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It will be alright.

Two days later I agreed to watch Kyle run around a bit on the basketball court. The heat had really vanished now, instead it was a nice and balmy 80 degrees. So I was basically enjoying a nice temperature and got to watch Kyle get all worked up. It was still very nice to look at and now I didn't have to pretend that I wasn't totally checking him out. It may not have been very hot today but he was still sweaty, his curls shining with sweat and his face flustered. He moved with a lazy kind of graze, not putting any effort in being sexy or appealing. But he didn't need to: all the exercise made him supple and agile. Very, very nice to look at.

Craig was there too, thoroughly distracting Clyde while not doing a thing. I had to hand it to him, he was good at that. Stan and Kenny joined us shortly after, parking their bikes in the shadow. Kenny had a massive grin on his face but Stan was frowning. I grew nervous. There was only one person in the world Kyle listened to. And it wasn't me. If Stan disapproved of me in any way I was doomed.

I watched them draw closer, trying to ignore Kenny's wide grin and wiggling eyebrows.

"Hey guys!" He said jovially, winking at me theatrically. He slapped Craig on the back and tried to persuade him to give him one of his cigarettes. Stan stopped to stand in front of me. Blue eyes catching mine accusingly. He slightly rose his eyebrows.

"I turn my back for one minute and you go and fuck Kyle." He deadpanned.

I grinned, I couldn't contain myself. "Yep."

"Imagine what he would do if you turned your back again." Kenny quipped. "Don't know if my virgin ass can handle it though." He rubbed his ass with a sigh.

"Don't pretend to be all prudent, McCormick. It's unbecoming." Craig scoffed. But my attention was solely on Stan.

"He came over to me after his date with Token." Stan told us in his story telling voice. We were all silent. When Stan got like this, people listened.

"That's when he finally had the nerve to tell me what you two had been doing behind my back." I rose my eyebrows at him. He hadn't been there so he should really blame himself for not stopping us if that was what he had wanted to do. But I knew interrupting him with technicalities would have him punch me in the face. When Stan was telling a story he did it like he wanted to: elaborated and in his teaching voice. No one interrupted Stan when he got like this.

"The next morning he knew he had to do something, he had to make a decision. So I told him my view on the whole thing." His eyes were fixed on mine.

"I told him if he were to dump Token for you he would officially have lost his mind." Yes, that did sound like Stan would say.

"But when he called Token that morning he saw right through him." Craig nodded at that statement. It was obvious Token had told the whole thing to his friends too.

"So he didn't want him back. But I heard that that wouldn't have mattered in the first place. Because you came over to his place claimed him." Kenny grinned at me. But this time it wasn't a perverted one. It was a grin that showed appreciation, like he was proud of me doing such a thing.

"Naturally I said he was out of his mind to give into your demanding nature." His mouth twitched, as if he was holding back a smile.

"Want to know what he said to me?"

"Yes!" Kenny was still grinning like a fucking retard. Craig was still listening too, even though his eyes were still fixed on Clyde. I just quirked my eyebrow in question.

"He told me to go fuck myself." I barked out a laugh at that, relief flooding over me. If Kyle was standing up to Stan like that I was safe. I saw Stan smile and I knew we were okay. The look in his eyes said clearly that he had accepted Kyle's choice for me, that he had accepted Kyle really only wanted me. Craig butted in into our moment.

"Token said when he found out it was Cartman he figured he wouldn't have a chance." I knew I was grinning madly now too. Craig got up and stretched, shirt riding up. Clyde saw it and stood stock still. Resulting in getting the ball against his head. His team mates jeered and he was sent off the court, obviously too distracted by Craig's public display. So Clyde joined us, smiling at Craig. Craig just raised his eyebrows at him.

That happy feeling was washing over me and I couldn't resist myself: "Well that's just because Kahl can't resist my charm." I said loudly so that the guys on the court could hear me too. "Right, Kahl?"

"Shut up, Cartman!" Kyle called back at me, as by habit.

"He isn't calling you Eric?" Clyde asked, wiping the sweat off his face. I was momentarily stunned at what he had said.

"What? No!" The idea was slightly horrifying. "He's called me Cartman all my life, it would be weird if he changed that all of a sudden." I watched as Kyle made another spectacular move, trying to find an appropriate explanation of why it would be weird if Kyle called me 'Eric'. I knew how to explain it:

"That would be like me calling him 'honey' or 'darling' or something." Kenny turned suddenly, catching my eye. A glint in it and a very big grin across his face. My face lit up in the same way when I realized what he was thinking of. I walked towards the fence and yelled through the wire in a perky, happy voice:

"Oh, honeyyy." Kyle dropped the ball as he turned a vibrant shade of red. The rest of his team mates burst out laughing.

