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Jack began to hyperventilate, trembling with horror, mind going a mile a minute. He couldn't get up, the pain ripping through his body every time he tried to stand. Aster wouldn't be home until early morning, at LEAST seven hours away, and the kits were too young to be able to help, and he WASN'T going to traumatize them.

Oh MiM I'm going to die. Somehow he managed to grab an egglet and one of the pens Aster habitually left laying around. Quickly he scrawled a message on t's white shell.

"G-go get N-North." He commanded. The egglet bowed and dashed off, wriggling out under the door. Jack bit down on a face towel, stifling any noises of pain coming from his mouth as he waited. He didn't have to wait long, as soon he heard the thunder of footsteps.


"N-North!" gasped the winter spirit, voice laced with pain and worry. North all but yanked the door off it's hinges, the burly Cossack brandishing both swords, ready for attack. North took one look at the blue tinted water and pulled off his coat, dropping the swords.

"What wrong?!" he demanded, seeing no obvious injuries. He moved to pick up Jack, but even the shift to get his hands under made the winter spirit gasp in pain and pull away.

"It hurts." Groaned Jack. He felt like throwing up, his stomach knotting painfully. The Russian nodded, and grabbed a towel, covering Jack with it while he reached into the bloody water and drained most of it, quickly replacing the water with more of the lukewarm substance, tenderly holding Jack's head up.

"It's okay." Said North, trying to be comforting. "Tooth on way. So is Sandy. Will come as soon as they can."

"What about Aster?" Jack bit his lip as his outburst made his body complain.

"He has job." Said North. "Will come soon enough. For now, we help." Jack hadn't noticed his face was flushed and hot until North started wiping cooler water over his face and forehead, worry evident in his usually wondrous blue eyes.

"…Am I going to die?" Jack knew the question was childish the moment it came out, but instead of laughing, North gave him a dead serious look.

"No." said North, gripping the winter spirit's bare shoulder. "You are immortal. You will not die. I promise." Jack groaned with pain, his legs curling up so his knees were exposed in the air. The water began to turn blue again, but much more quickly, the occasional pain turning into a constant burn. Jack could see North's pocket watch, trying to distract himself with the constant ticking of the hands, but the pain just escalated. It was now four o'clock in the morning, and the buzz of rapidly beating wings slowly filled Jack's ears, along with his own whimpers of agony. He had, after the fourth change of water, curled up with his head against North's chest, North gently murmuring comfort to Jack like a Father calming their child after a heinous nightmare.

"Oh Sweet Tooth!" fussed Tooth, not caring about soaked Feathers as she drew him into a hug. "What's wrong? You're going to be fine, okay? Aster will be back soon. Sandy's been looking for him all night." Jack barely nodded, gritting his teeth as the pain intensified. The water was almost blue again, so North pulled the plug and readied to replace it. Suddenly he stopped. Shaking his head he slowly refilled the tub, looking at Jack's lower region masked by the towel. Something was off, the shape not quite right for the human physique.

"Tooth, go get sterilized scissors and blankets." He said, lightly touching around Jack's hips and abdomen. He only filled the tub half way before turning back to Jack. "Jack, you need to lie down."

"Huh?" North tenderly guided Jack into a lying position, a bundle of towels keeping his head above water. Tooth returned with blankets and scissors, giving North a look.

"What are you doing?!" she huffed. "My baby is in PAIN North!" North ignored Tooth, rubbing calming circles on Jack's stomach.

"Close eyes." Commanded North. "Relax." Jack complied, knowing that however odd North's orders may be, it was stupid not to follow his commands. Shakily he breathed out, North calmly instructing him in his breathing.

In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Jack gasped, gritting his teeth with the pain, his stomach muscles twisting.

"That's it." said North. "Tooth! I say STERILIZED scissors!" The Tooth fairy rushed out, panicking over the small speck on one side of the blade, babbling about hot water.

In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Ice spread down the side of the tub, crackling as Jack's nails scratched at the sides. It hurt. It felt like he was trying to pass a sharp, pointy stone the size of a football through the skin of his abdomen, the pressure worse than the knife-like edges. He heard the rustling of sand as he quietly screamed. Sandy had taken the place of the towels, trickling mini doses of dream sand to him, enough to numb the pain a bit. He heard North exclaim in Russian, but the pain was almost unbearable now. So, he did the only thing that made sense to his tired, pain filled and somewhat delirious mind.

He grit his teeth and pushed hard on his stomach, pushing with his core as well, against the painful thing lodged in his stomach, tired of the unknown object causing him grief. Jack let out a strangled gasp as the pressure gave, the pain all but gone. North retrieved something from the water and he felt a dull pain, like a cut. He heard Tooth gasp, and Sandy move suddenly in surprise. He was about to ask what they were so shocked about (HAD he just passed a pointy, sharp, foot ball sized kidney stone?) when he heard faint whimpers. He opened his eyes to see North, Tooth and Sandy completely flabbergasted, a small bundle wrapped Securely in Tooth's arms while North took Jack from the water, wrapping him first in a towel and then in a warm blanket, leaving his arms free. Tooth was stammering, no words making sense.

