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Emotion Twelve: Safe

"Stupid Gumball..." Fionna muttered angrily as she stomped through the hills. "Who does he think he is? Kicking me the math out of his castle." She added balling up her fists until her knuckles hurt. She kept walking and walking trying to get back to the treehouse as quickly as possible. It was time to play Cake in some much-needed video game time. But as she was walking she heard someone in a nearby bush.

"Hehehe." The voice laughed, and it sounded familiar too.

"Hello?" Fionna called out. "Who's there?" So she walked a little faster... Until she heard that laughter again. "Who the math is there?" She was getting angry too. Suddenly, someone jumped out of the bushes and landed on her.


"Marshall! You poo brain!" Fionna yelled as she pushed Marshall Lee off of her with a punch.

"Ow Fi!" He yelled as he rubbed his side. "Did I scare you?" He teased.

"No." Fionna said simply.

"Yeah I did!" He said.

"I actually thought I was in danger..." Fionna admitted. "So I'm glad it was you, you make me feel safe." She said and Marshall was speechless.