Prince Consort

Chapter 21

"He doesn't want to be disturbed," Storm commented, as Cenric made his way towards her, where she was standing guard at the end of the corridor. They never approached the door unless it was important, even then they didn't like doing it. Their Lord had made it more than clear he didn't want them in his chambers.

"His grandparents are here, they're demanding his presence." Cenric informed her; to say he felt awkward would be putting it lightly. He had served under Glenn so the urge to do what he asked was strong, even if it meant going against Severus. Glenn's reign had been quiet compared to Severus' who had to fight for his position. Which did make Cenric have a great deal of respect for him, who wouldn't? His Lord was one of the best duellers he'd ever seen.

"I'll see if he will come," Storm said, knocking on the door, the silencing spells were still up, but she hoped he would realize he was needed - she certainly didn't want to enter the room without first being asked.

"I'll do it," Cenric volunteered, moving towards the door freezing when he felt magic shimmering.

"Enter." Severus commanded sharply, he did not sound pleased at all.

Cenric opened the door and entered, staring straight ahead, out of the window, "My Lord, I apologize for disturbing you, but your grandparents are here, they're demanding you see them immediately."

"I see," Severus replied, grumbling under his breath, the others pretended not to hear it. "Inform them that I will be there as soon as I can, and to get comfortable in my office."

"Yes Sir," Cenric answered in agreement, retreating from the room, giving a small nod to Storm he made his way back to the entrance hall where the pair was waiting.

"Is he unavailable?" Rose questioned, confused as to why Cenric was returning to the hall alone without her grandson. She knew how busy they could get, so wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. He was always available to see them when they came though; regardless of how busy he may be this was a first.

"He will be with you as soon as he can, you've to make yourselves comfortable, and can I get you anything while you wait?" Cenric revealed, gesturing for them to follow him, he led them to Severus office.

"I would love a coffee," asked Rose, sitting herself down comfortably, no matter how many times she'd come here to see Severus, she found it extremely odd being back. It hadn't changed at all in all the years, when she and Glenn had stepped down, Prince Castle ended up unused, the House-Elves continued looking after it of course, with minimal care until Severus took up his position. Glenn had been so pleased when Severus came to his inheritance, he had despaired that the Prince line would die with him, and he came from a long proud line. She had seen his disappointment that they'd had a girl; don't get him wrong, he'd loved Eileen fiercely, especially considering she was the first female born in the family. They had tried for another, but their luck wouldn't have it, then Eileen had turned from them, seemingly unable to forgive them for something they couldn't control any more than she could. She hadn't come to a vampire inheritance; they had assumed her son hadn't either. Glenn had so much energy now, and he was a lot happier, it reminded her of the years where her family was happy.

"Anything for you, Sir?" Cenric bowed staring promptly at Glenn.

"No thank you," Glenn shook his head, feeling nostalgic thrumming through him, just like every time he was here. He loved Prince Manor, but there was just something about this castle…all his favourite memories were here. He'd been at his best here as well, he wasn't exactly young anymore, hadn't been for over twenty years. He was almost envious of his grandson. Severus might have the last name Snape but he was one hundred percent Prince, especially with the looks, he honestly couldn't look anymore 'Prince' if he tried.

Cenric left immediately to alert Damien that coffee was required; Damien was in charge of all the food and drink that came from the kitchen. He wasn't a House-Elf, but he watched over them with eagle eye, especially when they were making their Lord's food and of course his consort now. It wouldn't be the first time something had happened due to something sinister being put in the food. Powerful people always had enemies, and Severus had a great deal of them, since he had usurped the previous leader, who wanted his 'throne' back. It was why he was guarded so viciously by him and the others; they wouldn't let anything happen to him.

"Coffee as requested," Damien told them cheerfully entering the office not even two minutes later, placing the cup and saucer on the table in front of Rose.

"Thank you," Rose said smiling at him to convey the sincerity of her thanks.

"It's my pleasure." Damien curtseyed before he quietly left the room, now that his services were no longer requested.

"I wonder what's keeping him," Glenn wondered, Severus was always here to greet them in the entrance hall, no matter whether they turned up unexpectedly or not. There had been times when he wasn't at the castle, of course, it was expected, but Severus was obviously here, but they were told he wasn't at home and left returning a few hours later or sometimes the next day.

"So impatient," Rose chided him amused, he always had been but after so long of someone doing everything the second you asked - even after all this time he would be.

"Indeed," Severus entered the room, agreeing with Rose.

"Severus!" Rose called in surprise, refraining from getting up to hug him; Severus wasn't a…affectionate person. He did not do hugs or kisses, he barely shook people's hands, and they couldn't believe their daughter had turned so cold or put her son through so much. It wasn't how they had raised her at all, they'd raised her proud, confident and respectfully. From the information they'd gotten from their grandson she was complete opposite from what they thought they knew about her. "How are you?" she hadn't even heard him approaching, as a vampire it was a surprise.