"Are you nearly done? We are going to be late for dinner!" Stan, Kenny and Clyde were going hysterical behind me. I knew even Craig was grinning. Well diner might not have been true but he had agreed to come hang out with me at 4, which was now. Kyle walked towards the fence looking down at me. Brown eyes and expression furious and embarrassed at the same time.

"What are you doing?" he hissed, the blush reaching his neck already, freckles melting against it.

"I thought we were going to have some private time, darling." I grinned at him, still speaking in a sickly sweet voice, making sure to say the pet name really loud. He was silent and then stepped away from the fence.

"No sex tonight." I dropped character immediately.

"Wha- KAHL!" I yelled in my normal voice. I heard Kenny hiccoughing to get his breath back. Apparently this was even funnier.

"That's not fair!" I walked into the basketball court, thoroughly disrupting their game.

"Cartman get off the court!" Kevin whined. But I just kept walking in front of Kyle and didn't stop talking to him. Just because he had been so stupid to pick me over Token didn't mean I was suddenly going to be nice to him.

"Kahl, either way you promised to hang out with me!"

He grew steadily redder and more frustrated with me. "Cartman go back to the others." He sighed.

"Kahl, you promised!"

"Stop being such a whiner!"

"But, Kaaahl!"

"FINE!" It never got old. I grabbed his arms and made a little dance around the court and started to sing.

"I've got a golden ticket!"

"Oh, God." He muttered. I started to pull him away from the basketball court.

"THANKS TO KAHL!" I finished.

"WILL YOU KNOCK IT OFF?" But he followed me. Stan looked at us, with a slight smile.

"And you dumped Token for that." Stan pointed to me but he was laughing.

"Regret it?" Kenny asked. Kyle looked at my grinning face and sighed dramatically, running his hand through his sweaty hair.

"Yes, every time." The others laughed and I punched Kyle against his arm to try and get some of my authority back. His smiling eyes turned to me and he ruffled my hair.

"EY!" It was hard to stay all dignified when you were treated like you were some sort of adorable little brother.

"Come on." He said, picking up his back pack.

"Are you guys going on a date?" Kenny was in shock.

"No." I said as Kyle hugged Stan and fist-bumped Clyde.

"I'm going out for dinner and Cartman just happens to be there too." He said grinning.

I nodded. "Exactly." Grinning back at him. I saw Kenny and Stan exchange incredulous looks at each other. I didn't care. I was too happy to be able to leave with Kyle.

"Later fags." I called as I walked away, followed by Kyle.

"You're not allowed to call us that anymore!" Kenny yelled after us. But I ignored him, I only had eyes for the happy smile Kyle wore as he walked next to me.

"I just have to drop this at home." He held up his backpack.

I shook my head in mock annoyance. "Sure, I'll come with you." I sighed dramatically.

But I should have known that coming into his room for just a minute would be impossible. As soon as we stepped into his room the air around us changed. It always did in situations like these. He dropped his backpack on the floor and my eyes traveled over his strong back, freckled arms and inviting curly hair. The desire to kiss him was overwhelming and when he turned to look at me I saw that desire mirrored in his gaze. In two steps he was in front of me, dipping his head to kiss me firmly. A quiet, content sigh escaped his lips as we kissed slowly. Without hesitation I opened my mouth for his probing tongue.

Our kiss became more heated as our tongues met. My hands slid into his curly hair and I pulled him closer. I had always hated that stupid curly hair but damn, it did feel good to runs my hands through it. And the needy moan that sounded against my mouth told me he liked it just as much as I did. His hands quickly rid me of my shirt, letting it drop to the floor. I already had my hands down the front of his pants by the time his hands went to my shorts. He whimpered as he found it hard to concentrate on ridding me of my clothes.

"You're very distracting." He moaned against my mouth as my hand gripped his erection a bit firmer.

"Good." I said back. He pulled me back to his bed and I followed him grinning, kicking of my shorts and shoes. He discarded his shirt quickly. He lay back against the covers and I unbuttoned his shorts. His hands caressed my arms and shoulders.

"You can be really an asshole, you know that?" I know he was hinting to what had happened at the basketball court.

