Dean had been living in the apartment for two weeks now. He had settled in quickly and kept to himself mostly. Castiel spent most evenings talking to him from the window long after the sun had gone down. Those evenings by the window were the highlight of Castiel's night. They would talk about local news or some kind of sport. Castiel would talk about his love of writing while Dean would go on about his favorite sports team.

Castiel watched the light in Dean's eyes twinkle when Castiel mentioned something about his favorite dessert, pie and Dean would chuckle when Castiel's eyes glazed over from thinking of the things he could write or characters he could make.

Castiel couldn't deny the spark of warmth he got whenever he looked at Dean or how weak at the knees he would get when Dea threw a smile his way, but he didn't want to get his hopes up and had started to shorten their nightly meetings to the point where he wouldn't even open his window. Getting his hopes up for someone like Dean, who looked straight as an arrow, was a horrible idea in Castiel's book and he prefered not to go down that street.

Yet, one night around the time they usually talked, Castiel heard a tinking sound against his window. He got up, watching the window as the sound repeated. Staring at the window with curiosity, he opened it, a pebble flying through the open window a split second later, bouncing off the wall.

"Hey there princess!" Dean called, hand full of pebbles. Castiel couldn't help but smile at him as he leaned over the window sill. His hair was damp, beads of water running down his neck and into his white shirt.

"Why don't you put your pens and paper away." he said, offering him a bright smile. "Come have some coffee with me." he nodded his head towards his apartment. Castiel smiled.

"I have a better idea."

That night Castiel had shown him how to get onto the roof. Dean watched as Castiel crawled from his window, carefully inching his way up. He then hoisted himself up unto the low hanging roof, beaming down at Dean as he sat down.

"Your turn." He called down, watching Dean hesitate. "Don't tell me you're scared." Castiel called down, a laugh bubbling at his lips as he watched Dean. Dean shook his head, determination lighting his eyes now as he braced his hands around the outer edges of the window.

"I can climb out a window!" Dean huffed, letting out a slight groan as he pulled himself out the window. He flashed Castiel his trade mark half smile before pulling himself up, the muscles in his arms flexing as he found his footing, fingers gripping the edge of the roof.

"I don't see why you're smirkin." Dean grumbled, pulling himself up with a groan. Castiel laughed again, watching him slither up, trying desperately to balance himself as his legs kicked at the air.

"Told you I could." Dean settled beside Castiel as he pulled himself up, breath coming in a few heavy pants as he did so, something that drove Castiel crazy. Dean stretched his arms back, placing his palms flat on the roof as he looked around, whistling as he took in the scenery. Street lights beamed down, lights from houses shone. Sillouetts of people in their houses could be seen.

"Just your little corner of the Universe, huh." Dean murmured, bowing his head a moment before casting a look Castiel's way.

"It's quiet up here. I come here to think." he admitted, hands fidgeting with a shingle as he looked around. The wind was chilly, cutting at his skin like sharp knives. They were quiet for a while, just drinking in the silence, each lost in their own thoughts.

"Cas, here's a question." Dean said suddenly, snapping Castiel from his thoughts. Dean had come up with that nickname for Castiel one night during their late night meetings over coffee. He thought the nickname was ideal for him.

"Sure, Dean." Cas chuckled. His questions were always interesting in a sense. He felt Dean shift beside him, folding his hands in his lap like a first grader. Castiel raised an eyebrow at him, which he knew Dean wouldn't see due to the lack of light.

"You're always alone," Dean started. "Don't you have a girlfriend or anything?" he asked slowly, as if he was carefully choosing his words before he said anything. Castiel froze, heart dropping.

"I mean, you're always alone man. You don't even own a cat." Dean chuckled.

"No," he said after a minute, voice shaky. "I'm not...Straight." he said slowly, thinking of a better way to tell him. Most men weren't exactly good at handling this information, but Castiel didn't know how to handle this situation delicately so he just laid everything out on the table for Dean. He fully expected Dean to cringe away, go back to his apartment and never try to contact him again.

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Dean whispered softly, running a hand through his hair, breath blowing over Castiel's neck and sending shivers down his spine.

"No." Castiel said firmly. "But you're always alone too." he pointed out. Dean never came home with woman, no one was constantly calling or blowing up his phone. No one ever cam to his apartment except Castiel and his brother, Sam. He would bring his girlfriend, Jess, with him sometimes.

Dean sucked in a breath, leaning back fully on his palms now as he looked at the sky. "I'm not straight either." he came right out and said it, a little laugh rumbling in his chest as he felt Cas tense.

"But it's not a bad thing." He said, getting up slowly, arms wrapping around Castiel. Cas felt his heart stop once more as Dean's long, strong arms began to snake around his waist, pulling him closer to him.

"Come on, Angel. Nothing wrong." he cooed, hands roaming Castiel's back now as his lips ghosted across his neck, kissing skin there softly. Castiel's mouth went dry, body trembling as he finally responded to Dean.

"It's not bad," he pressed a small kiss to the edge of Castiel's jaw. "That I like you and that you like me." he said softly, cupping Castiel's chin in his hand. Cas gulped. Dean had seen right through him.

"You don't have to be scared." he said gently, running a thumb over Castiel's lower lip. Dean knew everything that was to know about Castiel. How his mother died, how his father threw him out, and why he loved to write so much.

"Dean." Castiel murmured, voice rasping in his throat.

"Shh." Dean said, mouth at his neck once more as he climbed over him, bracing a leg on either side of Castiel as he gently straddled him, chin still cupped in his hand as he brought his mouth back up.

"You write happy endings for people who don't exist, but you never make sure you are happy." Dean finally said before bringing his mouth to Castiel's gently, giving him just the slightest bit of pressure he possibly could.

As soon as their lips connected, Cas felt a jolt, as if a volt of electricity had been shot through him. It left him stung and wanting more. He kissed back, hands finding the back of Dean's neck blindly as he deepened the kiss, pulling Dean down with him. Dean's chest was pressed flush against Cas, his body molding against his own as they writhed together, limbs entangling as they kissed.

"Cas." Dean whispered, hands grasping him as he went to kiss him again. Castiel broke away, flat on his back, gasping for air as Dean made to assault his mouth once more.

"I never said it was bad," he rasped, hands grasping the collars of Dean's jacket as he pulled Dean closer, his tongue assaulting Dean's mouth now as Dean moaned, each sound swallowed up by Cas.

"From the day I moved in," Dean whispered. "I couldn't stop thinking about you. Everything I did, everything I thought, I would look out my window and think of you and that five minute conversation we had." he panted, looking into Castiel's eyes now, breath hot on his face.

"I knew I needed you from the moment I set eyes on you." Dean whispered. Somewhere in the back of Castiel's mind, he had registered the look on Dean's face from the first time they had shook hands.

As Castiel pulled him back down again, he pressed a long, loving kiss to Dean's lips.

"I need you too." he whispered.