"I am well, in fact I have something to tell you both," Severus answered her, he hadn't told them yet.

"Oh?" Glenn enquired curiously, could it have something to do with the scent they could smell on him? Considering he rarely let anyone touch him…he couldn't help but be curious about it.

"I've begun courting," Severus stated, watching their wide-eyed astonished looks with no small amount of amusement. He knew it had taken them both a long time to get pregnant with his mother. Longer still before Glenn had found his mate.

"You found your mate?" Glenn gasped, wide-eyed with wonder and astonishment. This was the first they were hearing about it? He didn't know whether to be overjoyed that Severus had found someone or crawl in a hole and be bitterly disappointed at the fact he hadn't got to meet his partner before they begun the process.

"When?" Rose exclaimed happily, Oh, this was fantastic, weddings, courting and babies always brought families closer together.

"When what?" Severus asked as he claimed his seat, staring at Rose in query.

"When did you find her?" Rose probed for information.

"Him, he's been here nearing a fortnight now," revealed Severus.

"And when did the Courting begin?" Glenn demanded, this was very sudden, too sudden, he wasn't sure this was good for Severus.

"We were married in handfasting, we are courting," replied Severus, arching an eyebrow at his tone of voice, not sure he liked it at all.

"Isn't that a bit sudden, Severus?" Glenn asked cautiously.

"What I chose to do is my business," Severus told him curtly.

"Severus, he's just worried about you," Rose explained quickly, putting a hand on Glenn's arm, knowing that their grandson was getting the wrong end of the stick. "The courting doesn't happen straight away, they usually get to know one another first. Let your feelings dictate you - not expectations, it does no good to be in a loveless relationship." it never went well when there was no love for one another. It had happened in the past, and they just ended up alone, filled with misery and regret.

"I'll be fine, Rose," Severus said, his eyes softening just a tad, he wasn't used to people worrying about him.

"How did you both meet?" Rose questioned happily, grateful that the tenseness dissipated.

"I first met him when he was a toddler, just before my inheritance struck, so I had no idea that he was my mate. I first realized when I saw him again when he was fourteen years old, at the Quidditch World Cup. It was only recently that I brought him here and told him everything." revealed Severus.

"Sixteen years old? Dear Merlin, that's young," said Glenn surprised, he prayed history did not repeat itself. "Does he realize what he's getting himself into by agreeing to the courting?"

Rose nodded, wishing that question answered as well. She knew how overwhelmed she had been at first, before she realized Glenn really loved her and it was all she'd wanted. Someone to love her and be able to provide for her, so she had agreed to the courting, and had ended the courting by biting him back within a year. She wanted to speak to this young man, see what he was like for herself. Maybe she could convince at least him to call her grandmother, Severus never had, and it hurt hearing him call her Rose, but did consider herself lucky that he wanted anything to do with her given what his life had been like.

"Of course he does," grunted Severus, well, that wasn't strictly true, but Harry wasn't a fool nor stupid, after a fortnight here, he must have some sort of understanding.

"May I meet him?" Rose asked ever so hopeful.

"There are a few things you should know before you do," Severus said reluctantly.

Glenn glanced at him shrewdly, they sensed Severus' unease, and wondered what was going on.

"Which is what? Is he still finding the change difficult?" Rose asked, smiling in familiar sympathy. She knew how daunting it was to go through the change, to accept vampire venom into you.

"He has not started the change yet, I have not bitten him, I will wait for him to come to me," Severus told them firmly yet honestly.

"Was that what you wanted to tell us?" asked Glenn, having a funny feeling he already knew the answer to his question.

"No," stated Severus curtly. "The night I met him, was the night I lost my best friend to the Dark Lord Voldemort, in my fury I cast the killing curse at him, unaware at that moment the killing curse had rebound from him and back at Voldemort. It wasn't until I began to change I realized it hadn't went down as I thought. I knew that if Dumbledore realized the truth…Harry wouldn't have a normal life, so I kept quiet about what I knew. It was all for nothing, since Harry didn't have the best life until he came to the magical world at the age of eleven. I wanted to make sure that when it did come out Dumbledore couldn't do anything, so I made a deal with him, in exchange for Harry I would allow some of my best vampires to join his Order to help bring an end to the war."

"In exchange?" asked Rose, she did not like the sound of where Severus was going with this. "He did not consent to this did he?" she dreaded the answer, she honestly did. Had Severus no idea of his own self-worth that he would force this life onto someone? Oh she should have visited him more often, perhaps then this wouldn't be happening.

"To begin with no, he was understandably upset with how things had gone down, but I wasn't about to let Dumbledore or Voldemort get their hands on him." said Severus possessively. "I had no idea he hadn't consented until after the handfasting, Dumbledore had blackmailed him into it. It is why he hasn't been bitten or changed."