"You really want to go into that now?"I murmured as I slid his shorts and boxers off his body. I wouldn't put it past him to actually try and start talking about such a thing at a moment like this, so to distract him I leaned down and traced my tongue over his erection. He whimpered and I knew I had him shut up effectively. Tentatively he ran his hands through my hair as I licked over the tip of his hard erection. He was already panting above me. My hands moved over his strong thighs and dipped lower, but once again his hands grabbed mine.

I detached my mouth from him and looked up, about to say something. But he pulled me up and pressed me against the pillows, kissing me intensely. His hand slid over my chest and abdomen and I felt him shudder softly. The fact that my body turned him on so immensely still surprised me. But as his hands moved lower and slid off my boxers I could only appreciate that fact. Both his hands slid between my legs and he forced them apart, settling down between them.

Wait a minute.

"Kahl.." I murmured against his mouth. But he didn't listen, instead he started to move his warm mouth over my neck and sliding his tongue over the sweaty skin. A moan sounded from both of us as he forced our erections together as he lay down. His nails dug into the skin of my hip as he grinded down softly. I couldn't help but touch him, caressing his shoulders and back. I loved how I was allowed to touch him like this. I liked it even better that he liked it so much. One of his hands left my hips and he rummaged around in his bedside drawer to get his lube. He backed up and poured some lube into his hand. He was barely suppressing the glint that had appeared in his eyes.

"Kahl-." I tried again, this time in warning. But he was ahead of me and quickly moved his hand down to push a finger inside of me. A low whine passed my lips as he softly caressed me from the inside.

"You promised." I growled as he started to push his finger in and out of me. My eyes had closed involuntarily and both my hands gripped the smooth skin of his shoulders.

He leaned in, breath ghosting over my neck.

"I never promised you anything." I could practically hear him smirk. He pushed a second finger in, still softly caressing me. My breathing became louder as he stretched me slowly.

"Don't pretend you don't like this." He breathed. It was having its effect on him too. Clearly fingering me turned him on as I felt him tremble against my chest. As if to prove his point he jerked both his fingers up. My legs jerked and spread on their own accord, allowing him to slide in further.

"I hate you." I growled, but it sounded more like a pathetic whine. It still felt weird. But Kyle knew how to do this and made sure not to hurt me more than necessary. Suddenly his free hand moved to one of my knees and forced it up, spreading me further. I didn't like this and I was just about to tell him when he pressed in a third finger. What came out was a long, low groan. He was filling me and stretching me to the point where it hurt and felt amazing at the same time. His hand on my knee was trembling and I knew it was because he was enjoying this so much. I wouldn't be surprised if fingering me could make him come. My hand moved blindly, as I still had my eyes closed, but I found the bottle of lube and I managed to pour some into my hand. It was hard to concentrate as Kyle kept pushing in and out of me, making me gasp and moan loudly. I opened my eyes to be able to focus better and looked at him. Kyle aroused sure was something incredibly hot. Hair all wild from my petting and he was sweating a bit. His toned body over mine. That body that was so incredibly hot and smooth. Pupils dilated and blushing madly.

But he was looking down at where his fingers were disappearing. It was clear that what I thought of his body, he thought of mine too. I gripped his hip, pulling him up and my lubed up hand grabbed his erection, slicking it up. He gasped and moaned.

"Oh, shit" He shuddered and his hand stilled as I stroke him, spreading lube all over him. He whimpered and panted. Fuck, the way he was losing control over himself was one of the hottest things I had seen in my life. His hand left me and he pulled both my knees up so that I could hook them high over his waist. One of his hands slid down to guide himself into me. With a soft groan he pushed himself into me in one go, surprising both of us. My hands flailed and grabbed his shoulders as that feeling of getting stretched and filled so completely rushed over me. A dull ache of pain combined with overwhelming pleasure.

He stilled, dipping his head to kiss my neck and collarbone. I knew he did it to give me time to adapt, but also because he himself needed a little moment. But I wasn't so patient. My hands slid down to grasp his hips and forced him to softly pull out and back in.

"Oh, oh fuck." He groaned against my neck. And he started to move on his own accord, very gently and slow. I realized he was trying to make up for the last time we had had sex. When he had been rough, urgent and had had it bordering on rape.

But this slow, nearly loving way in which he did it was so intense that I fell back powerlessly, allowing him to grind into me softly. He whimpered loudly as he pressed in deeper, still maintaining that slow pace. Jesus, fuck, it was nearly like he was making love to me. That was just too gay for me.

