. His lean, muscled body was clammy against mine but I didn't care. I was so happy by the idea of some cool air over my hot body that I wanted to hug him.

"Thank you, Kahl! Thank you!" I kissed him on his face. I saw people looking at us, I didn't care. The idea of a fan was so appealing that I was dying from joy.

"Dude." He said weakly.

"Come on." I tugged him on his sweaty shirt back to my car.

"What, now?" He said flabbergasted.

"Yes, now! Come on!"

I drove to his house at high speed, nearly ramming another car and practically running over an old lady but I didn't care. Of course, Kyle felt the need to whimper in panic beside me. I parked the car and we got out. Kyle was a bit pale.

"If I had known your reaction to it I would have never told you."

"Too late now, fag. Let me in." I demanded. Standing still in this heat was terrible and I wanted to get under that fan. He unlocked the door and I wanted to sprint towards his room, but he stopped me.

"Be polite." He pointed to his father, sitting on the couch.

"Good afternoon, mister Broflovski."

"Good afternoon, Eric." His father nodded at me. I looked at Kyle angrily.

"Can I, please, please, please go to your room now?" He grinned and started to climb the stair. I followed him hastily. He opened his door and I sagged to my knees on the floor when I saw the magnificent fan on his ceiling.

"Sweet Jesus." I muttered in awe. Kyle bent down and heaved me up by my arm.

"Fuck, you're heavy."

"Shut it, kike!"

"Watch it! You're in a Jewish house, remember?" He grumbled in my ear. I struggled out of his grip and dashed into his room. I pushed the covers away from his bed and lay down, spreading my legs and arms.

"Turn it on!" I barked at him. He slowly closed the door and walked to stand at the foot of the bed, looking down at me.

"I'm not your maid, Cartman. I want some of the fan action as well. Move over." I moved my legs together and he climbed on his bed. Pushing himself up on his knees and he raised his hand to tug on the little string twice to get it started. His shirt was riding up his stomach and I felt jealous when I saw the taut muscles of his abdomen. Damn Jew and his working out. But then: the fan started working. I moaned and closed my eyes. I felt the mattress dip as Kyle lay down beside me and his satisfied moan joined mine.

The cool air moved over my sweaty body and I felt myself cool down considerably.

"This is what heaven feels like." Kyle murmured.

"But it smells like hell." I commented. Kyle was smelling rather bad and it was only getting worse because we were so close together. I heard a snort next to me and then some rummaging. I peaked my eyes open and saw Kyle moving his hand over his night stand, eyes still closed. He found what he was looking for: deodorant. He shook it and sprayed it over his still clothed torso.

"There." He dropped it on the floor next to him. "Better?" The smell of his sweat was now mixed with his Axe deodorant, somehow very butch for a gay I thought.

"Not really. Why don't you take a shower?"

"And leave you alone in my room? Don't think so." His phone beeped. With a groan he pulled it out of his pocket and held it in front of his face. Unintentionally letting me read his text too.

"Eight o'clock, still okay with you? XX T"

"Who's 'T'?" I asked.

"That's private, fat ass." I saw him blush. I pushed myself up and looked down at him.

"A date?" I questioned.

"No!" That was as good as a confession for me.

"But who-." My eyes widened. "Token?!" I gaped at him. "But he isn't-, is he?" He grinned shyly.

"Wrong!" he said cheekily.

"No way." I whispered dramatically. He ran a hand through his hair and grinned up at me.

"I can't imagine why someone would want to date you."

"Hey! I happen to be a bit of a catch, fatty!"

"Yeah right! Can't imagine doing something like that. What's that even like?" I heard myself ask.

"What's what like?" He asked, frowning. I wasn't even sure about what I meant. I fell back against the bed on my back. He put his phone away and turned to lay on his side, looking at me.

"You mean, with a guy?" he tried. I hated myself for blushing at that, because that had exactly been what I had wanted to ask. We were both silent for a bit.

"You never ask me stuff like that." He was still looking at me.

"Yeah well, I'm afraid you might turn me gay."

"So, why are you asking me now?" It was clear I didn't have a clear answer for that.

"Jeez, I'm just trying to be nice, Heeb!" I finished lamely. We were silent for a bit. Then he started talking, still looking at me. I looked at the rapidly moving ceiling fan and listened to his soft voice while he talked.

"I guess kissing a guy is different than kissing a girl because girl are like, more shy, more gentle you know. Although, I have also kissed girls who were quiet aggressive. And guys we were shy. Okay, maybe girls have like softer lips, like fuller. Guys have thinner lips." He frowned.

"Although, I have full lips, I guess." It was true, his lips were really full and plush for a guy's. I always figured it had something to do with his gayness.

"So." I interrupted his rambling, still looking at the ceiling. "Basically you're saying there's no difference."

"Yeah, yeah I guess."

"So, why don't you just go for girls, too?" I loved being insensitive like that. I turned to my side and I was disappointed to see he wasn't pissed off at me.

"I know what the difference is." He said softly, barely audible above the swooshing sound of the fan.

