Prince Consort

Chapter 30

"Hey, dad," Harry said, as he stepped into the conference room, nodding to both Kieran and Corin who were sat with him, surrounded by paper at their end of the table. He didn't hesitate in moving towards them, peering curiously at what they were doing, he already suspected, of course, he wasn't stupid. He had told them to involve his dad in their plans; he was brilliant at things like that. The knowledge he held was utterly wasted just because he was a werewolf and couldn't gain employment anywhere decent. It horrified Harry to know that smart mind was just wasting away doing nothing productive, nothing to show for it except the map and mirrors. Maybe now everyone here would see just what a brilliant wizard he was, and maybe ask for his help more often.

"Theo and Blaise away to school?" Remus asked, glancing at his watch, a gift from Harry since his old one had been pretty worn and not to forget cheap. Not that this watch was anything expensive, but Remus loved it, it was a gift from his son so of course, he did.

"Yeah, I'm going to miss them," Harry admitted as he took his seat, this September the school started on a Saturday, which meant he didn't have as many tutoring lessons to attend. The weekends were originally meant to be just for him, but he had asked for his lessons to be spread out - wishing to spend more time with his friends - and mostly at night too.

"They'll be back in a few months," Remus comforted his son, they had never been parted for more than a few days at a time, it would be difficult for Harry this he knew. "In time for Christmas." and just after Dumbledore's trial, he thought viciously, he couldn't wait to see the old fool actually go down. He was relieved the old fool was currently in Azkaban, it meant less chance of escape or heaven forbids someone trying to help him.

"So, how is it going?" Harry asked sitting up straighter, changing the subject, not wishing to dwell on the feeling of loss, it was almost like his wand arm had been cut off. He wasn't used to being without them, his only consolation was the fact they were safe, or as safe as they could be, with Portkey's and such if anything, absolutely anything happened they'd come here.

"We only have one component left to think of," it was Corin who spoke, sounded exceedingly buoyant, she loved this despite the fact they failed a few times just trying new magic - which for her was truly new - was extremely fun. It wasn't often that feeling was aroused within her, after all, she had lived a very long time, not much surprised her when it came to magic, but this…this design was intricate.

"May I?" Harry asked hand pointed towards the list of 'components' to the spell they already had.

"Sure," Kieran nodded, handing over the document like they would ever deny their Lord's Consort anything he wanted. They weren't suicidal thank you very much, but Harry was smart, a fast thinker, brutal in the face of an attack, willing to do anything to survive a fight and that…that was the kind of vampire you wanted on your side for damn certain.

Harry accepted the paper and immersed himself in it while the conversation around him continued.

"I wonder why it won't work, especially if the map did…" Corin pursed her lips, "What could we be missing?"

"Perhaps the radius is too big?" Remus mused thoughtfully, "While Hogwarts is large, and it is nothing when compared to the entire British Isles."

"I suppose it could be," Kieran nodded slowly, "I wonder if we could alter the spell to see if that is what the problem is…but even with the radius it should give us at least one of the Horcruxes." even just saying the word made him shudder, Horcruxes were just despicable pieces of magic.

"Yes, I agree," Corin conceded, "Perhaps the magic in the Horcrux is too old?"

"I've never heard of that being a problem before, the magical residue is not something easily erased, especially dark magic." Remus pointed out, rubbing his stubble on his chin. He would need to shave soon; he absently made a mental note to so do.

"You're all forgetting one fundamental element to all this," Harry spoke for the first time since reading the spells.

"Which is?" Remus questioned, staring expectantly at his son.

"He's smart," Harry stated, "Extremely smart, there will be safeguards on those things, depending on when he started…how many were made, they might get more vicious as time goes on. He may have found a way to warp the spell so nobody could use it…that or it was in me so long that there is none of his residue within me…maybe you need to look for something else that will have his magic on it."

"Of course, we'll be getting a combination of Alfred, our Lord, our Lord's consort and the Dark Lord's magic combined, it will be making the damn spell scramble." Corin groaned at her own stupidity, why hadn't they thought of this earlier?

Kieran inwardly cursed, feeling utterly foolish.

