Episode One: The Bad Wolf Returns

Chapter One:Reunions

(Rewrite of The Stolen Earth / Journey's End)

"Why don't you ask her yourself?" Donna asked with a nod over the Doctor's shoulder.

He whipped around with a shocked expression on his face. In the distance, he saw a pink and yellow woman with a big gun, smiling wildly at him. He broke out into a wide grin and his trainers pealed across the pavement. Both of his hearts were leaping for joy. It was his Rose. His perfect Rose had found a way back to him. She looked as happy to see him as he did her, but they both stopped in horror when the word hung in the air.


A bright flash lit the dark street and both Rose and the Doctor were confused as to why they didn't feel any pain. "That was close. Talk about timing!" Captain Jack Harkness laughed uncontrollably. "Defabricators. Gotta love them…" he paused when he saw Rose and the Doctor staring at one another, and he smiled. "I'll give you two kids some privacy."

He backed away and Rose tossed her gun aside, running to the Doctor and throwing her arms about his neck. He held her tightly, losing himself in her blond locks. They didn't say anything, mostly because they were trying to keep their tears to themselves. "Long time no see," he whispered happily.

"Yeah. Been busy, you know…" she chuckled. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you so much, Rose Tyler. So, very much. Let me look at you," he pulled back with a grin. "Longer hair, nice jacket, and what a gun you've got there."

She picked it up with a big smile. "D'you like it?"

"Oh yes. Still defending the Earth, I see."

"Still wearing the same suit, I see. And trainers."

He held up his foot with a wiggle. "Rubber soles. Swear by 'em."

"I hate to interrupt your moment, but there's sort of a problem. You know, with the end of the universe and all that…" Jack commented. The Doctor lunged and embraced him. "Good to see you too, Doctor."

"You saved my life, Captain Jack Harkness. That could have been very ugly indeed. Now then! Shall we save the universe?" he offered his arm and Rose took it gleefully.

They went back to the TARDIS to come up with a plan. Donna hugged Rose unexpectedly. "It's good to really meet you, nice and proper. I've heard so much about you."

"Have you?" Rose raised an eyebrow.

"All good things," Donna quickly added. "Really good things. I haven't seen him smile like that…well, ever…" she motioned to the grinning Doctor who was working on the screen. She noticed Jack and went over to him, smiling seductively. "And you are?"

"Captain Jack Harkness," he answered, kissing her hand. "And you?"

"Stop that! Time and place," the Doctor shouted.

"You can practically fondle Rose and I can't even say hello?" he defended, winking at Donna as he said it. She nearly fainted.

Rose joined the Doctor, gently placing a hand on the console. "I've missed her."

"She's missed you. Oh, she gets cranky sometimes. Really cranky. Because, well, you weren't here. But she is so happy right now! Ready to defend," he checked a few things and called the others over. "Donna, Jack—we need to get into space to sort things out. I want all of your brilliant brains thinking of a plan, got that? Allons-y!"

"You still say that?" Rose giggled.

He smiled. "All the time!" he flipped a switch and nothing happened. "What? What?" he checked the screen and frowned at the results. "The Daleks have us in a stasis ring. We're absolutely powerless. Can't move."

The TARDIS shifted and they held on, knowing that they were being taken somewhere against their will. "There's a massive Dalek ship at the center of the planets and they're calling the Crucible. I guess that's our destination…" Jack commented.

That's when the Doctor glanced at Rose, suddenly getting an idea. "I'm going to put something into place just in case the TARDIS is taken, which I'm assuming is somehow the point."

"What do you mean 'something in place'?" Jack questioned.

"Remember, when I wore a leather jacket, I sent Rose home against her will? It was an emergency protocol that I activated with my sonic screwdriver. I'm setting a new one for somewhere that I know it will be safe: with Wilf. That way, if we have to, I can send it away on a moment's notice!"

Rose scowled at the memory, whacking him in the arm for it. "Big idiot you were back then with those massive ears. Can you make it work both ways? What if we need an escape?"

"Oh, you are brilliant, Rose!" he laughed jubilantly. "I can indeed! Donna gave me the idea to get a remote like cars have when she compared the TARDIS to a rocket. Said they had a Ferrari and I had a box."

"Hey," Rose said angrily. "Don't put down the TARDIS."

