My Little Prince

Chapter 20

The Werewolf and Vampire talk

Remus followed his nose, which led him through the enormous castle to the one person he wanted to speak to. Of course Snape's vampire guards did make him increasingly edgy. They looked as if nothing would please them more than to take a bite out of him. Unfortunately he should be used to it, vampires and werewolves didn't get on, more out of principle than actual loathing. Then added with the smell, well it was no wonder really that they didn't like crossing paths. He could smell Snape in the next room, but whenever he tried to open the door the guards blocked his path.

"I'd like to talk to Severus if you please," said Lupin, having to refrain from calling him Snape as he didn't know how they'd take it. He knew it wouldn't be good, they'd find it disrespectful.

"He's asked to be alone," said Storm immediately, then her eyes drifted to the side. Before she added with a slightly apologetic tone, "Go on in."

Storm and Corin moved aside and opened the door to let the werewolf in; their Lord didn't usually change his mind about anything. Once the door closed, Storm and Corin moved down to the end of the corridor, knowing he liked his privacy. Although there was silencing spells, it was just common courtesy really not to hover outside rooms people were conversing in private at.

"What do you want?" asked Severus observing the werewolf, he smelt of guilt and worry. Not an appealing combination added with his lycanthrope to the mix. He wasn't in the best of moods right now, Lupin had the worst timing. Then again he always had, at least in his opinion.

Remus walked further into the room, having to stop himself turning back. If this was to work out then he would have to interfere. He felt awful for doing it, felt bad, like he was betraying Harry in the worst way. Wasn't it in a parent's prerogative to help when and where he could? Especially when it came to their child's happiness. He may not be Harry's father biologically, but he'd taken up the mantle when Harry was eleven. A bit old admittedly, but Harry had needed a stable adult in his life. He was a werewolf and not completely stable, but enough for Harry and he called him dad, it was enough for him. He couldn't love any biological child more than he loved Harry, at least he didn't think so anyway.

"I know…what its like to want your other half, your soul mate. The possessiveness that comes with it, particularly those of our kinds." said Remus; his eyes taking on a glassy look, as he remembered his brief time as a student and thinking he'd had his. "How we want to square them away, keep them safe so nobody can hurt them. Even wanting to be the sole focus of their affection."

Severus just continued to stare at Remus blankly.

"Look I'm just going to speak frankly, you are going about it the wrong way." said Remus, ignoring the flashing furious black eyes. "Harry was abused at the Dursley's, badly; they wouldn't have let him come to Hogwarts. Fortunately the letters continue coming until one is opened by the one who it's for. It drove his uncle insane, eventually he just gave in and let Harry open it. Harry had to steal from his cousin to get busses to the station, and very nearly didn't make it onto the train. Nobody had explained to him that the platform was magically hidden. He came to Hogwarts in close ten sizes to big for him, belonging to his cousin. He'd never had anything of his own, not until then."

Severus stared mutinously at the wizard.

"Other than myself, Blaise, Theo and Maria, Harry has never so much as looked at anyone else. He doesn't trust anyone Snape, not ever. He's spent the six years trying to prove himself, reading absolutely everything he could just to fit in. So if someone came up to him and asked him something he'd know what the hell they were talking about. He'd never been shy and letting someone know what he thinks. In one fell swoop you've taken him from the only home and family he's ever had. Not only is he angry at you for that, the bond is scaring the living day lights out of him." said Remus in warning.

"The bond?" repeated Severus surprised, other than the brief time when Dumbledore had been in the hall, he'd felt nothing from Harry to indicate the bond was even active.

"Snape, Harry hasn't been interested in that kind of thing, I think he's terrified of letting anyone in and ending up hurt. He closed all thoughts of to that, never letting himself feel even the remotely bit attracted to another. This bond is forcing him, added to everything he's going through because of this…situation its turning into anger and distrust. Maria made a good point earlier, you've gone about it all wrong…doesn't matter how right you think it is…its never going to work. You need to fix it and quickly, let Harry's part of the bond flourish as it should."

"What do you suggest I do?" sneered Severus coldly.

"Let him live his life, you can't keep him here you know that, against his will he's counting down the days till get can get away." said Remus grimly.

"With The Dark Lord and Dumbledore after him?" hissed Severus infuriated.