Glenn's eyes glinted in understanding, he understood the possessive urges Severus had, and all his ancestors would. He had felt the same with Rose, but he hadn't gone about getting her that way. Severus had gone about things wrong, but when your instincts drove you so fiercely, there was really nothing you could to do stop it. He doubted anyone that hadn't gone through it could understand, especially someone human.

"Who took him in when he got to the magical world? Or did he just scare his…family?" enquired Rose frostily, it was one thing she could not stand, abuse of any kind especially against children. She was so disgusted by her daughter's actions, standing back and allowing her son to be abused, by a Muggle no less. She loved and hated her, in equal measures and hated that she hated her own daughter, it was well and truly messed up.

"Technically he stayed with the Zabini's, but he considers Remus Lupin, a werewolf, as a father." replied Severus, "The Zabini's are staying here along with Harry's other best friend Theodore Nott for safety reasons."

"Is the war getting that bad?" Glenn questioned, he only read the newspapers occasionally.

"It's not as bad as it was last time, but it will get there fast - but I already have a plan of action to take care of it." Severus told him grimly.

"May we see Harry?" Rose asked Severus, again.

"You can," Severus agreed. "He's flying at the moment with his friends, why don't you go down and introduce yourselves?"

"You aren't coming?" Rose queried in surprise.

"I'm afraid not, I have meetings all day," Severus sighed, he didn't like it but needs a must, he would much rather spend time with Harry. "And I do believe that he has just arrived."

Glenn gave his grandson a sympathetic look, knowing the struggle all too well, worse that Severus had yet to properly claim his mate. It would make it much more difficult for him to be parted from the teenager.

Theodore, Blaise and Harry continued to play 'catch the snitch' in the air for half an hour after the two vampires made themselves known and just watched them. What they were saying though was anyone's guess, they didn't have vampire hearing. It did become obvious they were conversing with some of the other vampires in the area since they were nodding in the general vicinity of the guards. It was him they began to watch and quite frankly it was freaking him out.

"I'm going down," Harry said, glancing apologetically at his friends. "You can stay and play, I've had that snitch for five years, it was a gift from my dad don't lose it!" he told them, making sure they would do as they really wanted to do - keep playing and not follow him down out of loyalty. Remus had bought him it when Blaise complained of not being able to find his own snitch during the summer holidays. Harry gave Cenric a look, the vampire was probably the one he was closest to out of them all, except Severus and Alfred of course. He was amusing to be around, and made him laugh.

Cenric bowed, "My Lord Consort, may I introduce you to Lord Prince and his wife, Lady Consort,"

"Severus' grandparents?" Harry spoke, but still gazed at Cenric for confirmation, which was quickly given in the form of a nod once, he had straightened back up. Well that explained the looks he'd been getting from both of them.

"Please call me Rose or grandmother if you wish," Rose said positively beaming in delight, he was absolutely breathtaking, and his eyes, they were just mesmerising. Oh, Severus was very lucky indeed, he would make a magnificent consort. "This is my husband Glenn," she added, she was smiling so much her cheek bones were beginning to hurt.

"It's nice meet you both," Harry said, unsure whether he should be bowing to them or not, the book didn't touch upon those who had been Vampire Lord's just the one currently on the 'throne' so to speak.

"Come, walk with me," Rose demanded, but it certainly didn't sound like a demand, her voice was much too soft for that. She could see how unsure Harry was, and wanted to find out the extent of his unsureness.

Harry blinked, but allowed her to guide him away, Glenn seemed unsurprised by his wife's actions, if anything he seemed amused - evidently quite content to sit and wait.

"How are you really finding it here at Prince Castle?" Rose asked, her arm still linked with Harry's, but she let it go when she sensed just how deeply uncomfortable Harry was. They nevertheless continued walking as they spoke.

"This illusion of privacy stopped working two days into me coming here," Harry snorted wryly, everyone could hear their conversation, even Glenn. Rose laughed in amusement at his words, "The Castle is just amazing, I still don't know my way around it entirely yet. Mostly our rooms, the kitchen and the library."

"Ah, the library, now that brings back memories," Rose said sweetly, "I spent a lot time in that room, Glenn was often busy, oh, I resented him something rotten in the beginning." she added conspiratorially to Harry.

Harry nodded, he understood that.

"Oh, don't get me wrong, I soon realized just how much he had to do, with a duty of care to so many people it's time consuming," Rose explained. "With an all-out war looming on the horizon it can't be easy for my grandson either."

"No, it can't," Harry replied, wondering what she was building up to, or if she was in her own way subtly trying to tell him to have patience, that it isn't easy for Severus.

"How is your courting going?" Rose then asked the teenager, keeping a close eye on his reactions.

Now she was just making him feel extremely uncomfortable, she seemed lovely enough, but she wasn't Remus, Maria or his friends, he had no wish to discuss the courting with her. Especially since she would be definitely in Severus' corner, as she rightfully should be. "It's fine," he murmured clearly uncomfortable, hoping this would act as a deterrent and stop her from questioning him.

