Heavy raindrops thundered against the fragile glass of the window and a faint, nearly inaudible, ticking sound could be heard from somewhere in the room. It was hastily nearing midnight, and the vacant library was dark, only illuminated by the flames of invisible candles. Kurt ran a finger down the moist layer on the window, drawing a sunflower, colorless and bland, while staring unseeingly into space. The flash of a red robe and kind honey eyes played as an uneven slideshow in his mind, occasionally interrupted by the fait memory of a woman's laughter. His pulse was quick still, had been since five days ago when they first spoke, intensified yesterday when he had put his hand on him. Maybe he was pathetic, wanting like this, but Kurt had known from his first day at Hogwarts, from the first time their eyes had met and his belly had flipped and landed upside down, where it had stayed permanently the past five years. Nobody else knew. Not even his beautiful, golden owl, Allie. He couldn't tell anyone – Blaine was not only a year older than him, but he was the whole school's golden, precious little gem; star Quidditch player for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, so far having ensured their ninety percent success rate for the past five years since he joined during second grade, and the most charming, gallant gentleman one could ever have the pleasure of being unintentionally flirted to death by. In addition he was, of course, of course, the most gorgeous human being on the planet. Tan, olive skin matching wild, dark curls, broad shoulders and a smile so bright it could trigger an involuntary pull of the lips from the school's flying instructor, Sue Sylvester, known for being ridiculously ill-tempered and, to most students, absolutely terrifying. Kurt sighed and let his hand drop heavily to the table. It was so typical that he would fall in love with the same person as every single girl from the first year to the seventh. They were all helpless victims to the infuriating allure of Blaine Anderson – it was their curse and their blessing.

Kurt pulled the hood of his grey sweatshirt over his head and lent back, balancing the chair on its two back feet. He was not supposed to be in the library that late, the students weren't really allowed, but the librarian, Ms. Pillsbury, had a soft spot for him and let him hover for as long as he'd like, assuming he takes full responsibility for his actions if he were ever caught by one of the other supervisors. It was a risk he was willing to take. The extra hours of solitude allowed him to breathe and think properly, and it kept him sane. Not that he didn't love his friends and the bustling life in the castle, it was just all a bit much sometimes and he needed to take a break. Fiddling with his wand in his hands, murmuring quiet incarnations to make random items float around the room, Kurt let his mind drift again. Blaine was gay. He had said so himself, Kurt had heard. It happened last year during the Yule ball, when some girl had proposed that he should take her to the prom and Blaine had politely declined, explaining how he "didn't play that position on the field" or something. The girl spent the next day crying in the bathroom. There were not many gay students at Hogwarts, Kurt and Blaine making out a fairly big percent of the number, accompanied by Kurt's best friend Rachel, and her girlfriend Quinn Fabray. He knew of a couple of others, and he would guess that the closets were still full of kids not yet wanting to come out. Still, he didn't believe this gave him any advantage. To Blaine, Kurt was simply an annoying kid who wouldn't stop staring at him, drooling pathetically. He had probably taken pity on him after he had visited him after the accident, crying and apologizing and – Kurt groaned and pulled his chair straight before standing up and quickly leaving the library. All he wanted now was to bury his head in his pillow and sleep away his embarrassment for a couple of hours. At least tomorrow was Saturday so he wouldn't have to get up that early and could postpone further waking moments of shame.

His sock-clad feet made no sound as he carefully made his way through the hallways, headed for he west side of the castle where the Ravenclaw tower was located. In the darkness, Hogwarts seemed rather scary, and Kurt put his arms around himself, shuddering and quickening his pace. A slight squeak came from behind him and Kurt nervously looked behind himself as he rounded the corner, effectively running into three other people, all four of them falling on their backs.

"Hide your faces!" One of them, a boy from the sound of his voice, hissed. Kurt blinked in surprise and sat up, rubbing at his butt where it had hit the carpeted floor rather softly. In the slight darkness he could just make out the three boys sprawled on the floor with cupcakes and other pastries strewn over and around them. The one who had tried to hide his face beneath his arm, a very good-looking Asian looking guy, had ended up hitting himself in the nose and was holding it as it was bleeding. A dark skinned, also unreasonably attractive, guy was sprawled over another boy who, from the dark curls that were poking out underneath the Asian's legs, and the dark, strangely sensual, groans could be no other than –

"Blaine," Kurt gasped to himself. The other two could only be Wes and David, Blaine's two infamous sidekicks. Seriously, what were the odds!

