My Little Prince

Chapter 25


Sirius sighed sadly, all spells were coming up at a dead end, and he couldn't for the life of him find Remus. Sirius swallowed thickly, trying to gain control over himself, a tear ran down his face. He'd said so many things to Remus, dismissed him when he spoke of his fears. Remus had begged him to go and get Harry and he'd just muttered about bloody making the world safer for him. Fisting his hand he growled low in his throat, anger was better…safer than feeling this all consuming sadness. He'd missed so much, so much of Harry's life, watching him grow up and for what? Why had Dumbledore betrayed him so? To what end? Why take Remus and Harry from him? He was just so confused, hurt and angry at everything. He had around twenty vials of calming draught upon his person, the healer had said he would need to take them for a month, until they calmed down and his emotions settled. Sirius didn't think they ever truly would, he would never get over what that disgusting wizard had done to him.

He'd trusted him, spoke about him with reverence and intelligence and defended him against the likes of Malfoy who stated he was a manipulative old fool. How stupid had he been? Dumbledore was everything Malfoy claimed him to be and worse. All evidence was collected and been given to Madam Bones, he was determined to bring him to his wrinkled knees no matter how long it took. He would see him in Azkaban for his crimes, but he knew it wouldn't make him feel better about what had happened.

"No luck?" asked Shacklebolt emerging from Tonks' spare room, staring at Black in pity. He had his Auror robes on, it was time to face the world they couldn't risk staying away any longer. Who knows what Dumbledore was capable of if he suspected them?

"No," murmured Sirius, hastily wiping the tear away, not wanting Shacklebolt to see him emotional.

"Have you tried searching for him through the bond?" Shacklebolt wondered curiously.

"We didn't bond," said Sirius bitterly, and who did he have to thank for that? Oh yes, Dumbledore like he could bloody forget.

"No but you are still soul mates, if you dig into the potential bond you might have more luck finding him." said Shacklebolt honestly. "Haven't you read the book?"

"What book?" Sirius asked baffled.

"Bonding and Soul Mates, and its power." replied Shacklebolt, obviously he hadn't but it was one of the books he'd read during Auror training.

"No, I was more interested in defence spells," admitted Sirius, although he wished he had now. With all the pieces together, he might have known that someone had cast the spell to stop him getting his mate. He'd always felt empty, everyone he slept with wrong, he'd been such an idiot to not wonder.

"Of course you were," said Shacklebolt wryly.

"So the bond…are you sure it will work?" asked Sirius cautiously.

"He's your mate, bonded or not there's a part of you that wants him…even if it's just your magic right now." answered the Auror seriously.

"It can't hurt, everything else I've tried has failed…he moved from our flat…there's nothing there whatsoever." said Sirius sadly, Remus had loved that flat; he didn't know what had happened.

"Could he have gone to Potter Manor? Or to look for Harry?" suggested Tonks entering the room hearing their conversation and contributing.

"Why didn't I think of that?" muttered Sirius groaning in frustration, of course Remus would be looking for Harry…its maybe why his spells wouldn't work. If he didn't stay in one place long enough the spell wouldn't hold, it was a logical explanation. Maybe if he looked for Harry then he would find Remus there too, but vampires and werewolves didn't mix. His heart sank…could Remus have gotten himself killed looking for Harry? Please no, thought Sirius, Merlin, no he couldn't lose him…he didn't even want to think on how Harry would be feeling if it was true. He had to find them, why was he wasting time sleeping when he could be out there? Sleep was overrated anyway! He swore to himself blindly, that he wouldn't stop looking.

"Excuse me," she said suddenly, clasping her hand over her mouth bolting for the bathroom.

"Think she's poisoned herself with her food?" grinned Shacklebolt, hiding his concern.

"We would all be sick," said Sirius, not in the mood for any jokes.

"True, I'll be right back." said Shacklebolt, moving off towards the bathroom and observing her worriedly.

"Go away!" she moaned in embarrassment.

"Are you coming down with the Flu?" asked Shacklebolt, stepping further in, doing a scan on her, if she was sick then she couldn't go to work, magic would make her sicker.

"No, I don't think so I feel like…other than being sick I mean." said Tonks resting her head on the toilet.

