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Emotion One: Embarrassment

"Fionna are you almost ready?" Cake yelled up the ladder to Fionna who was getting dressed in the bedroom that the two shared.

"Yeah, hold on!" Fionna called back as she began to undress from her footie pajamas so that she was in her matching heart underwear set. The two girls were getting ready to go out on an adventure to visit the Ice Queen.

"Hurry up!" Cake scolded and Fionna sighed in agitation as she looked around the bedroom for her clothes.

"I can't find my clothes!" She yelled back to her sister.

"Check the bathroom!" Cake suggested and Fionna obliged as she went into the bathroom to look for her blue shirt, skirt, and her socks.

However, while the adventuress was in the bathroom on her search, Marshall Lee decided to come to the tree house for a visit. He floated up to the window slowly looking for Fionna; after all the two were best friends.

"Hey Fi?" He called out as he put his hands up to the window to look through. She wasn't in the bedroom. "Fi?" He called out one more time and that's when she walked out of the bathroom in her underwear. Fionna immediately looked up and saw Marshall's form in the window. In that moment both of them froze and they both blushed.

"Marshall!" She yelled as her pretty face turned bright cherry red.

"S-sorry!" He replied frantically, but still suddenly couldn't move.

"Go away!" Fionna screamed as she ran back into the bathroom from embarrassment.

"I said I was sorry!" Marshall called back as he floated down to the ground. Now he couldn't get Fionna's underwear clad body out of his head. Oh my glob she was beautiful, he thought as a slight blush arose to his cheeks. Stop thinking about her like that, he scolded himself. She's your best friend. But Marshall thought that he'd never see Fionna like that before.

Suddenly, while he was lost in his thoughts the door to the treehouse opened and it was Cake.

"What are you doing out here trying to peep on Fionna?" Cake accused, and Marshall was at a loss for words as he looked at Fionna who was standing behind Cake now fully clothed.

"Look, I didn't mean to. I'm sorry." He said as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Marshall?" Fionna asked quietly.

"What?" He replied.

"Do you think my boobs are small?" She asked. Marshall froze up again.