"Oi, it's true! Have you seen rockets?"

"Later," the Doctor snapped. "We're running out of time. We need to talk more about the end of the universe and less about other things. So try to focus."

Donna huffed. "Well, you said these planets are like some sort of engine…but what for?"

He turned to Rose. "You've seen the future. What is it?"

She bit her lower lip anxiously. "It's the Darkness. The stars were going out. One by one they were dying. So, basically, we've been building this…travel machine. A dimension cannon so I could…so I…"

"What?" the Doctor asked.

"So I could come back…" she grinned like it was obvious and he made a low giggling sound. "Shut up. Anyway, it started to work and the dimension started to collapse. Not just our world, or yours, but the whole of reality. Even the void was dead. Something is destroying everything. And, it's weird…the dimension could measure timelines and they all converged on Donna."

"But why? I mean, what have I ever done? I'm a temp from Chiswick…" she shrugged.

They came to a halt and the Doctor frowned. "Well. Dalek Crucible. Welcome aboard, travelers. Enjoy your stay."

"Exit the TARIDS!" the Supreme Dalek demanded. "Emerge from your craft immediately or you shall be exterminated!"

The Doctor sighed and pocketed his remote. "We're gonna have to go out there. If we don't, they'll just get in."

"But, you said nothing can get through the doors…" Rose frowned.

"Yeah," Jack agreed. "You've got extrapolator shielding."

He bobbed his head from side to side. "Well, last time we fought Daleks they were scavengers and hybrids. And completely mad. But, this is something different. At the height of its power, it's a fully-fledged Dalek Empire. They're experts at fighting TARDIS's and they can do just about anything. Right now that wooden door is…just a wooden door. But one last thing, if anything happens the TARDIS would come back in this very spot. Got that? Take a good look around when we go."

They stepped outside of the TARDIS one by one and were surrounded by Daleks. "Your TARDIS is ours now!" the Supreme Dalek warned. "It will be destroyed!"

The Doctor hit the button on the remote, which he had hidden his pocket. It vanished just as it was about to be dumped. "What Time Lord trickery is this?" the Supreme Dalek trembled.

"That? Oh, it wasn't me. The old girl has a mind of her own. They can alter course, you know. She didn't feel like being destroyed today. But, who does?" the Doctor shrugged smugly. "Now, what do you want?"

"The Doctor and the blond will be taken to the vault!" the Supreme Dalek demanded. "Take the others to the test chamber!"

The Doctor grabbed Donna's hand and slid her the remote with a nod. She understood and gave him a wink. They were split up and the Doctor and Rose entered the vault. Davros was waiting for them and smirked sinisterly as they were both contained by a force shield. They looked at each other sadly, as Rose would like nothing more than to be holding the Doctor's hand while the psycho explained his dastardly plot to end all universes.

"Would you like to hear the apotheosis of my genius, Doctor?" Davros inquired. "These twenty-seven planets form an energy pattern that I have amplified into a reality bomb. It's able to break down the electrical forces holding everything together. That's right! It will dissolve every form of matter across the entire universe. It will never stop, never falter, never fade. People and planets and stars will be turned to dust! And the wave length will continue, breaking through the rift of the Medusa Cascade into every last dimension, parallel world, and corner of creation. This is my ultimate victory, Doctor! The destruction of reality itself! Dalek Caan saw it all. He saw time and he saw you. Both of you."

A voice from a different section of the vault began to speak. "This…all of this…I have foreseen! In the wind, the wild wind! The Doctor and his faithful companion will be here as witness of the end of everything!"

"What is that?" Rose asked in repulsion.

"The last of Cult of Skaro. He flew into the Time War unprotected, it seems…" the Doctor commented. "Not his best look. Makes you miss the tin can, wouldn't you say?"

"Enough!" Davros raged. "Let's watch the testing. See if you're still smiling then."

"Probably will," Rose smirked with a nod in his direction. "He's in a good mood. You know, all things considered. Can't stop him when he's like this. I've tried. Mornings are the worst."

"I am a morning person…" he agreed with another low giggle.

Meanwhile, Jack and Donna were added to a herd of people. As luck would have it, they were in the same batch as Jackie, Mickey, and Sarah Jane. They shoved through a line of people to get behind them. "Mickey Mouse," Jack whispered. "Of all the people."