"So tell me." I whispered back. He studied me carefully as if deciding if I was messing with him or not. His curls moved in the gentle breeze and I felt myself looking at those full lips as he resumed talking, watching as they formed every syllable, pink tongue darting to form every word with care.

"With guys, I feel things. And not only sexual things, but also like sparks. I feel like I want to be with them after we're doing kissing. With girls it's just, a movement of lips and after I feel glad it's over. But with guys, with guys I forget everything else: my homework, my mom, where I am." I looked in his eyes again and saw they were glazed over a bit, obviously reliving what he was talking about. I was mesmerized by his little speech. I had never felt like that with a girl, was that normal? We were both silent. And close. By moving on my side earlier we had ended up quiet close. Both our knees were bent and nearly touching each other. His eyes were moving over my face and I felt myself doing the same. I studied his high cheek bones, the explosion of freckles on his cheeks and nose and finally setting on his full, slightly red lips. Kyle had forgotten about the world when kissing guys, while I had always been glad a girl had finally shut up when I kissed her. He pushed himself up on his elbow and looked at me. I saw him draw in a breath shakily as if he had sensed something. And then I sensed it too. The air was hot, stuffy but not only with the July heat, but also with an opportunity, a promise nearly.

Tentatively, he raised his hand and caressed my cheek, right next to my ear. He stilled his hand for a moment and then slid it into my hair. His hand was a bit sweaty, long fingered and bony. I remained silent. My mind had just shut down completely. I saw the question in his eyes: "Is this okay?"

I couldn't answer, so I remained silent. And in my silence he saw my answer. Slowly, carefully, he leaned in. Doubt and insecurity written all over his face. My mind remained empty of thoughts, rebuttals or angry remarks and when I could count the freckles on his nose, my eyes slipped close. Immediately, I felt his lips, just as full and warm as they had looked, land on mine. Slightly moist and ever, ever so gentle. Clearly expecting to be pushed away. He pressed them against mine softly, backed up a tiny bit and then did it again. This time dragging his full lips over my still closed ones softly.

My mind wasn't blank anymore, not at all. It was exploding with something. Something, warm, big, enormous, taking me over from my toes to my hair and I responded just as softly to his kiss, capturing his lower lip between my own. It encouraged him and his warm mouth slid over mine again and I responded eagerly. The hand in my hair pulled me closer. I had never kissed like this: slow and gentle. But it was intense, it was a kiss that was searing and promising. Kyle's warm and soft lips had me completely intoxicated. I traced my tongue over his lips and I felt him breath in nervously but he opened his mouth for me nonetheless. When our tongues met I moaned softly in his mouth. He got a bit more aggressive at that, shifting closer to me and pulling me towards him by my neck. Our knees pressed together and his arm slid fully over my upper body as he pressed me close, our chests almost touching. He had me completely at his mercy as his tongue slid over mine. I wanted more, I realized as I won our little battle for dominance. I leaned in and tentatively raised my hand to place it on his waist. He did a little intake of breath again and nearly yanked me against his chest.

Our kiss wasn't so gentle and faggy anymore. The feel of his muscled chest flipped a switch inside me and I grabbed his waist roughly. He moaned loudly in my mouth as our kiss become more aggressive, hotter and more demanding. That sound was the most erotic thing I had heard in my life. His grip on my shoulder intensified and he pulled me back, laying on his back and pulling me on top of him. I shifted and allowed myself to be pulled on his chest. My right hand travelled up to tangle in his sweaty hair, deepening our kiss even more and his appreciative moan drove me on even more. I groaned against his lips and started planting kisses down his sweaty face reveling in the salty taste of his skin. His hands were sliding over my shoulders, gripping at the wet strings of my hair. As I licked his pulsepoint I felt him push his upper body up against mine. That's when I realized that I was in bed with a guy with an insanely toned body and hadn't taken advantage of it yet. My left hand traveled over his clothed chest, tracing his chest muscles and slipping lower to skid over his abdomen. I felt him pant softly in my ear. One of his hands moved away from my shoulder to grasp my left hand and push it down lower, so that I grasped his erection.

I jerked away from him immediately, and yanked my hand out of his grasp and looked down at him. His eyes were wide in shock and he looked as if he was sure I was going to hit him.

"Sorry." He croaked out. I just panted and looked at him. I knew he could feel my erection against his leg, even though he didn't say anything about that. I felt as if I had awoken from a deep sleep, the events from moments ago a haze. A vague, floating feeling. But the evidence was right in front of me: Kyle's sweaty, red face, his pupils dilated and hair frizzed, waving a bit in the breeze from the fan. His lips full and red from our kissing. Not to mention his toned chest under mine, his slightly muscled legs pressed against my chubby ones. I remained silent, trying to get my breath. I saw him swallow nervously at my ongoing silent treatment.

"For fuck's sake, Cartman, say something."

"I don't get your point at all about kissing guys. I didn't feel a thing, Kahl." He laughed and pushed me away. I landed on my back next to him and we both laughed, looking up at the swooshing fan.

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