"It's good that you know a place that has been perfectly preserved," Harry pointed out, his face impassive, "A whole home that suffered in the backlash."

The three others in the room stiffened at the implications behind that statement.

Godric's Hollow.

The place where Harry had lost his parents and where Remus Lupin had lost his best friends.

"Well…" Corin cleared her throat, "With your permission as long as you're alright with it…we would like to give it a try?" treating it as a delicate subject, but to Harry, it wasn't.

"I honestly don't care," Harry answered, "But dad…are you alright with it?" he knew that Remus hadn't been inside the house, just seeing it was enough to send his dad into a deep depression.

Corin and Kieran glanced at each other, wondering if the kid was for real, before turning to face Remus.

Remus paled, his hands fisting, "I…I don't think I can go in there," he admitted, he'd never been able to venture in. The closest he went to the home was when he visited the graveyard, you could actually see the house from there, but he usually avoided staring in that direction. "You know everything anyway, I won't be required for the spell to be cast," and it was true if he had no other choice…he knew he would do it, do anything for Harry even face that broken down place that was often in his nightmares, although they were considerably lessened by Harry's presence in his life.

"That's fine, we can go alone, we will treat the situation with the respect it deserves," Corin said solemnly, still keeping an eye out on Harry just to ensure he wasn't putting on a brave front.

"My nursery will probably be the best place to go to do the spell, the door and the ceiling and roof are probably saturated in his magic." Harry informed them, "Would you do me a favor?"

"My Lord?" Kieran straightened up.

"Take out anything…personal, what's left anyway, books, trinkets, anything but their clothes…or my baby clothes and you know, stuff like that, I don't have many pictures, so if you find any…" he trailed off, he wasn't sure why he wanted that done, but the books would definitely be the most valuable to him. Having some of their belongings may help Remus and Sirius move on though.

"Of course, my Lord," Corin said immediately, aghast at the thought of Harry forcing himself to continue, he didn't look or smell anguished, more uncomfortable.

"You have my permission as Lord of the Potter estate to enter Godric's Hollow," Harry stated sharply, magic glowing within the room.

"So mote it be," Corin and Kieran replied solemnly. They had forgotten the preservation charms would have been cast by the goblins on behalf of the wizards, and thus nobody would have been able to gain entrance except the owners.

"Don't expect much to be left," Remus croaked, "I…there were many people both Muggle and magical kind pilfering from the house before the authorities showed up. Especially magical kind, they all wanted a souvenir."

"Just be careful you don't get Severus' magic mixed in too," Harry suggested, patting Remus' shoulder, "His will be mostly centered where the ashes would be…"

"We will," Corin reassured him, "We should only be gone half an hour,"

"I will inform our Lord," Kieran stated, as he swiftly exited the room, as Corin began to take what they'd need for the spell to be performed before giving her own goodbyes and leaving to catch up with Kieran. They needed to return the Horcrux to their Lord before they left since it wasn't useful to them, it could potentially be destroyed, it was a matter of finding out first whether the spell would work with the remains of the Dark Lord's magic.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked his tone quiet, soft even after a good few minutes.

"I'm fine," Remus insisted, he shouldn't still get so emotional about it, it made him feel so childish, especially when compared to how Harry reacted to the house that used to be his home - his childhood home - or should he say babyhood home? Harry hadn't had the luxury of having a childhood, not until he was essentially a teenager. No, he should be stronger than this, he was stronger than this. It just sometimes caught him off guard.

"Alright," Harry replied, knowing it was a lie, but there was honestly nothing he could do. Grief didn't just go away, you just had stages you went through and lived with it, along the way it got less intense. With his parents being his dad's pack he had no doubt it was more difficult for him than a normal wizard.

Both remained sitting there for a while, just enjoying each others company, one trying to refrain from dwelling on the past…the other worried about his friends and other things beyond his control.

Despite their words, it took Corin and Kieran much longer than just half an hour to return from Godric's Hollow.