"Captain Cheesecake," Mickey whispered in response. "See you've come to save the day. Got a plan?"

"Well, half a plan…" Jack shrugged as he pointed to their teleport devices. "Are those working?"

"No," Jackie scowled. "Not yet. It hasn't recharged."

"Well, then I guess it's my plan. Just so everyone knows, I can't die. It'll look like I'm dead, but I'm really not. So, don't breakdown in tears and curse the terrible universe for taking away my charming face. Just run for the nearest door and meet me at the TARDIS. Donna—"

"I won't bring it back until we get there," she nodded, throwing her arms around him. "Good luck!"

He ran ahead and pulled his gun, shooting one of the Daleks. As they were focused on Jack, Donna and the others slipped into a nearby hallway. "I'm Donna," she introduced herself. "And who are you lot?"

"Mickey Smith. I fight the bad guys," he smiled. "That's Jackie Tyler."

"Oh my God," Donna gasped. "You're Rose's Mum!"

"Yes, I am! By the way, where the hell is my daughter? I had to come wandering across universes just to find her," she huffed bitterly.

Donna cackled. "Where else? With the Doctor. They'll be waiting on us. And you?"

"Sarah Jane Smith. I used to run with the Doctor."

"Who hasn't? No wonder the man's so skinny. Run, run, run all the time. Okay, anyway. Follow me, kids. There's a blue box we need to bring back!"

Back in the vault, the Doctor and Rose watched in horror as the humans were destroyed. "I can't believe that!" Rose hissed. "You murdered them!"

"All in the name of experimentation, my dear…" Davros chuckled. "Now, let the countdown begin!"

Jack survived the Daleks and the test with little discomfort. He found a hallway and hoped that he could find his way back to the room and the TARDIS. Donna was going in the wrong direction, but they managed to pull up the schematics of the ship on a computer. As quickly as possible, they went back to the Supreme Dalek's chamber, which was labeled as such for some unknown reason. Once there, Donna hit the button and they ran into the TARDIS. Jack wasn't far behind, thanks to the others' issues with getting lost, and he burst through the TARDIS doors urgently. "Can someone fly this thing into the next room?"

There was a pause. "I know how to fly," Donna offered. "Not very well."

"Well, that's more than anyone else can say…" Mickey shrugged as Donna took the controls. "Hey, Jack, are those what I think they are?"

Jack looked over and grinned. "Yes, they are, my friend!"

With a shaky start, they faded just as the Daleks were about to attack.

Back in the vault, the Doctor and Rose were anxiously watching the countdown. They suddenly received a transmission. The Doctor gaped. "Martha?"

"Daleks," she began in a commanding tone. "You have twenty-seven planets, but what it if becomes twenty-six? I bet that would cause a lot of problems. I have an Osterhagen Key and I'm not afraid to use it."

"What's an Osterhagen Key?" the Doctor demanded.

"There's a chain of twenty-five nuclear warheads placed strategically beneath the Earth's crust. If I use this key, they detonate and the Earth gets ripped apart."

"What? Who would have invented that—well, someone named Osterhagen, I would assume. But, anyway, Martha! Are you insane?" the Doctor hissed.

"It's to be used when the Earth is so without hope and the suffering would be so great…there is no other option. So what's it going to be, Daleks?"

Davros laughed and she was instantly transported into the vault, kept by a force shield. "Stupid child, there is no escaping this."

Suddenly, the TARDIS appeared inside of the room a bit too high, shaking and wobbling. It knocked the head off a nearby Dalek and skidded to a stop against the wall. When the doors opened, Mickey and Jack leapt out with their defabricators. They defused the immediate threats as Donna, Jackie, and Sarah Jane came onto the scene.

"Sarah Jane!" the Doctor called. "Do you remember anything I taught you about Dalek technology?"

"I may have gotten older, but I haven't gone senile…" she chuckled as she waltzed up to the control station.

"That face…impossible! After all these years!" Davros cried.

"Davros," Sarah Jane smirked. "Let's see…closing all zed neutrino relay loops using an internalized synchronous back feed reversal loop…that button there."

She hit a few more things and the force shields were lowered. The Doctor ran over to the console. "I need another person who has really fast fingers if we're going to stop this countdown."