"Oh," squeaked Shacklebolt staring wide eyed at the results, well it looked as if she wasn't going to be working anyway. At least not on active duty, she was in no fit state for that to happen.

"What's wrong with me?" asked Tonks becoming alarmed.

"Well…err…nothing…that is to say….your pregnant." said Shacklebolt.

"WHAT?!" shrieked Tonks wide eyed, before vomiting once more, in what looked to be morning sickness.

"Calm down," soothed Shacklebolt, rubbing her back trying to comfort her in a way that would be acceptable. Obviously he didn't have a chance with the witch; he hadn't even realized she was in a relationship.

"What am I going to do?" Tonks said mournfully, leaning back against the bathtub and flushing her toilet.

"What do you mean?" queried Shacklebolt.

"I can't be with the father…it was a one night thing, he's got a mate of his own." she confessed

"You don't mean who I think you mean," said the Auror quite frankly stunned, it timed out perfectly. It was the down to the day where she'd supposed to have tried to convince Remus to come back. Now with the fact he had a mate, and her reluctance to say a name it made sense.

Tonks nodded without saying a word, her hand automatically clutching at her stomach. Nobody usually aborted foetus', especially those with magic, not only did it screw with the magical core it was dangerous - they may not be able to have another child because of it. Biting her lip, realized she was in a crossroads in her own life, no man would want to raise another man's child. Especially not a wizard, who normally wanted an heir of their own and didn't want to bother raising one not their own, what was she going to do? Rubbing her eyes tiredly she knew she couldn't use the spell to get rid of the child…she would just have to accept the role she now had. Now she wasn't the only one hoping Remus was alright, he had the right to know he was a father. He was already one to Harry; he loved the child as his own…and no doubt would love this one. She knew she couldn't go to him for money, that's one thing he'd never have as a werewolf.

"You will always have people willing to help," said Shacklebolt, pausing briefly before admitting, "Even me."

Tonks stared at him across the room, a small smile worming its way onto her face, perhaps not all wizards were the same. "Thank you." she said softly.

"Although I think you should keep it quiet…at least until they can talk to each other." said Shacklebolt.

"Do you think we will ever find him?" asked Tonks tiredly.

"We have to," replied Shacklebolt desperately, he couldn't live with the guilt that he'd essentially helped Dumbledore hand Harry over to the vampires. He would do all he could to rectify that, but it would have to be in their own time. At the end of the day they needed a pay check, needed money to live, food, drink and a roof over their head.

"Alright, we need to get to work," said Tonks, pulling herself up spelling her mouth clean and rejoining Sirius in the living room.

"Here, this is my letter of resignation, please let Madam Bones and Fudge get a copy. Oh and Moody now that he's back, he will probably take my place full time." said Sirius, he didn't care about being an Auror. Sure it had been an ambition but being controlled for so long had wiped it out of him.

"Are you sure?" asked Tonks accepting the letter looking sad.

"I have to focus on my family," said Sirius his eyes going glassy. They probably didn't view him as such, but if it took his entire life he would try and make it up to them. Remus might forgive him but Harry he didn't Merlin knows how Harry would react. Not even a single thing about him, other than he was quite a vicious dueller when he wanted to be. He'd gotten the better of Dumbledore, and that made him a good Slytherin in his book.

A knock on the door caused all three tense Auror's to jump, causing their heart to beat faster.

Tonks took a deep breathe as Sirius slinked away to the bedroom, walking to the door she opened it surprised to see Moody on the other end.

"Sir, I'm coming," said Tonks.

"What is going on?" asked Moody, staring at Sirius Black through the walls, they were definitely hiding something from him and he wanted to seek it out. Budging past her, and into her home, he shouted "Black get your arse out here!"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing is going on." said Shacklebolt calmly.

"Don't give me that, Tonks…" said Moody turning to her, his face serious and grim.

"It's nothing, really." said Tonks hating lying to her boss but having no choice.

"Then why didn't you attend the Order meeting?" asked Moody, trying to catch them out so he could call them on it.

"There was an Order meeting?" muttered Shacklebolt not having to act surprised since he was genuinely so.

"That's not all we had to fend of an attack without three of the best fighters out there!" snapped Moody irritated.