"I see…oh, it looks as though Glenn wishes to return to the manor," Rose said, glancing at her husband disgruntled, she wanted to ask Harry a few more questions. "You'll have to forgive me, Harry, we shall talk soon!" she promised before giving a nod, Harry blinked and she was gone, it was odd knowing they were Severus' grandparents but didn't look a day over eighteen.

Sighing in relief that it was over, Harry ambled back over to his friends who had long since caught the snitch. His mind wandering, he had tried many times to show Severus that he wanted a more…intimate relationship, but each time he was interrupted. Either by Severus having to leave for a meeting or the other vampires. It was very frustrating and it was beginning to wear on him.

Harry sat in bed lips pursed, staring at the book in his lap that was opened and unread. It had been an exceedingly long day and he hadn't seen Severus other than at lunch and dinner for barely half an hour. He was usually here by this; he was already beginning to feel his nerves slipping. Grunting in frustration, enough was enough, sliding out of bed, uncaring of his undressed state, he opened the door and made his way down the corridor to who was on duty.

"Lord Consort," Cenric said, bowing low in a show of respect.

"Where is he? And don't tell me another meeting! It's passed ten o'clock!" Harry demanded exasperated, staring at the vampire his eyes narrowed in frustration. His pyjama bottoms were riding low on his hips, they were green silk like he was used to, but these were much pricier than the ones he'd bought in the past. He'd been waiting all day to start his stupid plan. He shouldn't have listened to Remus, it would never work. What had he been thinking in the first place? He was beginning to get cold, and wished he'd put a top on. He shoved those thoughts aside, as he stood there, arms on his hips his green eyes filled with fire.

"Go to bed then," Cenric said dryly.

"Who do you think I am? Wee Willy Winkie?!" asked Harry taken aback by the fact he was being ordered around. "Did you just order me about?"

"No," Cenric stated cautiously, refraining from showing his amusement at Harry's words.

"Was it Severus?" Harry asked, wondering if Severus had actually ordered them to say that to him.

"No," Cenric emphatically stated.

"Is the meeting important?" Harry asked changing direction; he was getting tired of the run around every time he asked for Severus. "Just give me a truthful answer for once." he was tired of being shut out.

"All meetings are important, Harry." Cenric explained taking pity on the frustrated teen. "Although this meeting was supposed to have ended twenty minutes ago."

"Is he in his office or the Great Hall?" Harry asked absently, well if this didn't get Severus' attention he didn't know what would. Although if it didn't go according to plan, he was living and sleeping in the library or Remus' rooms - he didn't care about the damn agreement. Not that Severus would care! If he turned him down it would be more than obvious he didn't want him.

"His office," Cenric replied without thought, before giving the teenager a calculating look. Harry was known for his wit and sarcasm he had no problem keeping up with any of them. His 'Wee Willy Winkie' for example, although he was surprised the child knew such a tale - it was Scottish children's tale. No doubt it had been converted to many other written words. The others all liked him as well, and hoped for the best between the two.

Then Harry breezed past him, glad his office was only a few doors down from where he stood.

"Don't go in there," Cenric called out, not daring to touch Harry to prevent him. Not only did they know about the abuse or some of it anyway. They wanted him to feel at home here, and Storm had told them what he had said bitterly one day 'Or what are you going to hit me?!' Oh no, Severus had made it clear they were to keep their hands off his mate. They didn't blame him; if it had been their mates they would have done the same. The only thing was he didn't think the Dursley's had suffered enough for the ten years of hell they put an innocent child through. The Death Eaters would have done worse to the despicable pigs.

Harry just threw him a shit eating grin that came from years in Slytherin before he opened Severus' office door. Cenric cursed, not sure how this would all play out. His Lord didn't suffer fools gladly, nor did he like people interrupting him, it was his biggest pet peeves. Well at least things weren't boringly dull he thought to himself as he remained standing where he was. Harry was already in the office now; there was not much to be done about that.

Harry barely gave the wizard any attention as he stalked over to Severus. Although the look on his face was amusing to say the least. Shocked, then he'd looked at Severus expecting something only to be stunned into silence when there was no diatribe forthcoming.

Pressing his hands onto each of Severus' armrests, he stared him straight in the eye with just two words to say. "Bite me." blinking he found Severus' hand wrapped around his neck, stroking at the pulse point his face just inches from his own.

"Do not ask for something you aren't ready for yet, because believe me, if I start I will never stop, never let you go whether you hate me or not." growled Severus possessively, coming alive just feeling his mate so close. Never once did he show how pleased he was when Harry didn't so much as flinch, gulp or try and get out of his hold. He seemed to have forgotten all about the wizard that was still in his office gaping at them. It was little wonder; Harry was dressed in only a pair of pyjama bottoms that clung to him in all the right places. He was as Severus thought completely delectable, he could have happily taken him right here and now.