"Is our Lord up to receiving our update?" Corin asked Alfred, who was the go-to vampire when it came to Severus' schedule. Some would say he was the second in command, although Alfred would deny it. He was the one who took over if Severus was busy, received any reports while he was busy and kept everyone informed of their duties. If that wasn't second in command she didn't know what it was.

"Our Lords are in his office," Alfred replied barely blinking at the question, giving a nod, they could go up, yes. "Was it successful?" he knew Corin, Adam, and Kieran had worked night and day nearly for ages now in a bid to keep their word to Severus and create something that would enable them to destroy the Horcruxes.

Kieran's eyes gleamed with satisfaction, feeling utterly smug, "It did," they owed Harry a great deal, without him they probably would have been still floundering trying to find something.

Alfred let out a relieved sigh, with a wordless gesture for them to proceed, he continued his rounds.

Not even three minutes later the two vampires were outside the door, but before they could knock, a voice -their Lord - beckoned them to come in, "Enter," indicating that there weren't any silencing spells on the room for a change, which meant Severus already knew that they had succeeded in finding the riddle to proceed with hunting down the Horcruxes.

Severus and Harry sat on the sofa; Harry snuggled into his chest, reading a book, not even bothering to move when the vampires entered, he was used to the constant intruding for the most part.

"My Lords," Kieran and Corin murmured respectfully inclining their heads in deference to their status.

"I heard you were successful," Severus said, "Very well done."

Both vampires felt exceedingly smug and happy to receive that praise, it was always welcoming when they knew they were doing a good job. They owed Severus a lot, he had taken them in, kept them safe, happy and given them everything they ever wanted. So of course, they wished to repay that by doing the best job they could, and they had.

"Did you encounter any problems?" Severus questioned them seriously.

"Nobody observed us going in or out," Corin was the one who spoke up, "We had Lord Harry's permission to enter the premises we had no problem gaining entrance."

"I am pleased with your efforts, take the rest of today off," Severus replied honestly, getting the Horcruxes out of the way and Voldemort defeated was one of his main priorities, the longer he was out there, the bigger the threat he was to his mate. Harry was his everything, and always would be, so to keep him safe he would fight until the end of time if that came to it.

"Thank you," Kieran said, removing the box - that had been so obviously miniaturized - and passing it over to Harry, "This is everything we thought you might like."

Severus glanced curiously at the box, before turning his attention back to his vampires only to observe them nodding in respect once more before vacating the room. They weren't going to waste any more time dallying when they actually had the rest of the day to themselves. Especially when they had to make sure someone else knew to take over their duties.

"From Godric's Hollow?" Severus asked, already knowing the answer, he vividly remembered the smell of the place. Honestly, who could blame him? He had begun his initial change there, he may not have been consciously aware of it, but his sense of smell and sight had gotten better before he Apparated away from Dumbledore.

"Yeah," Harry replied giving Severus a smile to show he was fine; it was more out of curiosity than anything else.

"Do you wish to be alone?" Severus questioned the teenager, he didn't smell upset, and it was hard to miss something you never had really. Still, it must be the first time he'd seen or gotten anything from Godric's Hollow. It told him that Harry hadn't even been in the house since that night.

"I'm not going through it yet," Harry answered, shaking his head, plopping the box down beside his chair and happily immersed himself once again in his book leaning against Severus once more. If they were going to Spain, Harry was determined to have at least a rudimentary understanding of the language. He also didn't want them to think he was being disrespectful, he didn't want to embarrass Severus, they may not have had the most ideal of beginnings but Harry was becoming increasingly aware of how much his feelings were changing as the days went by. He wouldn't call it love yet, but he was deeply in like with him.

"If you ever wish to visit…let me know," Severus told him, his tone gentle, he needed to keep Harry safe, and Godric's Hollow wasn't safe. It was the sort of sentimental thing that Voldemort would assume Harry would make, even if Severus suspected Harry actually had no desire to visit. Just in case he was wrong, he wanted to ensure that Harry came to him.

"I will," Harry murmured absently, inhaling Severus' scent before getting himself more comfortable, determined to enjoy what time he had with his mate before he was inevitably pulled away for work.

"Good," Severus replied, his fingers absently rubbing back and forth on Harry's neck.

