Three Surprises

Part: 2

So I want to start out by thanking you for bearing with me. I know what I promised didn't happen and I am so truly sorry for that! I really want to post and type, but I didn't have the time. We found out over the weekend that my great aunt is being taken off the Chemo treatment. She doesn't have much time left so I wanted to spend my weekend with her. I also babysat most of the kids in my family so others could visit her. It's hard when you find out this new, it screws up everything! My aunt and I weren't very close for the past 12 to 13 years of my life, but somehow we found a way to see each other more. She is so caring and loving and even though all I ever did was talk about my problems and drama she still cared. I love her so much! Now that that's over I really am sorry about not posting. I plan on giving you at least 4 medium sized chapters this week. Things may get crazy though so I'm not promising anything.

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Where we left off…

Loren: "Whatever babe, we will talk about this later! Love you…ready to love you more though!" I said as I walked out on the stage.

Eddie: Snapping out of my thoughts for a moment, "G-good luck, and-and love you too!" I still can't tell if Loren really means what Ian said but I guess I can give it a try after our date tomorrow.

Loren: I can't believe he couldn't make that connection, but he knew I was love_to_love_you. I guess that was because of my song. It's whatever though; I need to stop thinking about that because I have to get ready to sing this next song. I thought as the announcer began to settle everyone back in and announce me yet again.

Enjoying the company of a kid...

Announcer: "Alright everyone how about you get on your feet for Loren Tate!" Everyone stood and 3 seconds later I began again. Laughing, "Alright now sit back down." People laughed as they sat back down. "Loren is gonna slow it down for you tonight, but feel free to sway along and fill up the sky with lighters. And now the person you've been ready for, again, I give you Loren Tate!"

Loren: Everyone cheered really loudly and I didn't know what to say. I walked out on stage and felt everyone staring at me. I don't know why but I felt like I was going to faint. I started looking around for a familiar face to make all these feelings go away, but nothing. I couldn't turn around to see Eddie, but I felt his presence and could tell he was worried for me. I kept looking though and that's when I locked eyes with Andrew. But no Jessica, I was confused. Andrew pointed backstage and out of the corner of my eye I seen Jessica standing with Eddie. He looked like he was enjoying the company of a kid. Which got me thinking again, but I stopped myself and began talking. "Hey welcome back! I'm gonna end the night kind of slow, but I hope you enjoy these next songs. I felt that this song was really misinterpreted at first. Maybe now people will appreciate it and him more. This is a song written by the one and only Eddie Duran!" There was a mix of whistles and cheers, and no boo's which made me happy. "This song is called One Day at a Time. I really hope everyone starts to understand the song more."

"They say two wrongs are never right, but nothing's final

A thousand thoughts, a million fears and still a smile

When you run too fast to never see the colors of every memory

Slow down the world, live another day"

I stayed at the keyboard for a few parts of the song, but I felt I was boring people. I needed to back out of my comfort zone and get a little crazy. You can't end a night sad and depressed. My surprise isn't going to be that depressing thought so this won't end to terribly bad, I hope!

"I remember how it used to be

Out there chasing cars and broken dreams

I told myself don't look back this is your life

Someday I'm gonna fall in love for the first time

I remember every piece of me

Everything was perfect and complete

So I'm gonna take it

One day at a time, one day at a time"

Oh God, please tell me I hit the high note! I can't tell if it was good or not and I'm kind of flipping out, but I have to move on. I can't just sit here and wonder and by the crowds faces it wasn't too bad. My throat is starting to get a little dry thought. I wonder, has ever happened to Eddie? I guess I just have to swallow my spit to have some sort of fluids going. Spending so much time with Jessica I didn't get the drink break I needed, but I'm glad I met her.

"I remember how it used to be

Out there chasing cars and broken dreams

I told myself don't look back this is your life

Someday I'm gonna fall in love for the first time

I remember every piece of me

Everything was perfect and complete

So I'm gonna take it

One day at a time, one day at a time"

I'm just gonna speed up the song a little bit. Let me just signal to the band to speed it up a bit. I can't sing much longer without a drink. I peaked over at Eddie who was using hand motions at me. I guess he could tell I needed a drink. I just nodded my head yes and the motioned to the band to speed it up a bit.

"Ultraviolet record highs and lows

It's easier to stop and let it go"

"I remember how it used to be

Out there chasing cars and broken dreams"

"So, I remember how it used to be

Out there chasing cars and broken dreams

I told myself don't look back this is your life

Someday I'm gonna fall in love for the first time

I remember every piece of me

Everything was perfect and complete

So I'm gonna take it

One day at a time, one day at a time"

Finally, done and over with. It's not that I don't like the song; it's just that my throat is so dry. The crowd was swaying along with the song the whole time, and that to me meant people were starting to understand Eddie's lyrics. "Thank you all so much," I said as they cheered ear splittingly. They were so loud, but I don't know why. These are like cheers you here at Eddie's concerts; I'm nowhere near as good as him. I walked back to the key board and placed the microphone in the slot. I needed to get my guitar again. I was going to play my next song almost a cappella, no background music; I was really going to need water before this one. I looked to where my guitar was and it wasn't there, I then looked around and seen Eddie with a bottle of water. I told the drummer I would be right back and walked towards Eddie.