"Bite me," repeated Harry breathlessly, his lips just inches from Severus'.

Severus stared back into those ethereal glowing green eyes, he meant it, and he was finally ready to begin the true courting. If he thought the feelings he had right now were strong…it would be nothing on how they were after he was bitten. It's why he had refrained from doing so after getting him here, although it had taken a great deal of willpower not to mark his mate but knowing he hadn't been willing was the deciding factor. Why…now he was being given permission from his own vixen's lips…who was he to refuse?

"Cenric deal with this," Severus snapped, grabbing his mate he was gone, Apparating them both to their bedrooms for privacy. Where nobody would bother them, the only exception was if they were being attacked.

"Of all the insolent things!" stuttered the wizard, wide-eyed. He hadn't even been half way through his speech when they'd been so rudely interrupted by a practically naked teenager no less. The fact that Lord Prince had done nothing made it even worse, it irked him something rotten that he'd been dismissed as if he didn't matter. Not something he was used to, with his money and connections he had everyone around him eating out of the palm of his hand. It made him feel like a teenager again, he wasn't someone to be so dismissed easily. He had a mind to withdraw the negotiations, but he knew he never would. With Lord Prince onside he would be virtually indestructible, and that was something he wished for more than anything.

"Follow me," Cenric stated gesturing for the wizard to do just that. He could smell the anger and lust pouring off him in waves. He had to stop the possessive growl from tearing out of his throat. He had no right to have any desire for Harry whatsoever, especially not when he belonged to his Lord Prince. He had no doubt if Severus smelt it that any negotiating between the pair would come to an abrupt halt, not that having him onside would make that much of a difference. It was just ideal to have wizards willing to help, especially those with a network of their own.

Stiffening, the wizard stood up still indignant at being dismissed so easily but refused to show it at least on his face. "Someone should really take control of that boy! Especially before he causes damage nobody can repair." he said, as he left the room, stalking down the corridor with the vampire able to keep up with his fast and furious strides. Muttering distastefully about concubines and prostitutes being bad influences on business.

"Have care how you speak," growled Cenric, this time not hiding his reactions. "That is Lord Prince's consort.". For the next few days, he knew their Lord wouldn't be doing much of anything. Humans found the changes after the bite a little too much, and it was up to the partner to ease it, as part of the courting they had to prove they could care, love, protect and cherish. He was happy for them, they both deserved happiness in their life, they'd been through years of misery and neglect, but somehow coming out on top of it better than the families would have liked.

The wizard paled drastically, all false bravado leaving him shaken; his eyes looked around nervously as if expecting the Prince Lord to come drain him dry. He righted himself after stumbling upon hearing the announcement, barely able to believe it but knowing better than to think they lied about such things. Having been dealing with creatures for a long time, he knew as much about them as he could, obviously they had secrets they didn't tell outsiders, but he tried to know everything. It served him well, hopefully he hadn't just screwed up with negotiation, and the thought of losing such a big backer didn't sit well with him.

Cenric remained silent, letting the wizard stew in his own sweat, nerves and fear. Using non-verbal magic he opened the doors with a bang, getting perverse pleasure in the wizard's spike of terror and the way he jumped. Nobody said things about his Lord's Consort like that especially not a wizard who thought he was so superior to them and his Lord. It had gotten dark which added to the wizard's apprehension, as he almost ran towards the gates eager to get out of their company. Different from the wizard who had stepped in so sure and smug, treating them as if they were nothing but glorified servants. Not that he had been the one to escort him in. The news did get around fast; they could hear everything that wasn't under silencing spells after all.

Standing near the gate, not going further merely watching the wizard who had almost peed his pants exit the wards and Apparate. Staring thoughtfully at nothing for a few minutes, he turned around and wandered to his rooms. He was no longer needed after all; since they were together Storm would be keeping an eye out at the end of the corridor. He was only needed to guard Harry when he wasn't in Severus' presence, which until lately had been quite often.

Severus was harder than he had ever been in his life, those words…he'd never expected to hear from Harry's mouth. He had put it down to Harry not reading the books, a futile hope, nothing more. Unfortunately that excuse had been useless once he knew his mate had read them, and still nothing forthcoming. He had readily begun regretting not biting him as soon as he had him under his roof, in his control. Unfortunately his conscience hadn't allowed him to; he'd already taken a great deal of choices away from him he didn't want to take that as well. He had still courted him in the traditional manner, without the bite, but even that hadn't been going well either. He'd assumed Harry was just counting down the days until he could get away.

It wasn't something Severus had been able to deal with since he had wanted nothing more than to physically show his mate how much he desired and wanted him. A frown appeared on his face when he noticed Harry getting nervous; he wanted to sigh in exasperation. Controlling himself, he stepped back from his mate, putting distance between them watching the nerves remain on Harry's face. Harry really needed to learn to make up his mind, he wasn't about to be made a fool off, not in his own home. He had warned Harry he wouldn't let him go, and he wouldn't, not now.