They were able to actually sit there for over an hour before Severus sighed resignedly and reluctantly moved to get to work.

Harry wasn't quite so upset about it, he understood really, just as long as he actually got to see him, and not just before bed. Severus had kept his promise, to spend more time with him. It made Harry's heart soar just knowing he was being listened to and that his mate was not only listening but acting on his thoughts and feeling.

"Come in," Harry grinned wryly, his senses were much better than Remus' now, so his dad couldn't catch him off guard.

"Have the others returned yet?" Remus asked him as he entered the room and took a seat, Storm was at the end of the corridor and she'd refused to answer any of his questions, which was typical of them.

"Hours ago," Harry sniggered as he moved to give his dad more room.

"How did it go?" Remus questioned amber eyes wide and hopeful, his brow furrowing slightly as he inhaled sharply trying to get a whiff of the scent that was bothering him.

"It worked," Harry confirmed he didn't keep much from Remus.

Remus slumped in relief, thank Merlin for that, it meant they might be in for a chance of killing Voldemort once and for all. He didn't remain slumped for long, as he straightened up realizing why the scent smelt so familiar to him. "They brought you things?" he murmured swallowing thickly.

"They did," Harry confirmed patting at the box with his foot. "Would you like to help me look through it?" wondering idly if it was something that would help him in the long run or just make him feel worse.

"Um, sure, but…later," Remus sighed, "I've heard that there's something going on…something to do with an alliance? Are you going to Spain?" it would explain the book, it wasn't easy to keep secrets with a werewolf around, so it was no surprise to any vampire within hearing distance that he knew. It was a good job that he was respected and trusted to a certain extent; otherwise, they wouldn't have endured it. Remus wasn't an outsider despite being a werewolf, he was family, the only family their Lord Consort had.

"Oh, I'm not going, not this time, apparently its too dangerous," Harry grumbled in discontent. "The situation is too fraught at the moment apparently, so yeah, not going. Although Sev has promised to take me to see one of the other clans though," excitement seeping through just at the thought, "I've never been anywhere; it's going to be so exciting."

Remus smiled in genuine happiness and amusement, Harry deserved someone who could give him the world, and Severus was doing that and keeping him safe. It was more than he could have ever hoped for when the news reached him regarding what Dumbledore was up to. "I'm sure you'll have a great time," relaxing further now that he knew what the situation was.

"We, I'm not going without you," Harry insisted, "You can even bring…Black, since I'll probably be spending a lot of my time with Sev and other clan members…I have no idea how it all works though," even the books hadn't prepared him for any of this. Maybe a good thing though, since it would feel more like an adventure!

"How generous," Remus said a little dryly, but his heart felt lighter and happiness consumed him, this was more than he had ever hoped when it came to his mate and his son. Hell, he'd thought he'd have to choose between them, but Harry was growing up to be such a headstrong wonderful young man that he was able to categorize everything so he got to keep the two most important people in his life. Too much time had already been wasted.

"I know I am," Harry grinned widely, his tone sly as he observed Remus sensing his happiness. "Do you know any Spanish?"

"A few words I've picked up here and there," Remus admitted, "When I was young I learned French and Latin, same with Sirius but his was only because they have many homes in France."

"Do you think they originally came from there? I know the Malfoy's did, Blaise's family is Italian originally, Theo's family was definitely originally from here like mine." Harry utter excitedly, not because of the topic discussion - Sirius Black and all - but finding out more information overall.

"Definitely not," Remus replied, "There may be distant relations over there now though, nothing would surprise me."

Harry nodded thoughtfully, fiddling with the book absently.

"You should ask, he knows more about his history than I do, he isn't proud of his lineage, he loathes history…more importantly his own history, he's tried very hard to forget all the lessons his mother put him through as a child." Remus continued on, "He ran away when he was sixteen, stayed in Potter manor with your father until one of his uncles died without an heir and gave him money to get a flat," then, of course, the Black's all died, leaving Sirius the last male heir and the Lord of the Black estate. "You never know, he might be happy to tell you and stop getting all annoyed at his own background."

