The roar from the crowd of students was deafening and Blaine gripped his broom tighter, screwing his face up in concentration as he squinted against the sun, searching for the golden shimmer of the snitch. He zoomed through red and green uniforms, dodging seething Slytherin players and the bludgers they furiously sent towards him, intending to knock him to the ground. The match had been going on for half an hour, and Gryffindor was in the lead by forty points. It was up to Blaine now; catch the snitch and end the game.

He high-fived Sam Evans who had just scored them another ten points as they flew past each other, before steering towards the Ravenclaw bleachers, still probing the court for the sneaky little ball that would ensure their win. As he hovered by the sea of blue that were as expected cheering for Gryffindor, his eyes couldn't keep from searching out the two familiar startlingly blue eyes he knew were undoubtedly trained on him at that very moment. Sure enough, standing between a gorgeous, dark skinned girl and a very short brunette, both of whom were clapping excitedly, Kurt Hummel was looking shyly up at him through his eyelashes, looking as breathtakingly beautiful as always. Ever since Blaine first laid eyes on him during the sorting ceremony his first year, not a single day had gone by without thinking about him. He remembered watching the boy place the intimidating hat that would decide his fate for the next seven years upon his head, internally begging for him to be placed in Gryffindor and being devastated when he wasn't. Kurt had walked past the Gryffindor table on his way to the neighbor table, and their eyes had met for the first time. Now, five years later, Blaine could still remember the exact shade of pink Kurt's cheeks had turned. Since then they had shared countless shy looks, blushing and looking away every single time. They had never spoken. Not even once. Blaine gritted his teeth. Some brave Gryffindor he was.

Suddenly several things happened at once. Blaine realized that he had been hovering, watching Kurt, for several moments too long, Kurt looked up at him again just as Blaine noticed a flick of gold in the corner of his eye, twirled around and diving for the tiny golden ball, his fist just closing in over it as the enormous Slytherin seeker slammed into him, sending them both tumbling to the ground. The crowed gasped in horror as they landed, and Blaine felt the air get knocked out of his lungs as his back hit the sand. Everything went hazy for a while, he could faintly hear screams and shouts and the groans coming from the wounded Slytherin seeker, but Blaine's senses were all trained on the light flickering of wings on the back of his hand. Using the rest of his strength, Blaine lifted his hand in the air, showing off the golden ball, and the crowd erupted in cheers. The rest of the Gryffindor team had landed and they were all laughing somewhat concernedly. Wes and David, Blaine's two best friends, kneeled down by his head. "Nice catch," Wes sniggered, and David pushed him in the shoulder. "A bit dramatic, but nice," he agreed.

Blaine squinted up at them and grinned. "We won."

Blaine was exhausted. Despite apparently haven't really broken anything he had been forced to spend at least two days in the hospital wing. The team and most of the Gryffindor house, along with some of his friends from Hufflepuff, had all been by, congratulating him on the win and celebrating a bit, before being ushered out by an irritated Madam Pomfrey muttering about rest and quiet. Blaine was a bit relieved to be honest. His back still hurt and he mostly just wanted to sleep.

The hospital wing was almost empty apart from the Slyterhin seeker who had broken his leg and was currently sleeping in the bed furthest away from Blaine's. Sooths him right, that idiot, Blaine thought bitterly and yawned. He was just about to settle into the pillows for a night of undisturbed sleep when he saw the door open and a figure walking in and approaching his bed. Blaine squinted in the darkness, trying to make out who it was, and gasped as Kurt came into focus. His eyes were glistening with unshed tears, and in the sharp moonlight seeping in through the tall window, his skin seemed nearly translucent. Kurt stopped next to the foot of his bed and drew in a shaky breath.

"I… hi," he said softly. Blaine leaned up on the back of his forearms as he heard the clear, musical voice being directed at him for the first time. "Hi," he answered, blinking a couple of times as to assure himself that this was really happening. Kurt opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, seemingly unable to formulate something to say, before looking back up at Blaine, a single tear escaping his eye and running down his cheek.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. Blaine furrowed his brow and sat up a bit straighter. "Hey, don't cry," he pleaded. It physically hurt to see Kurt look so sad. "Why are you sorry?"

Kurt shuffled a bit, kicking his foot against the floor. "I just… it looked like you were looking at me… before you fell. And… I just – I distracted you, and I'm sorry."

Blaine let out a puzzled chuckle and shook his head.

"It's not your fault I was looking at you, Kurt." Kurt's head shot up and he stared at Blaine in surprise. "You know my name?" he said.

"I… what?" Blaine asked, taken aback. Shit, had he let that slip? "You said my name. But we've never spoken"

Blaine rubbed his neck and blushed.

"I… well, I've seen you around. You know, small school and all," he said lamely, praying that Kurt would let it go, that he wouldn't find out just how obsessed with him Blaine was. To his surprise Kurt's face lit up in a big smile, two dimples appearing on his face. He was stunning. Blaine couldn't help but grin back at him. They were silent for a couple of minutes before Kurt cleared his throat and took a step back. "I should let you sleep," he said, moving towards the door. He looked back and said in a rush, "See you around Blaine," before slipping out and leaving the room empty and silent. Blaine stared at the door, his hand raised half way in a wink, face still in that goofy, incredulous smile. He blinked a couple of times, before snuggling back under the covers, not even bothering wincing at the slight pain. He wanted to thrust his fists in the air and jump up and down and shout.

Falling off a broom? Totally worth it.