Chapter 10

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I woke up to James demands. "Get up!" I moaned feeling an aching pain at my neck. "Here throw this scarf on."

I tiredly opened my eyes and instantly remembered all that had occurred last night. I covered my face with my hands... how embarrassing!

"Hey come on, Avery has important company! They dropped by unexpectedly and he wants you there." I looked around confused. What time was it? And what company? James helped me out of bed and pushed into the bathroom.

"Get ready fast."

I quickly brushed my teeth then washed my face to clear off my sleepiness. And patted my face dry. When I finally looked at myself I was astonished to see that I looked a bit different. My skin was radiant and I had no blimishes or even a little bit of bags under my eyes. I looked really nice. And my hair was shiny. Odd.

Then I took a look at my neck and saw a big purple looking thing there. I gasped. It looked like a hickey but worse. Oh damn! I touched it lightly and winced. Where was that scarf? I walked out of the bathroom and James stood there impatiently.

"Here." he said holding the scarf. I blushed embarrassed and quickly put it on.

"Okay, out! Imma change my clothes. I assume there's no time for me to shower." "No theres not. I'll be waiting outside. "


I didn't know what was happening who was here or why. But as I walked down the stairs I felt nervous. I felt eyes on me as I walked down the stairs and didn't look there direction knowing I needed to focus on not falling down the stairs. But now I was facing them all. Avery's face was the first that came to view and I smiled. He wrapper his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek.

"Did you sleep well" he whispered. I nodded.

"This is Shani Rose, everyone." He spoke to his guests. I studied them. They were two men and a woman.

"Shani, this is Monica, Oliver," he said pointing to the man with black hair, "and this is Jeremy." Jeremy had honey brown hair that defied gravity. He combed it back lazily, sending me a grin.

"Hello." I said to all. "They are all supporting my campaign."

I nodded and smiled. So that's why it was so important I thought. For the remaining time I sat next to Avery as he spoke of issues and things I had no interest in. I had noticed Jeremy's eyes on me but had thought nothing of it.

That is until he keep glaring at me without halt. I felt uneasy and turned to Avery but he was too busy speaking with Oliver about how to defeat his competitor. I saw Jeremy smirk, as though he knew I was trying to seek Avery's help. I finally decided to excuse myself. Feeling heavily uncomfortable.

"Excuse, I'm going to use the restroom." I whispered quietly to Avery. He nodded patting my hand, but not glancing away from Oliver. Apparently, Oliver was quite the strategist. I finally walked away, and found the downstairs bathroom.

I sighed looking at myself in the mirror. As Avery's wife was I expected to do First Lady things? Or was that just when humans had power? I hoped I didn't have to give speeches or go to many dinner parties.

Suddenly I heard the door open and close behind me. I turned around quickly to be met with black eyes.

"Hello." Jeremy spoke. I felt instant fear and sickness. What was he doing!

"Who ddo you thing you are! I'm using the restroom." I said. He grinned, and closed the space between us.

"What's this?" He asked ignoring my protests. He held the scarf in his hand feeling the fabric. But then he pulled it away, exposing my neck. I whimpered in fear.

"Aw, look what we have here." He said lightly touching my bruise. I hit away his hand. Furious that he touched me and the bruise which was a symbol of mine and Avery's intimate moment.

"Get out before I yell." I warned. "Now, now you wouldn't want to do that. Do you know how important this campaign is for Avery, and it just so happens I am financing it all for him." I frowned, he was threatening me.

"What do you want!" "I just wanted to take a closer look at Avery's pretty little wife." "Well you have gotten ur look now leave!"

He sighed, "Without a taste first?" He said, placing his hand inside my inner thigh. My eyes widened at his words and actions.

I quickly reached for a vase behind me used to decorate the bathroom, intending to use it as a weapon instead. I smashed it against Jeremy's face. He hissed in pain and I saw that a shattered piece has entered his eye and he had tons of little cuts across his face. I ran out of the bathroom with urgency, making my way back to Avery. I knew he would understand, I knew he would defend me once I told him what Jeremy had tried to do. Avery saw me, and stood noticing my shaky composure.

"Shani what's wrong?" he asked with worried eyes. Then he looked behind me.

"Jeremy done with your cigerette?"

I glance behind me and was astonished to see Jeremy without a scratch! Had I just imagined everything that had occurred a moment ago? Did vampire really heal that quickly?

"Yes, I must apologize however. " he said chuckling. "Whatever for?" "I ran into your fiancee accidently and caused a vase to shatter. I think I quite scared the poor thing." He lied.

I turned to Avery prepared to tell him the truth. But he laughed and patted my shoulder, "It's okay sweetheart, Jeremy would never hurt you. He has my full confidence so you can trust him."

The words shattered me.

"I think you can go back to your room now. We'll be discussing boring issues. I will come get you later."

He finished, dismissing me. I felt defeat when I saw Jeremy smile at me. I retreated from Avery," Goodbye Shani. Hope to make your acquaintance again."

Jeremy's words sent chills down my spine. I could not have gotten out of there so

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