"Yeah, but he was what…twenty-one maybe when you last had a real conversation…until now, of course," Harry shrugged, "Things might have changed for him now that he's free…and he does have relatives here,"

"True," Remus nodded pensively, "I think he was sixteen the last time it was discussed," nodding firmly as if he had just mentally confirmed his thoughts.

"Ah," was all the verbal confirmation Harry gave that he had heard and understood.

"When is Severus leaving? Do you know how long?" and how many people was he taking with him? He thought, what about the Horcruxes and Voldemort while he was gone? Would he be getting it finished before he left?

"Don't worry so much," Harry comforted his dad, "It's not like we're going to be attacked here, even if, if, something happened there will be plenty of people around to deal with whatever it is. There isn't a date set yet, but there will probably be one set tomorrow afternoon I'll bet." Voldemort didn't even know this place existed and Dumbledore would be safely ensconced in Azkaban. This place hadn't been attacked in decades, and when it had been, it was cowards who had taken over the Prince seats when there was nobody to fight for. Before that happened, it had undergone sieges but that was centuries ago.

"Come on, let's go see what they brought me back," Harry said, standing up, leaving the book and lugging the box into his arms, it weighed nothing to him, just as an empty box would feel to him when he was human. With a head gesture, both of them left Severus' office and ambled their way towards Harry and Severus' private quarters. "If you don't feel like it, we don't have to," Harry added as they opened his door, going slower than he normally would on his own, Remus might be fast but he was faster, he was a vampire after all. Plonking the box down on the table, removing his cloak and throwing it on his bed.

They had complete privacy in here, nobody would hear anything. He didn't want his dad embarrassed if he got emotional over things he would un-doubtfully recognize.

Without further ado, Harry opened the box and reached in for the first thing, or rather two things, a picture in a frame with a soft toy perched on top of it. Remus inhaled sharply, the salty tang of tears in the air, he'd called it right. The soft toy was in the picture, the soft toy was a green dinosaur, definitely Muggle in nature, which surprised Harry, although he wasn't sure why.

"T…that was your favorite toy," Remus said, teary-eyed, "You'd scream blue murder if you didn't have it nearby, they nearly lost it once, when Death Eaters nearly caught them while they were on the run. Lily just managed to grab a hold of it as they Apparated away, it was during the second last hideout before they decided they needed to give you stability, a home, a safe place, and that's where Godric's Hollow came into play,"

"I guess that's why they didn't have many photos?" Harry said, staring at the toy, he wasn't sure if he was imagining this sudden vague fondness for it. Was it because he'd been told it was a favorite or was he unconsciously remembering what it meant to him as a baby? He was a vampire and he remembered things vividly now, no more forgotten details.

"They took lots of pictures actually," Remus chuckled wetly, "They'd send them to everyone they knew, those closest to them, along with letters on your progress." he only wished he had saved them, it would have been something of his parents for Harry to have. He'd kept the pictures, Harry had them now, but the letters had been read then set alight, in an effort to ensure if anything happened the Death Eaters wouldn't get the information they sought. Merlin, thought Remus sadly as he gazed at the photo, he still missed them so much, it had been like his heart had been torn out when they died. His wolf had also been inconsolable. Then he lost Sirius too, damn it, Dumbledore had a lot to answer for.

The next picture that was brought out was obviously Lily and James on their wedding day.

"We weren't told when and where they were getting married, they came to us and we all left together with a Portkey," Remus explained, "It was hard work, they even invited the Dursley's," anger spiked in the room from both occupants. "James was…well, James really, he played pranks on them, I only wish I had stopped it," James' actions may very well have led Harry to be abused, and he was so ashamed he had laughed with them that day. The joke had been on them, their own actions had bitten them in the ass, and Harry had paid the price for it.

"I don't want to hear about them," Harry retorted, "Nothing, about them," he just wanted to live his life Merlin damn it! He did not want to be reminded of his past.

"Sorry," Remus murmured appropriately apologetic before he went on to list the silly little things he remembered about the wedding for Harry. Eventually, though, Remus sat down, unable to remain standing like Harry seemed perfectly inclined to do.

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