"Look I'm just telling you what's going to happen, how Harry feels, what you do with it is up to you. Forcing Harry into anything is a stupid move to make. Harry can be fiercely independent; he's had to be to survive the Dursley's treatment of him. Another part of Harry does want to be looked after, cherished; he just doesn't let anyone see it. Give him time, room and a chance to get used to things. He needs to read the book on courting, he feels deeply uncomfortable with everything you are trying to buy for him. You cannot buy his affections Snape, it doesn't work that way." said Remus.

Severus said nothing, staring at Remus as if seeing him in a new light.

"Just try and see it from Harry's point of view, if you can put yourself in his shoes." said Remus getting up and walking towards the door, his piece said, what Snape did now was up to him.

"How bad was it at the Dursley's?" asked Severus.

"Bad enough, haven't you seen the scars?" Remus told him as he opened the door without looking back, intending on enjoying what time he had left with Harry before they had to leave. With a bit of luck Snape would let Harry have a bit of breathing room.

"Where did you go?" asked Harry once he spotted Remus.

"Just to find the toilet, that place is just too big for words." fibbed Remus nothing to indicate he was lying.

"Oh, yeah it is." said Harry staring at the castle with a mixture of wide eyed wonder and irritation. It was a beautiful place, and Harry would have liked it better if he wasn't trapped here and followed every minute of the day.

"Pawn to C5," said Blaise bringing Harry out of his thoughts.

"Hum, Pawn to C3," said Harry in turn. "Have you done all your homework?" he asked Theo, who was watching them play grinning at their attempts.

"Yeah, nothing more to do really," said Theo shrugging.

"What about Daphne?" asked Harry while he was waiting on Blaise taking his turn.

"She has her friends over all the time," said Theo scowling, doing girly things it was the last thing he wanted to do. He didn't care if Daphne was his girlfriend; he preferred to spend time alone with her.

Remus and Maria shared an amused look of the teenager's heads, to be young and in love again.

Harry grinned feeling more normal than he had in what felt like months.

"It's not funny," groused Theo but a smile sneaked upon his face making the moment forgotten.

"Pawn to A3," said Blaise.

"Pawn to B3," replied Harry.

For the next hour they sat around the chess set, watching Harry beat Blaise, a few years ago it wouldn't have happened. Harry had come to the magical world unable to play chess, so Theo and Blaise had constantly beaten him at it. Over the years with their coaching he had become quite proficient at playing chess. He was no means an expert but there was time for that.

"Thanks for bringing my trunk guys," said Harry, knowing his time was nearing its end. There weren't enough hours in the day for him to be content with their leaving.

"Excuse me, sorry for interrupting but Lord Severus has invited you to join Master Harry for dinner if you wish." said a vampire stepping forward, one that constantly shadowed Harry, but to his slight shame he didn't know his name.

"He what?" gaped Harry, staring at him in blatant shock. He could barely believe his ears, why would he agree to that? But why should he argue? Well he certainly wouldn't.

"He has invite-"

"Yeah I got that, thank you." said Harry politely.

The vampire nodded curtly, before bowing then leaving faster than the human eye could see.

"I wonder what's wrong with him," said Harry baffled as he got up.

"Just remember Severus hasn't had an easy life either Harry, in fact it could be compared to your own. He might even think you wouldn't stay with him unless you were…persuaded." whispered Remus. "He doesn't have a good image of himself; he doesn't want to lose you, neither his human side nor his vampire side."

Harry stared at his dad taken aback by his statement, he hadn't really thought about Snape or his life before. Damn Remus for making him think like that, he didn't want to feel sympathy for him. He just wanted to stay his allotted time and get the hell out of here. Although only in hearts of hearts would he admit to missing the castle, it was the most beautiful place in the world he'd ever seen. Then again he'd thought the same of Zabini manor, when he was eleven years old and seeing it for the first time.

"So what's like? Having dinner in there!" asked Blaise excitedly as he pushed Harry along starving.

"The food's delicious actually," admitted Harry grudgingly, not liking the fact he was giving anything to do with this place or the people in it a compliment.

"Brilliant!" said Theo, "I'm starving."

"Yeah," said Harry, his appetite had sprung up as well now that they didn't have to leave so soon.

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