I pushed back hard and yanked him into me. He arched his back and groaned loudly.

"Oh, damn." He moaned. "Oh, you feel so nice." His hands gripped my waist and he started to pick up his pace, head still buried in my neck. I was too lost in this feeling to make out an intelligent remark. One of his hands moved up to tangle in my hair and he lifted his head to kiss me deeply. His slow, rocking pace never changing. Both my hands still on his hips, trying to press him into me harder, but he didn't relent.

"Fuck, feels really good." He moaned against my lips.

"Wouldn't know, Kyle." I growled, finally finding my voice. He laughed breathlessly. He moved to press himself up on his hands, still grinding into me. I tried pushing back harder but he wouldn't let me.

"Don't treat me like a girl." I panted. He grinned and suddenly changed his angle as he drove into me. My hands grabbed his hips hard as he pushed against that spot inside me. I whimpered loudly as that insane feeling of pleasure stuttered through my body.

"What is it you want, Cartman?" He was breathing loudly but I could see him grin devilishly as he still slowly grinded into me, hitting that spot not nearly fast enough. I knew what he wanted to hear, but I wasn't going to give it to him. I just tried to make him grind his hips faster. But he was stronger and even managed to slow down, nearly completely stilling.

"Say it, Cartman." He whispered as I whimpered loudly. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh please, Kyle." I growled, closing my eyes in shame. "Fuck me harder." Echoing my words from days earlier in a low, breathy voice.

"Certainly." He moaned back and gave me exactly what I wanted. Hitting that spot hard and fast, sending me rushing to that climax fast.

"O, damn Kyle." I growled as my legs arched further, giving him more and better access.

"Damn you." One of his hand gripped one of mine that was still on his hips and led it down. I knew what he was hinting at and I grabbed my own erection, jerking off fast. He backed up to look down at what I was doing and I saw him biting his lips, whimpering, needy moans spilling from it.

"Oh, oh, God." He moaned and he jerked into me violently. But I got there first, the combined effect of my own hand and him pushing against that spot sending me over the edge. With a loud gasp I came all over my own abdomen. He seemed to finally let go as I did that, erratically moving into me and moaning violently. His eyes shut tightly as he came, moaning above me. He opened his eyes and leaned in to kiss me again.

Reluctantly he pulled out of me to collapse next to me. I felt really gross but was too tired to move. Instead I looked up at the fan on the ceiling. Unmoving, as the heat was bearable now. I turned to look at Kyle and I saw him looking back at me. Grinning like a madman. I hit him on his chest.

"Not fair, Kahl." I growled.

"Oh, please. Like you mind." He was still grinning.

"Well I do!" I frowned.

"Come on. I know I'm good." My, my, he was getting arrogant.

"Wouldn't know, Kahl." I murmured.

"No I guess not." He still smirked a bit.

"I can't believe I still haven't had your ass!" I decided with a sigh. "I'm not paying for dinner again, seeing as I don't get anything out of it."

"Well." He started, hesitant. "Maybe not now, but definitely later."

Our eyes met and I saw him shift unsurely. I rose my eyebrows at him. I had heard that excuse a bit too often.

"If you want to I mean. Because it's definitely yours."

"Are you saying that your ass belongs to me?" I was partially joking, partially serious. His tone had suggesting he was hovering between those lines as well. I knew he wasn't hinting towards being a virgin or whatever, because I knew he wasn't. He was hinting towards something Token had known, something Kenny had always suggested and something he had not yet dared to say to my face.

"You know it does."

A weird look had appeared in his eyes. Melancholic, sentimental and so very vulnerable. It was a look that said he was thinking of our past, how even if we didn't really like the other we just wouldn't function properly with the other one missing. How that had remained, resulting in a weird codependence and equality. We were the only one who fully understood the other, who could soften the other in a way none of our friends could. Our recent past had only confirmed that.

I knew he had been thinking about all that long before we started all this. I knew he was the thinker of the two of us and I saw in his eyes how our youth, our shared passion for pissing the other off and our strong feelings of dislike and affection towards each other had perhaps always made sense to him. Normally I would make fun of that vulnerable expression on his face. But when those realizations rushed over me, I knew I probably looked the same.

The wide and radiant smile that forced itself onto my face as I felt what he must have felt all along, seemed to wipe all doubt from his mind as he continued in a stronger voice, smiling back at me.

"Because it's you, Cartman. It has always been you."


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