I'm back! And now, Chapter 2 is out!

Soar: Well it's about time! Where have you been?

Yanyin (A.K.A, Me) : Let's just say it wasn't kiddie land. *glares*

Soar: um…ok…to the story!

Yanyin: Great idea!

Lyra's P.O.V:

The next morning, I instantly got up to go train at Treasure Lake. While I was walking, I ran into someone.

"Owch!" I groaned. "That hurt…"

The boy got up to help me. He had on clothes similar to this boy named Dino, but he had on a shirt with Igno on it. He also had Black hair with lava colors. He kept looking at me. I could also hear Lillith and Quake snickering.

"Quit it guys!" I whispered to them. They continued to laugh.

"I'm sorry I bumped into you!" He apologized. "I didn't notice you."

"My name's Lyra." I said. "What's your name?"

"I'm Sam." He said. "I just arrived here yesterday."

His vivosaur came out. It was a Dimetro.

"I have to go train now." He said. "Goodbye!"

"Bye!" I hollered back as he left. After he was gone, Lillith and Quake came out.

"Looks like someone is in loooove!" Quake yelled. To be honest, I think Quake has some serious problems, because he always yells every time he talks.

"No, I don't think he likes me." I said. "He was just being friendly."

Lillith rolled her eyes. "Suuure he doesn't!"

"Look, can we just go train now!?" I huffed. All of this love talk was making me embarrassed.

"Yeah!" Quake yelled. "Let's go, go, and go!"

When I got to Treasure Lake. A girl was battling this other girl. One had a Tsintao, and the other girl had an Andrarch. Tsintao looked like it was about to pass out.

"I think that's enough training for today, Sonya." The girl with the Tsintao said.

After the battle ended, I ran up to both of them. One had on what looks like a poison purple sports bra, purple soldier pants, and black fingerless gloves with black heel shoes. She had very long, red velvet hair and silver eyes. The other girl had on a red, sleeveless, zipper-free jacket with a lime green short sleeve shirt under. She also had on lime green elbow-high gloves, a red skirt, and knee high pants with lime green, yellow, and red. She had long, red velvet hair with silver bangs and ruby red eyes. She also had freckles.

"That was soo awesome!" I said. "I'm Lyra, and this is Quake, my raja, and Lillith, my pacro."

"I'm Apple maple, and the girl over there is Sonya Murasaky." The older girl said. "Do you wanna battle?"

I shook my head yes. Chasmo came out of nowhere to battle.

"Wait…where were you!?" I asked.

He made a drowsy yawn. "Doesn't matter." He said. "I'll battle first."

I stared at him. I don't think he could tell I was trying to signal him something.

"What?" He inquired, letting out another long yawn.

"You're on level five." I said. "You're already prepared. Lillith and Quake need serious training."

"Iiiiif you say so." He said. I don't think he slept at all. Anyways, Apple sent out her Tsintao and a Carchar. Since they were both earth elements, I had an enormous problem and disadvantage.

"You go first." She said.

"Quake, Raja fang!" I yelled.

Quake sped over to Carchar like a bullet. He swiftly clamped on Carchar's arm. The excruciating pain made Carchar roar in pain.

" Lulu, spinning punch!" She yelled to her vivosaur.

Lulu punched her fist into Lillith's jaw, making her suffer almost critical damage. Her life point was at half.

"Quake, Raja fang again!" I said.

After switching his range, he bit carchar, making it suffer critical damage and because of his accurate range, carchar was out. However, because of this, Apple now had maximum FP to do some hurtful damage.

" Lulu, Valiant tackle on Raja!" She said. She seemed really determined.

Lulu slammed her large, heavy body into Quake, which made him suffer the same damage as Lillith. Now they were both about to give up. Lillith got near Lulu.

"I got this one!" She said.

"Lillith, mother's slap!" I said.

Because of her range, she injured Lulu badly, and somehow, by luck, she was able to knock her out. They were both at level 3.

"Good job!" Apple said, high-fiving me." Now we have to go to the tournament!"

"Then…Let's go!" Sonya said.

Yay! Now I can do another!

Soar: Wait a minute…Where was I!?

Yanyin: *turns to look at soar* you are waiting!

Soar: where?

Yanyin: I ain't tellin nuttin!

Soar: B-b-but!

Yanyin: Hush!