"Alright, Harry this is getting ridiculous," said Severus, his frustration showing through his perfected impassive masks. He was a mass of contradictions, one second he was a seductive siren the next he was a jumpy mess. "Why ask for something you are clearly not ready for?"

"It's not that," said Harry, anxiously, why was it so hard to talk about this? He wasn't used to feeling tongue-tied or nervous like this not since he was eleven. Gathering his scattered wits, his Slytherin self-preservation and cunning, as well as his confidence he knew he had. "I don't want to…you know," the flush was back, encompassing his entire face, and trailing halfway down his chest, making him feel too hot. He was wanted! Severus wanted him; he was more relieved than he could have possibly thought.

Severus couldn't help but stare blatantly at his Harry, hiding none of what he wanted to do to him. Causing Harry to blush impossibly more, dear Merlin, a siren he really was. He was painfully aroused, and he hadn't even touched his mate, he could have come at the sight his mate presented at the moment. Just how innocent was Harry? Oh how he longed to find out, he knew he was a virgin but there were other things they could do - especially by themselves. An inaudible groan left his lips, wandering over to Harry; standing so their entire bodies were touching one another. Letting him feel exactly what he did to the normally impassive vampire Lord. Leaning over, he pressed his lips to Harry's ear listening to his breath hitch, a smug smirk made its way onto his face. He wasn't even touching him yet he could feel the build up of arousal coming from him. Inhaling the intoxicating aroma, so pure, so his, all his and damned if he couldn't have him. "And what is it that you do not want to do?" whispered Severus, his voice honeyed, pure chocolate, and Harry felt himself twitching cursing the fact he hadn't wore any underwear. Needless to say it left nothing to the imagination, although Severus wasn't looking thank Merlin.

"I can smell how… excited you are, Harry." whispered Severus deviously, giving the shell of his ear a little lick causing Harry to squeak in surprise and dear Merlin, squirm deliciously against him. Such innocence, it was arousing him further just knowing when he finally did take Harry, no other would ever experience or see him in any state of undress or see his writhing form lost in ecstasy. "Are you sure you don't want it?"

Harry just stood there panting, trying to stop himself from leaning into Severus and relieving the slow yet powerful ache building inside him. He could barely remember what he wanted anymore, no he did…thought Harry trying to bring himself back from the precipice. It wasn't possible, which wasn't surprising, Harry had denied himself and his body release for years. Never indulging in things normal boys did at the age of eleven (sometimes later or earlier) onwards. There was no way he could have at the Dursley's, not only had he never really had privacy, he had always been too busy to do anything never mind investigate his own body. He would never have dared to do it anyway; he had no idea why, he didn't consciously have a reason. Then there was also the fact he'd had to clean up his cousins sheets (and everything else in the packed bedroom)…well that would scar people for life. Biting his lip, his hands twitched as if they were dying to relieve the aching in him themselves.

"What don't you want, Harry?" asked Severus, pressing himself further into the teen until he fell backward onto the bed. Severus didn't even miss a beat before joining him, laying himself out on top of Harry. Feeling elated and smug that he was getting to finally touch what was his, even as his teeth ached to bite into that willing neck. The next few days were about to get interesting, as Harry gave himself fully to being a vampire, the feelings that came with it too. Pressing their foreheads together, listening to Harry's desperate raspy breath as he tried to control himself. His silly little mate, he'd never had any control, only what he gave him.

Harry squirmed once again, gasping at the feeling of the hardness above him, grinding it with his own erect hardness. Swallowing thickly, he tried to regain his bearings, even just enough to say something, tell Severus what he'd been determined to tell him earlier. Yet his traitorous mind couldn't help but wonder if this felt good…just how good would it feel to have it inside him? His mind drifted towards the book and the feelings it said it enticed and the picture along with it causing him to whine piteously.

Severus laughed at the sound, before he let himself ease off Harry a bit, but still on top of him just not lying on him. Not to torture him, or so he insisted to himself. He would deserve it after all; he had been teasing him mercilessly since he came here. Admittedly it wasn't entirely his doing, it seemed as though Harry had no idea just how enticing he was. No, he couldn't push Harry too far; he didn't want to ruin that. His long pale fingers, stroked across Harry's face and down his neck soothingly, possessively. His black eyes smugly bore down on glazed green ones. He was all too easy to arouse, it was completely endearing.

"Not everything," murmured Harry, blinking rapidly, trying to concentrate on Severus. "Not the whole way."

Severus stared down at Harry, trying to make sense of what he was trying to say. He understood the second part of his statement all too well. Groaning in despair, but that quickly washed away; there was a lot he could do to Harry that didn't involve penetration. He could make his mate feel good, make him forget his own name as he writhed under him pleading and begging for release. Which he reckoned wouldn't take much at all. "You have my word," said Severus softly, watching as Harry relaxed completely into the bed.