"But-he-how…when…?!" North took the bundle as the little wails got louder, placing the bundle gently in Jack's arms. Teary green eyes and dark brown fur, almost the color of dark chocolate, stared back at him, little mouth open as little cries and whimpers came from it, tiny white paws curled up into more dark brown fur, already drying and only a bit of the fur still damp.

"But…how…?" The sentiment was definitely shared, all eyes locked on the small kit. North finally shook himself from his stupor, and picked up both Jack and the kit.

"Wait for Bunny." He commanded. Tooth and Sandy merely nodded, still mute from shock. North took Jack to his and Bunny's bedroom, not bothering to shut the door as he fitted Jack with a pair of comfortable snow-flake print pajamas. As he piled up pillows behind Jack and pulled up the duvet, he heard a noise at the door.

"Grandpa North?" Hunter rubbed his eyes sleepily, the twelve year old's well loved penguin stuffy clutched in one arm.

"Ah, it's early for little kits to be up." Chided North, trying to hide Jack. But, it was too late. Hunter was at the bed in less than a second, sniffing his half asleep Mother.

"Mama?! What happened?!"

"Surprise." Said Jack weakly, North picking up the kit and setting him on the bed to see the bundle.

"Huh?" he asked. "But, you weren't gonna have one!"

"It's rare, but happens." Said North. "Didn't know baby there."

"Is it a boy or a girl." Both guardians started.

"That, my boy, is a VERY good question."


Aster nearly flopped into the burrows, completely exhausted. He had been delayed thanks to a fight between the spirits of spring and summer, Daisy and Jesse, and was a full hour late. Not that he wouldn't like family time, but when he had been up over twenty four hours, running all over the world, he needed a nap. A good, LONG one. Which is why, when he stepped inside, he was surprised to be bombarded not by furry bunnies and a winter spirit, but an armada of feathers, Christmas scents and sand. Aster hacked as the three guardians squeezed the air out of him before releasing him, Tooth ad North talking at the same time while Sandy signed a mile a minute.

"Oi, OI!" he huffed, rubbing his temples. "Slow down ya gumbies! What's got yer knickers in a twist?!" North chuckled, and pulled Aster down the hall to his and Jack's bedroom. Joy, Hunter, Emma and Rose were all crowded around something on the bed, Jack wrapped up in the cream duvet. Aster caught coos and quiet exclamations from his kits, and he had to admit his curiosity was piqued.

"What happened to Snowflake?" The kits looked up and grinned.

"Daddy! Come look!" said Rose. Aster looked over their heads and gasped. Jack was fast asleep, and curled up with him was a little chocolate brown kit with snow white paws, wrapped up in a green swaddling blanket, also fast asleep, with one little paw gripping Jack's index finger.

"What in the-Is it alright?!" The Pooka felt worry wash away fatigue. Jack had been pregnant, and nobody had noticed. He had drank on New years and St. Patrick's day, been far more active than it was healthy and LOST weight. The kit looked fine, but…

"Baby boy healthy." Said North.

"Why didn't I notice?!"

"It happens." Said Tooth. "NOBODY noticed, not even Jack. The kit is fine and so CUTE!"

"What did he name him?"

"Nickolas." Murmured Jack, opening his eyes a bit. North shook a bit. "After North. I…don't think he'd be here if you hadn't come." Aster ran his paw through Jack's hair, calming his mate. Nickolas whimpered, and immediately calmed as Jack squeezed his paw. Tooth fluttered between the group and the couple.

"Okay everyone, these two both need their sleep." She said. "Go get your stuff; we're going to North's!" Aster and Jack both smiled gratefully as Tooth ushered everyone out, North actually tearing up while Emma and Rose cheered, Hunter, Joy and Sandy being the only sane ones and waving politely as the door shut. Within ten minutes everyone was gone. Aster settled into bed, Nickolas between them, a furry arm draping over both Jack and the newborn.

"…Ya know, this would be a good episode for that TV show." Said Jack, kissing Aster on the nose. Aster snorted, and licked his new son's head, making the kit squeak, sleepily nuzzling against his Father's snout. Jack passed out immediately, body craving sleep. Aster managed to stay awake and look at his new kit, which bore a good resemblance to his own Father. An absent thought struck him.

"This actually explains your think with crab apples, Snowflake." He chuckled. Jack snored, cool air hitting Aster's nose. He pulled up the covers and closed his eyes, completely at peace.

Sadly, he had no way of knowing it would soon come to an end.

Meanwhile, in Burgess, Jamie, Cupcake, their three year old daughter Clara, two month old son Jack and Sophie, along with the original kids of Burgess watched in horror as the last drill was carried off the truck, scientists swarming the frozen prison of Pitch black.

"What happens if they…" began Sophie, unable to finish the sentence. All winced as the first drill shrieked, tip making contact with the six-foot thick sheet of ice, small cracks breaking open as a dark energy stirred underneath the cold.

A black flame lit as golden eyes opened, sharp teeth displayed as an evil grin crossed the ashen gray face of Pitch Black.

YES! Allusion to Tainted Paint! And yes, I just did an 'I didn't know I was Pregnant'. Cliché, I know, but as I stated before, have yet to see one for JackRabbit. Please read and review!