Wait what?...

Phil: Aid got up first from the table; she was feeling too good and wanted to lie down. I told her I would be in, in a few. And that I wanted to talk to my Mom and Dad. My Dad just looked at me confused like he didn't know what I wanted to talk about.

Gus: "What's up son?"

Phil: "I was just wondering why you guys didn't come home until early this morning?"

Lisa: "Well it's not like it's any of your business, but we went to talk to your aunt Beth."

Phil: "Wait, that-that's Mel's mom right? And-and your sister?"

Lisa: "Yeah. She really wanted to talk and I guess it was best. We talked for a while and then your father and I went out. We needed to clear our heads of the past and just start over."

Gus: "We decided to go to a hotel and have a few drinks, nothing major."

Lisa: "But then we just kept drinking and…"

Phil: "And that's all I want to know. Mel told me she did call and told you that she was leaving though. But I guess you don't remember."

Gus: "Well, if she called me then no. I was out of it son."

Phil: I was shocked that my parents got drunk, but found it kind of cool. "Oh, well that's nice. Mel should be home tomorrow though."

Lisa: "She better be; she can't miss any more school!"

Phil: "Speaking of school, I've decided to go to college."

Gus: "Wait, y-you what?" I am shocked at the words coming out of my son's mouth. He actually wanted to do something with his life!


Eddie: Loren walked over after performing my song and I handed her the bottle of water. I pulled her into a hug as the announcer started talking.

Announcer: "Don't go anywhere, the nights not over! Loren has a surprise for you all! She just needed a water break and had to grab something for your surprise." Everyone laughed, "Please find your seats again, and Loren will be back in less than 5."

Eddie: "Lo that was even more amazing than the first time I heard you sing it!"

Loren: "Really?"

Eddie: "Of course babe. It almost brought tears to my eyes again just hearing you sing my song. You gave it the justice it deserves?"

Loren: Was he saying that he cried at the MK concert when I sung it. I just remember the cops chasing him away during the song."You cried the first time?"

Eddie: "Uhhh, you-you've got to get back out there. I wanna know the surprise!" I said avoiding Loren's question. She couldn't know that I was that emotional.

Loren: "Fine, love you…"

Eddie: Jokingly, "But you're ready to love me more. I know." She laughed and walked back on stage. I heard my phone buzz, but didn't wanna check it. I couldn't miss the surprise!

Back turner...

Oz: "Well I guess; you were texting a friend to help Chloe?"

Tyler: "No Oz, didn't you hear? I'm not helping her! She doesn't deserve it; she committed a crime she needs to do the time. I will go tomorrow, but that's it!"

Oz: "So this is why you and Eddie have problems?"

Tyler: "What are you talking about?"

Oz: "You-you turn your back on people in their moment of need. I'm guessing Eddie had a problem and you turned your back on him, right?"

Tyler: At first I was pissed that Oz would say something like that, but I've changed. I needed to actually think before I spoke. Was it true? I can't really remember what went down between Eddie and I, I just remember being a drunken fool and then everything else happened. Eddie and I stopped talking the night his mom died, how fucked up is that? He lost his mom and a friend in the same night? Maybe that's why he went for Chloe; to get back at me for leaving him when he needed me the most. Wow, I'm a piece of shit, it all makes since now. I really messed up; I have to make this right. He gave me chance after chance after that. I need to give him a chance now. "Uh-uhhh yeah whatever, let-let's just talk about this movie." I said trying to get off the subject.

Oz: I guess I hit a nerve with Tyler. I can't get him mad at me I need him for this move! "Yeah okay; so…"


Announcer: "And just like that she's back!" I said as the stage went back and a spot light appeared on Loren who was sitting on a stool with her guitar. "And now for the last time tonight everyone, Loren Tate!" It hurt my ears when all the girls hollered for Loren.

Loren: Quietly, but above her normal voice," My surprise for tonight is a new song!" Everyone cheered, even Eddie. I guess he was shocked too. "So I wrote this song just two days ago. With everything going on in my life I was really inspired. Well, at first I was a mess and could hardly concentrate, but hope and family pulled me out of my funk and this came out of it. This song means so much to me as it describes my true feelings. I decided to share it with you all tonight, because I was inspired by a young girl who I met tonight. My original plan was to sing a different song, but I'll save that for next time. So uhhh I hope you all like it, here it goes." Everyone was silent and it was just me and my guitar. I couldn't see anyone and I loved it. I really wanted to see Eddie's face though, so I made sure to tell them to turn the lights back on so I could see after I started playing. I began strumming the guitar, I was so scared. What if people don't like it? What if Eddie doesn't like it? What am I going to do!

Alright well, that's it for tonight. I have to make some minor adjustments to my song otherwise I would have posted it with this chapter. But I guess I need a cliffhanger for you all. I appreciate everyone's patients and reviews. Please keep reviewing; I love to hear what you all think!

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