"That's it, Harry," whispered Severus, "Relax, give in to me; I will make you feel things you have only imagined." Severus moved them both to the centre of the bed; to left so Harry's head to relax on the pillows determined to show Harry he could look after him…cherish him in a way he hadn't experienced before. He just didn't know whether to bite him first or have his wicked ways with him. The hardness pressed against him made his decision for him. He'd never had to work so hard for the one he wanted, his reputation and his position did it for him.

Harry watched Severus through hooded eyes, why had he fought this? These feelings were so alien to him yet somehow comforting despite the fact he felt as though they were driving him crazy. Perhaps it was because he could actually feel something pleasant, not just the burning anger at the world, at Black, at Dumbledore. The only time he ever really felt happy was with his friends and dad. Feeling hands on his chest brought him back to the present; he gasped then arched into him when they twisted on his nubs he'd never thought to feel like this! The smooth silk all around him on the bed and his trousers and the light petting touches from Severus made him feel as though he was floating in bliss.

"Just tell me if you don't want something," murmured Severus against Harry's stomach right at the waistband of his pajama bottoms. Looking up he almost came undone, Harry's head was up, and staring down at him, his eyes wide mouth open his body tense as if he feared moving would cause too much pleasure. Not wanting to disturb him, eager to see what Severus had in store for him. He chuckled deviously; he didn't think Harry would be doing much talking after all.

Pressing his nose against Harry's stomach he inhaled once again, Merlin he could get drunk on his scent alone. Severus nuzzled into Harry's belly button before licking him, biting down leaving a trail of bite marks up and down his chest, causing Harry to wiggle and moan. His breathing hitched feeling Harry's hardness rutting against his arm. Unable to help himself his hand trailed down that length, feeling it through the silky material, cupping him, massaging those globes between his fingers listening to the sweet cries his little mate made. Even though the material he could feel how close Harry was to losing control and coming undone. He wanted to see his face as he came, he had imagined it often enough…but wanted to really see it. Would his siren look as he imagined or would the real thing be so much better? So much more?

Setting himself in position, so he could stare down at that gorgeous face, keeping his hand where it had been, but not touching causing Harry to whine again. Dear Merlin he was lost to the sensations Severus was laying claim to his body, and he loved it. "Open your eyes for me, Harry, and I'll let you come." Severus said strongly causing Harry's eyes to pop open to glare at him. He may be the 'submissive' in this relationship but there was nothing submissive about him. He loved that, he shouldn't, but he did.

The glare melted off his face when Severus touched him tantalisingly again, teasing and taunting touches allowing Severus to watch as Harry became irate and began to whine lowly again. It wasn't something a human would probably here, but to Severus it was clear as day. Harry truly was a rare delight, and he was all his. He revelled in it as he curled his only free hand around his neck, drawing him in for a breathtaking kiss. Drawing back remembering his little human needed air, his lips were now red and puffy, perfect.

"Mine," growled Severus, unable to hold back, Harry would learn one way or another that he was his. He was surprised when Harry whimpered needily instead of getting offended. Perhaps Harry actually did unconsciously desire to be looked after, taken care of despite the looks to the contrary. He'd had to look after himself for so long; well he would make sure his mate knew he could rely on him forever and always. "I'll take care of you, everything you need, want or desire, trust me." he wondered if Harry was too far gone, but the gleam in those eyes told him he'd heard and understood just fine.

Rubbing the head of that swollen organ, Severus felt it pulse through the fabric in his hand; he was ready for Harry to arch up stiffening completely. Before a guttered moan tore out of that throat, as his pyjamas became wet but Severus didn't even think on that too enraptured watching those green eyes that face lost in the throes of passion. It was more than he'd ever imagined, he stared at him imprinting everything his greedy eyes could get and storing it in his mind.

"Turn your head to the side, submit to me, little one," murmured Severus, groaning as his mate immediately did as ordered. Merlin, his perfect mate, what had he done to deserve him? Nuzzling Harry's neck, he chose a spot where the mark would always be visible, at least if he wore t-shirts with collars and the like. Sucking and nibbling at the spot, feeling Harry quickly becoming aroused again, the joys of youth. He would remain young, the blood, his blood would slow the aging for a very long time. Severus continued sucking and nibbling at Harry's throat for a while, distracting him from what would come. Mate or not, it hurt the first time the fangs pierced the skin, it was inevitable, but would quickly turn to pleasure.

Half way through listening to Harry moan, he slid his fangs carefully into Harry's vulnerable neck. His venom wouldn't turn Harry, couldn't turn anyone, since he had inherited his vampire nature his venom was non-lethal. It would however, prevent the mark he'd just given Harry from ever fading. A moan of pure bliss was pulled from Severus, as he tasted Harry's blood; it was more potent than anything he'd ever had before. He couldn't help himself but dragging a few gulps of the sweet nectar from his neck as he came hard untouched between their bodies. Then swiftly he licked over the mark, sealing it closed leaving the bright red mark there for all to see. Not even potions would truly heal it, his, forever.

