Title: Liar

Summary: You're a liar, Neji. Chapter 614 Spoiler.

Disclaimer: I HATE YOU, KISHI.

"Promise me you'll stay safe," she says as she buttons up his vest.

"I'll try." He doesn't look at her.

"It's a war, Neji. You have to prioritize your life over... over..." She doesn't finish her sentence.. She can't finish.

He ignores her pleading eyes, and the way her fingers tremble slightly. They both know his answer.

It's because he's from the branch family.

She's on the other side of the battlefield, but she can still pinpoint the bright yellow hair and orange clothes as Naruto joins the war.

She's far away, but can still hear as Hinata and Neji both declare:

"I'll protect you on the battlefield, Naruto!"

She wonders if she's being selfish when she finds herself hoping that Neji would put his own life before Naruto's.

Naruto is sitting motionlessly, harnessing energy to enter Sage mode. Neji is buying him time, but it's evident that's he's becoming more and more weary.

Hurry, Naruto. hurryhurryhurryhurryplease

Naruto is almost done.


The rings around his eyes start forming.


He opens his eyes.


Neji and Hinata both visibly relax, as they get ready for Naruto to take over.

Tenten's screaming.

She's the only one that sees the Ten-Tails's attack.


Naruto stands up.


Hinata realizes first, but knows that she won't make it in time.

She flings herself at Naruto instead, acting as a barricade.

"Goodbye," she whispers to Naruto as she closes her eyes.


It is not Naruto that dies.

It is not Hinata either.

It's Neji.

He had intercepted the attack, and protected the both of them.

Hinata opens her eyes.

It is not Naruto that she sees.

It is not Neji either.

It's Tenten.

The war goes on, but for Tenten, it has stopped.

She drops all of her weapons.

There are no tears.

No pain.


She feels nothing, even as multiple shuriken slice through her.

She spews out blood, and falls down onto the ground.

There is only numbness.


Everything blurs, except for him.

Metal clanging against metal, screams, wails, everything fades into the background.

She can only see him.

She tries to crawl to him, but she's lost too much blood already. She reaches her hand out, reaching, reaching, reaching -

She never reaches him.

Even from here, she can tell that he's become still, lying on Naruto's shoulder.

If she squints, she can pretend that he's only sleeping.

Oh, but, why do tears fall?

Neji, get up.

Get up.

You promised me.


You're a liar, Neji.

She can't help but hate Naruto and Hinata.

It should have been them.

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