"We had no idea," said Sirius defensively.

"Somehow I think you wouldn't have been there even if you knew." barked Moody. Why wouldn't they let him in on this? What on earth was he missing? He didn't like it, they were supposed to be brother in arms, tell each other everything because if they've got havoc in their personal life, it affected their working life.

"Where was the attack?" asked Shacklebolt extremely concerned about the innocent civilians that could have died because they were hiding.

"Diagon Alley," revealed Moody.

"Nobody died did they?" asked Tonks apprehensively.

"Yes, but the amount I have no idea, I left Smith to wrap it up." snarled Moody. "Now tell me what the hell is going on!"

"Nothing," cried Sirius exasperated. He wanted to get out of here, start searching for Remus again; he'd lost enough time sleeping.

"Why have you blocked entry to Grimmauld Place?" demanded Moody.

"Oh, um…err…." spluttered Sirius wide eyed, caught out and not able to say anything at all.

"Really? I thought I taught you better than that," said Moody disappointedly, watching one of the top Auror's trying to come up with a reasonable explanation.

"Maybe we should tell him?" suggested Tonks.

"Are you mad?" hissed Shacklebolt, "He will never believe us!" he said so low that Moody couldn't possibly hear.

Sirius sighed softly, slouching on the couch completely defeated. "Dumbledore has been controlling me for the past fifteen years. He has someone helping him in the Ministry but we don't know who, Madam Bones is trying to figure it out. She's setting up a faked testing early; an independent lab and one of the Ministry ones will be doing it at a time. They will know who it is when the results are in, until then I'm to stay out of the way." Sirius rubbed at his face causing redness to appear so harshly was he rubbing it.

"We just don't know why," said Shacklebolt, keeping a close eye on Moody, he looked shocked but not surprised. He wondered what that meant; did Moody know more than he was letting on? "What do you know? Why aren't you curious?"

"Actually the reason for all this might become apparent in the newspaper this evening," affirmed Moody sourly.

"WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! WHAT!" shouted Sirius standing up but Shacklebolt prevented him from getting to Moody. It didn't help that Kingsley was able to tour over him like a bloody giant.

"A persons unknown didn't defeat Voldemort, it was Harry himself, the spell rebounded from Harry and onto Voldemort, that is what caused his demise." said Moody grimly.

Sirius fell to the floor, completely stunned, "I still don't understand…why did he ruin my life? He kept my mate from me and my godson FOR WHAT?!"

"I don't think we will ever know or understand Siri, knowing wont bring the time back that you lost." said Tonks softly, feeling so sad for how lost and confused Sirius was right now. Running her fingers through his hair, soothing him as he went through so much right now, more than she could probably comprehend in her lifetime.

"Why aren't you angry?" asked Shacklebolt cautiously.

"I am," growled Moody, "I just don't let it get the better of me, laddie!"

The four Auror's stood or sat in silence as they tried to come to terms with what their leader and friend had done.

"Dumbledore didn't know about Harry surviving, Voldemort jus revealed it and needless to say his reaction was off." warned Moody.

"So that's what got you curious?" said Tonks nodding briefly.

"Indeed," grumbled Moody, sitting down finally, massaging the top of his wooden leg trying to get the aches and pains to leave him alone for more than ten minutes at a time.

"Just put it this way, it's only going to be a few more days a week a most before he's brought up on the charges." Shacklebolt added placating and patting at Sirius' back comforting him.

"IF he is," said Sirius bitterly.

"He will be. Believe me." stated Moody staunchly. Dumbledore would never get away with blinding him like a fool to his true nature.

"I need to go, I've wasted nearly an hour as it is," said Sirius, Apparating on the spot after standing up. Apparating sitting down was just asking to be laughed at, that's for certain.

"Go where?" questioned Moody, his eye whirling in its socket, "He's not doing what I think he is, is he?"

"No, he's just looking for Harry and Remus." reassured Tonks. "Well, I guess I best go and speak to Madam Bones." she had news or her own to share and Sirius' resignation to hand in. Either way you look at it Dumbledore would be suspicious of them.

"Lets go." replied Moody roughly, before Apparating away.

Clasping hands Tonks and Shacklebolt did as well.

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