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We're often walking side by side.

I can't seem to shake him, and as much as I try to deny it, I have accepted his company as an inconvenient truth. He doesn't show up much anymore, but when he does, he brings a furious storm with him.

He screams for relief, kicks in frustration, begs for understanding. He reasons, argues, explains, excuses and convinces. Every time I fight him, for his words are all lies, and the consequences of them all only bring pain and suffering.

I cannot win every battle, and every loss I take leaves me with another scar. Every victory is a badge of honor short lived, stripped away every time I lose. The power is unbalanced, and it is not often mine.

I can go days, weeks without seeing him, his ugly head a distant memory buried deep, his words replaced with my own reassurances of truth, peace, stability. Almost without my own permission, though, I fear his return, because it is inevitable.

He returns without fail more than I wish he would, his presence creeping on me, like a sniper waiting for his foe to cross his target. He finds me and holds me captive. His argument is always the same, always persuasive, always desperate. I'm getting better at fighting, but it's still not enough. If I fall into a battle, fall into his trap, I leave everything around me worse for wear. Skin is bruised, homes are broken, hearts are crushed and clothing is torn, and everything I have built is naught but ashes we all fall down into.

I'm the lone soldier in a personal war.

I always thought fighting the devil would be a struggle I could avoid. I never realized how close and personal of a war it could be.

Yet we still walk side by side every step I take.

Because I am my own devil.

A/N To Link, they call it Dark Link. For me, they call it bi-polar disorder.