The smell of a clean house hung in the air as Castiel Novak watched three people unload boxes off the end of a Red pickup. A shiny black Impala was parked in the spot next to Castiel's car and he peered out the window of his small apartment, cup of coffee in hand. He watched as two men hauled boxes up the stairs, followed by a blonde woman. Castiel followed the three with minor curiosity.

The apartment next door to his had finally been sold after months of being empty. The last family that had lived there were plesant people, a husband and wife married for ten years going by the names of Michelle and Brady Milton. Castiel had gotten to know them well and was invited over for dinner some nights. That all ended abruptly when Brady died six months ago from a heart attack.

They were the closest thing Castiel had to family at that point. Michelle had moved out, moved away and was never heard from again. That was what hurt the most. Castiel knew she was upset, knew she was crushed and hurting, but she up and left without a word. She was more of a mother to him than anything. All the little things about her spoke volumes. The way she twirled her hair when she spoke or how much milk she liked in her coffee. She always had paper with her, and small dainty glasses sat on her face at all times.

Castiel smiled at that as he remembered her, pen poised over the paper as she tried to write something down. Something she had been wanting to write for a while now, but the words didn't come. She could see it plain as day in her head, but putting it out on paper was the hardest thing for her to do. Brady always made fun of her for this, mainly because the way her face would scrunch up. The way her eyes squinted as she peered at the paper, hoping the words would appear. Or when she was viciously scribbling in her journal and her curly brown hair fell in her face.

Castiel's blue eyes flickered to the apartment across from his once more and he watched the people inside as they laughed and joked, eyes trained particularly on the woman and the tallest man. His hair came to about his ears, but you could see the makings of a mane coming on if he grew it out just enough. He looked young, in his early twenties at least. Not older than twenty five, no younger than twenty.

He looked lovengly at the woman beside him, arm twisting around her as he pulled her in for a hug. They faced a older man, he was shorter of the two, but he looked like he could knock him out of he needed too. Castiel's eyes trained on him now, eyes wandering over his body.

He felt something short of creep watching the three of them, eyes wandering the third person's body as he talked. His brown hair was tousled in a complete mess, green eyes shining as he aimed a small, weak punch at his brother. He wore a brown keather njacket, which he began to strip off as he settled. The other two didn't move to settle, instead pulling him into a hug, lips moving, forming words Castiel couldn't make out.

The woman rolled her eyes, head tipping back with laughter at something one of them said, hands clapping to her mouth as she pulled him into another hug. The two left shortly after that and Castiel tore his eyes away, turning away, pushing himself against the wall, head tipping back into the wall.

His eyes looked around the apartment. He had been living in the same building for five years now. It had been the perfect get away. The perfect hide out. A way to escape his mothers death and his father's rage, his sisters perstering questions on his sexuality and the pressures of school.

Cool air flowed through the old creaky window, a slight shiver wracking his body. His hands fidgeted by his side as he slowly licked his lips, moving to pick his coffee up once more when a high pitched shriek stopped him.

"This thing needs to be oiled." came a rough voice faintly. Cas turned his head, wind washing over the left side of his face as he looked out the window. The shorter man was messing with the window, testing it. The hinges emitted high pitched squeals, causing Castiel to flinch slightly as the man frowned, looking up. His face lit up slightly as he spotted Castiel.

"Hey there." he called slightly. Castiel turned, placing both palms on the windowsill as he looked at Dean. The faint sunlight teased the man's skin color as he leaned out the window, trying to get a better look at Castiel. His hair was tossed and tousled in a style that suited the man, not looking to neat and orderly yet not to messy.

"Name's Dean." he said after a moment and Castiel's blue eyes met Dean's. A warm feeling coursed through him, weakening his knees and drying his mouth.

"Welcome to the neighborhood!" Castiel managed to call back, giving Dean a small smile. Their windows were no more than a few feet apart and Castiel could see the part of his roof that almost joined Dean's. It was low hanging, a place Castiel sat to clear his head sometimes.

"I'm Castiel." he held his hand out, reaching out the window. Dean did the same, fingers locking in some sort of handshake. Castiel flinched slightly as he took his hand. Dean jumped slightly also, alarm in his eyes as he looked back up.

"Musta got an electric shock." Dean said as they let go, a small chuckle sounding from his lips.

"You're..Alone?" Castiel asked tentively, looking behind Dean who nodded.

"Just me, myself and I." he said, waving his arms slightly. He slowly put them down, an odd look crossing his face as he relaized what he said. He was alone.

"Look," He said rather quickly. "I have some unpacking to do still. I'll talk to you later." Cas nodded and said his goodbyes before pulling the window shut. He didn't move as Dean walked away, watching as he opened the first box, bottle of beer in one hand, box cutter in another.

He pulled little trinkets from one box, followed by a few shirts and a photo album. He didn't have many things, but enough that they would make the apartment look complete. Castiel watched a moment longer before turning away, snatching his car keys up and reaching for his coat.

Dean was like Castiel. Alone.