Chapter one

When I was nineteen years old I made the biggest choice of my life... to sell myself to a vampire. I guess my family's financial situation played a role into it, the money after all would go to them and helping them out. At the time my family was going through tough times. They didn't have much money. Some days food was scares and we went hungry. My parents weren't living but surviving. Their lives slowly being taken away and spent by hours and hours of work. Life was not enjoyable but tedious. They woke up with a frown on there faces knowing that they had to work in those dark noise factories and would come home with red hands and aching backs.

I love my parents with all my heart and seeing them happy was all I wanted after all they had done for me. In our world, where the vampires are the ones with power, my parents had fought hard to pay for my freedom as well as my brothers. They had placed me in the safest schools and encouraged me to work to become an educated individual. I grew up with self worth and a mind full of hope and dreams. But one day it finally hit me. I had been dealt a hand of bad cards. Perhaps it was not being able to pay for Alema, the nations top human university for the gifted, many who attended often lead happy successful lives even in this new world of ours. Perhaps it was being denied the ability to work.. all humans must be granted work authorization for the new government, its a way to keep track of us. This hurt me especially since it meant I could not help my family. Or perhaps it was the realization I was stuck and had been for a long time. My life was going no where fast and this made me mad. My mother had always been religious and believed in a higher power or entity. I had for some time to... but my faith weakened. I couldn't understand why I, a good person, was recieveing so much bad luck.

My choice came on a snowy day. I was tired of seeing my parents work. I was tired of seeing my brothers hungry. Mostly I was tired of feeling helpless. After fighting so hard for a better life, after studying and hoping and praying and searching it became clear. I walked to the newspaper early in the morning before my parent or brothers had even woken and asked to place an ad in the newspaper. I paid with the little money I had earned by babysitting the neighbors children and it was done.

" Strong 19 yr. old looking to be sold to highest buyer. Female. Healthy and a good worker. Contract required. Call 666-7382-838. Highest amount called in will be the winner. Opened for a 4 hour period after appearance of this post. "

Walking home I cried and cried. I usually pushed back the tears and hated when I cried because due to self pity. But this time around I didn't care. I need to release the pain. I got home and sat down. No one was home. My parents were working and my brothers at school. We lived in a small house. That day I sat in the living room and breathed. The ad would go out tomorrow.

I went to mine and my brothers room. I packed some clothes and personal items and hide the bag. Quickly took a shower and dressed. In the bathroom I looked myself over. I had never been a great beauty. Normal I would say. Two almond shaped brown eyes. One nose, which my mother described as small. One set of full pink lips. Round cheeks and and oval face. I straightened my brown hair and put on a bit of chapstick. That evening I hadn't spoken much to my family I couldn't without wanting to cry, the hurt already setting in. I knew my parents would be so disappointed. I hugged them all tightly as we said our goodnight knowing tomorrow around this same time I would belong to someone else and no longer be their Shani.

The next morning was the day the ad appeared in the newspaper. Around the time my family left the phone calls started pouring in. It was so odd to hear an amount being placed on my worth. The callers were slaves doing their masters bidding... I could tell because their voices were so quiet and pitiful. The fear set in. Who would this vampire be? Female or male. What of their personality, would I be treated kindly or with cruelty? At the end of it all about sixty people had called in. And the highest came from a caller offering $70,000. When I looked over the offer I was a bit surprised... the others were much lower compared to this one. I looked over the phone number, dialled, and delivered the news. It was all done quickly.