The three boys were shuffling around, trying to get on their feet to flee, but kept knocking into each other, getting tangled up and winding back on the floor.
"Hey," Kurt said, louder now, attempting to get their attention, "I'm not a teacher, don't worry."

"Kurt?" Blaine's voice came out as a surprised croak. "Wes, get off me!"

"I'm tryin- shit,"


"David, shut up, you're gonna wake the whole castle!"



"Shut up both of you, you're going to get us all expelled!"

Kurt could only stand in stunned silence as he watched the friends bicker and roll around for a bit, briefly contemplating running away before someone would hear the commotion, before they all eventually were standing, looking a little ruffled, icing and sauce smeared over their faces and clothes. Blaine was at the left, staring right at Kurt, his face beet red.

David was the first to talk, "Hi, Kurt," he put on a very innocent grin, "How are you this fine evening?" Blaine grunted from his side.

"Thoroughly entertained, I'd say. What on earth were you doing?" Kurt said, watching them wide-eyed.

"Food," Wes said simply, pulling his arms out from his sides, showing off the stains. "Kitchen, house elves, you know the drill."

"Ah," Kurt hummed. It was starting to get awkward. He wouldn't look at Blaine, and from the corner of his eyes he could see him staring down at his shoes as well. Shoes. Oh shit, Kurt was dressed as a total slob, sweatpants and everything, in front of the man of his dreams. He needed to get out of there before Blaine could take a proper look at his hideousness and decide never to look at him again.

"Well, good luck getting cleaned up and everything, I'm going to go to bed. Please excuse me," he said, starting to walk past them.
"Kurt, wait, can I talk to you for a second?" Kurt didn't see Wes and David's sly grins, he only saw Blaine, wide, nervous eyes, looking at him with his mouth open. Kurt could only hum in curious affirmation. Only when Blaine gave them a stern look did his two best friends walk away, sniggering quietly as they disappeared down the hallway.

The silence was suffocating as the two boys looked at each other, alone in the dead of night. Blaine covered in greasy food and Kurt looking like he'd been in bed for days. He couldn't help but giggle, covering his mouth with his hand. Blaine's face broke into a happy grin.

"What?" he asked. Kurt shook his head.

"Nothing, nothing, it's just… we look hideous." Blaine let out a loud laugh.

"Well, I might," he said, eyes crinkling with his smile. "I'm going to let you go sleep, I just had to make sure you were okay."

"Okay?" Kurt asked, confused.

"Yeah, you know – walking around alone at midnight…" Blaine cocked his head, looking at him inquisitively.

"Oh," Kurt said, smiling at the kind gesture, "I was just at the library. I do that sometimes. So yes, I'm okay, thank you, though." Blaine Anderson, ever the gentleman, making sure he was alright despite just having crashed into him positively soiling his clothes and causing whatever body part he hurt in the fall damage.

Blaine deliberated him. "Why do you go to the library this late?" His voice was gentle and lovely as ever. Kurt, feeling awkward and like the biggest loser on the planet, stuffed his hands in the pocket on his sweatshirt.

"I like the silence. Lets me be alone for a while. It's nice."

"Yeah…" Blaine's eyes went far away for just a second and his face softened. "That sounds nice."

Another silence, though comfortable this time, while they just looked at each other, smiling.

"We should get going," Blaine said after a minute and Kurt sighed disappointedly. He'd love to stare dreamily into Blaine's eyes for the rest of the night. He nodded sadly, gave a tiny smile, and turned to walk back to his dorm.

"Hey, Kurt?" Blaine called after him, and he turned back again curiously. Blaine looked nervous, but he looked resolutely at Kurt. "Tomorrow, if you're not doing anything –and it's totally okay if you are, I mean you probably have tons of friends and plans and stuff and…well – do you maybe want to do something… with me?"

Kurt's heart was racing in his chest, and he prayed Blaine couldn't hear it. Had he heard right? Blaine wanted to hang out with him – he actually did. No matter if it was just Blaine gathering karma points by hanging out with his drooling stalker or if he actually wanted to spend time with him, Kurt had the opportunity to spend a day with Blaine Anderson.

"Yes," he gasped, far too quickly, but when Blaine's face split into a huge smile filled with relief, he couldn't bring himself to care.

"Great! I'll just meet you at breakfast or something?" Kurt nodded and Blaine turned to walk.

Kurt couldn't help but break into a giddy dance behind his back.

"Oh, and Kurt?" Blaine turned back and Kurt almost sprained his ankle trying to hastily compose himself. "I don't think you look hideous at all." He turned back and disappeared down the hallway before he could see Kurt's tomato red face and gaping mouth.