Hello, my dearest fans! This is the new fossil fighters story I wanted to start! I just couldn't wait much longer, so, here it is! I will also be accepting OC's! Also, if you want your character paired up with an OC or one on Fossil Fighters, include that! Now, let's get this party started!

It all starts on Caliosteo islands. In Ribular, it was a peaceful, relaxing day. The fighters there were either looking for fossils, or fossil fighting. But there was one place that wasn't doing that. In the cleaning room, where fossils were cleaned, a girl was cleaning her first fossil. She had long, wavy, flame red hair with orange bangs. Her eyes were chestnut red, but looked brown. She had a blue sunhat on, dark red shirt on with a blue vest, black, fingerless gloves, blue skirt, and dark leggings under. When she finished cleaning the fossil, it was a perfect 100. She put it in the machine, and revived it. The white, hot, blinding light revealed a magnificent, three-horned creature. He looked much like a triceratops, but was an air attribute.

"Nice to meet you, Chasmo!" The girl greeted. "My name is Lyra, and you're my first vivosaur!"

"I-I am!?" The vivosaur stuttered.

She petted his head gently. "Don't worry," She calmly said. "We'll find some other team members!"

"Well, if you say so." The shy Chasmo said.

So, the two went to Treasure lake to find some more teammates. Lyra took out her pickaxe. While searching for fossils, she came across a boy. He had straight, brown hair, and brown eyes. He wore a blue long sleeved shirt, with a purple jacket, and Blue shorts. He was also looking for fossils. Next to him was a long, red vivosaur. He had red spines, blue eyes, and looked like a herbivore. The boy finally noticed me.

"I didn't notice there was another person here." He said. "I'm Soar, and my vivosaur is Amargo."

Amargo looked rather curiously at Lyra and Chasmo, which made Lyra a bit intimidated.

"Don't worry." He said. " Amargo is just being friendly."

Then, Amargo licked her cheek.

"See?" He said. "He loves you!"

"I'm Lyra, and this is my Vivosaur, Chasmo." She said. "I just revived him."

"I just revived Amargo too." He said, putting a fossil in his fossil case. "So, are you also looking for more Vivosaurs?"

"Of course!" She said. "Why do you ask?"

"Just wanted to know." He said. After a long chat, she went back to look for fossils. After three hours, she returned to the cleaning room with five fossil rocks. Kl-33N watched her curiously as she cleaned them. By the time she was done, she cleaned two fossil heads, one arm, and two jewel rocks. She got Pacro and Raja. The arm however was another story. It was a Tricera arm. But, since she didn't revive a Tricera, she could not use that. Anyways, when Pacro and Raja awoke, they looked satisfied.

"Yawwwn…Oh, hello, sweetie." Pacro sweetly said. "I'm Pacro. But you can call me lillith."

"Okay, Lillith." She said, smiling. Raja looked exited.

"Hello!" Raja bursted. "I'm Raja, but you can call me quake! Like earthquake!"

"Umm…I'll remember that." She said. "Just stop jumping. You're shaking the place."

"Oh. Sorry!" He said, stopping. As soon they were introduced to the team, they had to go back to the lake.

Soar's P.O.V.:

After I revived my fossils, I noticed one was a very special vivosaur. One was a radox, which was super special because it's hard to find. The other one was a Sucho, which I thought would make the team stronger.

"When are we going to enter the fossil fighters tournaments?" Sucho asked.

"When we train." I said. "Then, we can enter the competition."

"I can't wait!" Amargo said. "This is going to be awesome!"

I smiled at him. He was right about how cool it was going to be. I looked at my wristwatch.

"Woah!" I said. "It's super late now! Time to go to bed!"

"Awwww!" My vivosaurs cried.

"Don't worry!" I said. "We can train tomorrow. Let's get some sleep for now, Ok?"

That made their faces light up. After I put each of them into their dino medals, I went to my room, and went to sleep.

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