"Oi, supertemp! I can do over one hundred words a minute!" Donna volunteered.

He hesitated. "You can't even change a plug."

"Watch it, spaceman. I flew that box in here, didn't I?" she went to the console and cracked her knuckles. "Tell me what buttons to push."

"That there. It's a bio electric dampening field with a retrogressive arc inversion. It'll disable the Daleks. And Sarah Jane, I need a macro transmission of a k-field wavelength blocking Dalek weaponry in a self-replicating semi-bifold matrix. Otherwise known as flip those and hit that. Now, as for me. Let me do a bit of work myself!"

They got to work and disabled the Daleks and the reality bomb. "We will take the universe by force!" Davros screamed over the sounds of the confused Daleks. He was still held at gunpoint by Jack and Mickey, unable to stop the Doctor.

"Sure, you keep that dream alive…" the Doctor chuckled, suddenly frowning when the readings began to go insane. "All right, which one of you is trying to destroy the ship?"

"I didn't touch anything you didn't tell me to," Sarah Jane shrugged.

Donna pulled a face. "I might have accidentally slipped on the last entry…what'd I do?"

"Well, you've just committed genocide. But, it's not like you did that on purpose. You've just saved all universes, and I don't have time to stop it. Get to the TARDIS! This place is about to fall apart!"

The ship began to catch fire and they all ran back into the TARDIS. The Doctor set the course and heard Martha. "What about Earth? It's still in the wrong part of space!"

"On it," he answered as he called Torchwood. "This is the Doctor. Are you receiving?"

Gwen and Ianto were on the screen. "Loud and clear. Is Jack with you?"

"I can't get rid of the man," the Doctor smiled. "Now, open that rift manipulator and send all that power my way. You got that?"

"Doing it now," Ianto answered.

The Doctor looked over at Sarah Jane. "What's your son's name?"

"Luke and the computer is Mr. Smith."

"Luke, Mr. Smith. C'mon, pip pip. I need you to harness the rift power and loop it around the TARDIS," he turned to Rose who was almost standing on top of him. "It's a tow rope! Isn't that clever?"

"I regret that I cannot unless I have remote access to TARDIS base code numerals," Mr. Smith responded.

Sarah Jane pushed the Doctor aside before he could respond. "K-9! Here boy!"

K-9 appeared. "Affirmative, mistress. Sending TARDIS base codes now."

"Good boy," the Doctor said in a baby voice. "Now, you lot," he ran around the console placing hands on various aspects of the TARDIS. "She needs six pilots to run smoothly, and this time around we have enough hands! Martha, you there. Jack, here. Mickey, hold that. Sarah, keep that level. Rose, keep doing that. And…Jackie…um…sorry. But no, Jackie. Just. No. Don't touch anything. Ever. Okay, off we go!"

They began to tow the entire Earth back into its place in the Solar System. Everyone clapped when Earth fell back into orbit, and they went around hugging each other. Donna wouldn't let go of Jack, despite his gentle efforts to let go. Rose hugged Mickey and her mum, followed by Sarah Jane and Martha. Martha paused, looking at her closely. "I know you."

"You do?" Rose said in surprise. "I don't think we've met."

"We haven't, but…well…it was a drawing in a journal. You're Rose. He finally found you."

She blushed and gave her a tiny grin. "Yeah, that's me. You're Martha, right?"

"Yeah. I traveled with him after you did for a while, but I just couldn't stay. It was wonderful and everything, but all he could ever see was you. He missed you. A lot. More than he'll probably let on, but I think you should know that."

"Thank you. That's very kind."

She laughed. "You should have heard what I thought about you back in those days. Jealous of a ghost, I'd say. But here you are. Right in front of me."

The Doctor came over and hugged Martha, smiling brightly before he scooped Rose into his arms and held on tightly. Sarah Jane had to interrupt them to say that she had to be going home to her son. They landed in London and he said farewell to Sarah Jane, Jack, Martha, and even Mickey—who had decided to stay on this world since he knew what would happen next. The Doctor made sure that Martha would get rid of that Osterhagen Key before she vanished, and then he returned to the TARDIS.

"Right, one last stop! Dårlig ulv stranden…better known as Bad Wolf Bay!"