Hollywood Heights:

Season 2:

These Are New Times

Intro: Hello my name is Jordan and I have seen every single episode of HH at least twice, but mostly more. I have also read almost all of the FanFics for HH. I've decided to write my own; so I can express my thoughts and ideas. I'm going to be continuing the story from the last episode of HH. Just to recap, in the last episode: Loren has her concert even thought Trent, her biological father, shows up and Eddie is still missing. The police are at Loren's concert. That just makes the situation worse. Also Phil and Adriana are having problems of their own. Phil is on the verge of going to jail for "killing" Aids father Don. Chloe and Tyler are still in Fresno with Chloe's mom Jackie. Tyler decides after talking with Jackie that Eddie will always become in between the two of them. So he leaves Chloe in Fresno to peruse his acting career with Osborne Silver (aka Oz). Anyways at Loren's concert Eddie sneaks in and watches Loren sing his song, "One Day at a Time", until the head detective in his case with Chloe spots him. He gets out before the detective gets to him, but not without leaving Loren a note to meet him and dropping his scarf for Loren to find. Loren says goodbye to Mel and Adam while her mom says goodbye to Max. Nora, Kelly, and Loren are all headed to New York for Loren's next performance. On the way to the airport Loren yells for the driver to stop and she gets into her car and heads to her and Eddie's spot. Meanwhile, Eddie gets Lia's car and heads to their spot. Before he leaves he gives Lia a note basically stating that she helped, Eddie tells her to give this to Jake if he doesn't come back. Chloe and her mom have a heart-to-heart and Jackie convinces Chloe that she needs to become a better person and make amends with everyone including telling the truth about Eddie not pushing her. Phil and Aid get the best news ever. The cops found Ellie and she confessed to beating Don over the head with a flashlight and leaving him there to die. Aid lets everything sink in but while doing so Lisa reminds Phil what he said he was going to do if he didn't go to jail. Phil got on one knee and purposed to Aid, Mel has to give Phil a fake ring. In a way that was her way of accepting Aid into their family. Phil and Aid are now engaged and everyone in their family is happy. Kelly returns to the office after Loren decides to not go to New York tonight. When she gets to the office she finds Jake and he tells her all about Traci leaving to Chicago. Meanwhile, Max and Nora meet back up at his place and Nora lets him know what happened with Loren. Max decides now is the perfect time to ask Nora to move in with him. Nora accepts but decides they should live in the valley instead. Eddie is waiting at their spot for a while and he is flipping out, Loren hasn't shown up head. He gets into the car about to drive off when he sees her. Loren in here! They run to each other kissing and hugging. They are asking questions and telling each other to never leave again and how much they love one another when the cops pull up. They arrest Eddie and Loren follows them to the station. She calls Nora, who is with Max, and both of them head down to the station. When they arrive at the station Max goes straight to the detective asking where is son his. An officer takes him back to the cells where he finds Eddie. They hug through the cells and talk about everything and how Eddie didn't do it and how Chloe isn't going to back down if Tyler's in the picture. While they are talking Loren is telling her mom how everything is her fault and how Eddie got caught because of her. Her mom, Nora, just keeps telling her it wasn't her fault and that this was going to happen eventually. And that's when Chloe walks in. She goes straight to the detective and tells him that she wants to recant her story so Eddie will be free. The next day Loren is packing for New York while waiting on Mel and Adam to show up to take her to Eddie's arraignment hearing. In the meantime, Lia arrives at Jakes office since Eddie didn't come back last night. She gives Jake the note from Eddie (I will explain what happens here later). Also Chloe heads to Tyler's after giving her new real statement last night. Tyler and Chloe begin talking and Tyler basically goes off on Chloe and tells her how he loves her but "doesn't give a damn" about her anymore. When Mel and Adam show up they are rushing to leave. Loren forgets her phone and heads back to get it. She grabs her phone and there is a knock at the door. She thinks its Mel and answers the door. It's really Eddie standing at the door. He just stares at her and sarcastically admires "her" place. They hug for a good time. The hug was so loving and passionate. Lia headed back home after talking with Jake to tell her brother, Jeremy, everything that happened and about how they are going to everything they've ever wanted. Everyone is on the plane, Max and Nora and Jake and Kelly, when Eddie and Loren arrive. They greet everyone and are ready for takeoff. The episode ends with Eddie and Loren kissing. Jake and Kelly listening to the CD from Lia and Jeremy. And Max and Nora holding hands and talking. I've decided to start of going back 48 hours to fill in all the holes. Chapter one will be on here soon. I promise! P.S. I don't own HH or any Characters, so far ;)