Severus removed his wand from his pocket he flicked it removing the mess, afterwards he bit into his wrist, sliding into a better position; Severus offered his wrist for Harry to take. This part was probably the most unpleasant thing of bonding, at least until the changes began, and then the blood would have a much more appealing taste. Sliding both of them together, nestling his mate into him, as he reluctantly consumed the blood that would turn him into a vampire, or rather half-vampire like himself. Leaning on his elbow watching him just take pleasure in in the sudden closeness. His eyes however, drifted to the mark from time to time, unable to help how satisfied and smug he felt. Even the gentle sucking stopped, and Harry drifted to sleep.

He did have a few questions on his mind, but they could wait.

Harry slowly came to, his body felt like jelly, he was really too content to move much if at all. Yawning tiredly, his head peeked up and he looked around. He came face to face with Severus, who looked completely relaxed and asleep. Just remembering what they'd done earlier caused him to flush bright red again.

"How are you feeling?" said Severus, causing Harry to jump, obviously he wasn't asleep.

"Good," murmured Harry, sleepily.

"What made you decide?" asked Severus, brushing the tresses of hair that fell in front of his face and neck. He wanted the mark bared for him to look at; he wanted everyone to see that Harry had chosen him.

"I decided days ago," said Harry honestly, "I tried to get your attention…but it didn't work." here he blushed again.

Severus arched an eyebrow, thinking back on the past few days only to draw blank. Harry hadn't been giving out any signals he could decipher. He decided against saying anything, he had won him now anyway, and he would never let him go.

"I thought maybe you didn't really want me," added Harry, in a rush, seeing a look he couldn't understand crossing Severus face.

"Why would you think that?" demanded Severus, had he given his mate the impression he didn't want him? That was impossible; he'd done everything he could think of to get Harry's attention. Although he had admittedly been in a lot of meetings…he hadn't realized Harry would think he didn't want him. "Do not tell me you did this because you thought I'd send you away or ask you to leave." Severus despaired the answer, he really did. He thought he was finally getting somewhere with Harry…only for this to happen.

"No," said Harry shaking his head, "I…when I first came into the Magical world, when I met Remus, after a few weeks I sort of did what I did to you." whispered Harry sounding ashamed.

Severus frowned, waiting patiently to let his mate get whatever was on his chest out.

"I got used to people who cared stop caring after a while, like my teachers, the nurse at school, anyone who became my friend but I couldn't really blame them. They were bullied by my cousin, beaten up just for being friends with me. Nobody really cared, I had no help getting to Hogwarts - I had to find my own way to the platform I had no idea existed." revealed Harry quietly, not so tired anymore. "Then suddenly I had an adult talking to me, caring enough to help me understand the magical world and friends who were doing the same thing. When it sunk in that my own godfather even didn't care about me I avoided them for a while, it would have been better that way, less painful than them realizing they didn't want to be friends with a freak like me."

Severus was alarmed by that, Harry seemed miles away, he was obviously talking about how he felt then. He still didn't like it, but nonetheless listened carefully as he always did when his mate spoke.

"They kept trying though, didn't give in, kept including me and I began to hope maybe things would be different. They were, Blaise his mum, Theo and my dad didn't go anywhere. They were the first people I ever loved; I would do anything for them. You took me away from them, I felt as though I was eleven all over again. I was really angry, but I couldn't for long, you were right about Dumbledore and the rest of it. The fact that everyone is here…made the anger go away, they're all safe from both Dumbledore and Voldemort. You letting them come here let me realize you did care, and then you were away all the time, nothing I did got your attention. I spoke to Remus and he made me realize I'd been stupid. I put a plan into action but you screwed it up by not showing up," explained Harry, scowling the last part irritated. "I was determined though, it was easier to say them in my head than it was out loud." blushing a little.

Severus chuckled dryly, "It normally is." he stated amused.

"Despite the start, I still think we could be good together, don't you?" Severus questioned.

"I think so," said Harry, his face once again red remembering what they'd done.

"Good." stated Severus satisfied, "Get some sleep, it's best if you sleep through the changes." It wasn't going to be easy, especially with the change; his emotions were going to be higher than normal. He knew just a way to calm him down, and he had no doubt that Harry would be back for more. That concern will have to wait for tomorrow.

Scratch that he would want more, his little siren was irresistible, now that he'd had a taste…well he wanted more, he couldn't wait until Harry gave himself completely to him. Harry turned to face him on his side, before falling back asleep, his hands bunched up in his top. The mark was no longer visible; he had to stop the urge to mark the other side, just so he could see a mark on his mate's skin. His. All his.

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