Damnitdamnitdamnitdamnitadam nitdamnitDAMNIT! Damn it all! Kaname.. He knows... Zero cringed, expecting the worst to happen now that Kaname knew. He dreaded what would happen if Yuki found out... No, he couldn't let that happen. He NEEDED to stop Kaname somehow...

The room throbbed and spun. He fell on the floor, clutching his head. At the worst timing too... He struggled to stand up. The room was a bloody red. In fact, his vision was stained red.. He fell against the heavy wooden door and collapsed in pain. He screamed, his head splitting, but he couldn't hear anything, not even himself, although he felt the physical exertion taking it's toll on his lungs. Just a faint buzzing.. It grew stealthily louder and louder to ear splitting volume. And then, suddenly, it stopped, and Zero's vision went from red to black.

Zero woke. He was chained to a bedpost. His neck hurt, where he was sitting next to the leg of the bed, leaning his head against the frame. He could feel the cold of the floor through his clothes. He stiffly stood up- or tried to. The handcuff stopped him from standing up further than a squat. He examined the cold, hard metal.

"So you've finally stopped your crazy rampaging?" Kaname spoke. Zero looked to the other side of the room to see Kaname sitting in a soft chair, a smug look on his face.

"What?" Zero asked, confused.

"I thought you might be able to hold yourself off longer. Of course, it would happen eventually, but I was hoping you were still of use to me." Kaname said. Zero struggled against the handcuff. "You can't break that. It's meant to hold against your type. Of course, you could break the wood, but you won' have time for that." Another man walked in, a blonde, also a vampire.

"Kaname, do you want me to..." he trailed off, his voice implying something only Kaname and him would understand.

"No, Aido. He wouldn't take too kindly to it and I still need him anyways." Kaname got up and crossed over to Zero. "Be a good boy and go protect Yuki." He left the room, and Aido stayed only to release Zero from the handcuff and left as well.

Suddenly, Zero realized something. Kaname wouldn't tell anybody Zero's feelings because if he did so, Zero wouldn't cooperate with him anymore. It would ruin his plans. But he was wrong about one thing: Zero would take care of Yuki despite what Kaname would do.

Kaname... Why couldn't Zero have you? Why wouldn't you care for him like you did Yuki? Zero whispered into the dark room, rubbing his aching wrist, which was now free of the handcuff. ""Why can't you be with me?"

I decided to update this again because (turns out) a lot of people like it and want me to update it. Here it is! Thanks for reading with me!