Chapter three: The Song Ends

"Well, this is fantastic!" the Master cheered like a little boy at Christmas. "I get to revel in the chaos! It's everything I've ever wanted! Pinch me, I must be dreaming!"

Rose pinched him. Hard. "There you go."

"Ooh, I like you. I'll really enjoy watching you burn," he retorted through a smile.

"This is nothing to be happy about. Once you broke the Time Lock, the entire Time War was unleashed. Not just the Daleks. There will be the Nightmare Child, Skaro Degradations, Horde of Travesties, Could've Been King with his Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres…we'll watch the war turn to Hell. You didn't see the last few days. I did. Not even we can survive this."

Smiling arrogantly, Rassilon had the solution. "We will survive by initiating the Ultimate Sanction. It is a plan for us to survive the collapse of all space and time. Our return will rip the Time Vortex apart, and we will ascend above our physical forms."

The Master, now understanding the gravity of the situation, opened his arms hopefully. "May I be graced to join you?"

"Please. You are a disease of our own making. We will dispose of you," Rassilon sneered as he prepared to kill him.

"Don't!" the Doctor shouting, prompting Rose to point the gun at his head.

He smirked in amusement. "This human girl plans to kill me: Rassilon, Lord President?"

"This human girl took out the Dalek Emperor with a wave of her hand. Step back," Rose smugly replied with a slight movement of the gun.

"You should pick your enemies wisely, Doctor and friends…" he warned darkly.

The Master found the entire thing entertaining. "Look at this. The Doctor's girlfriend is the one with the gun. I love it. Kill him, Rose Tyler. If you do, the Doctor can take his place. You can be the first human Madam President on Gallifrey. You can rule it together."

"No thanks. I'm good with the way things are. I'd like to keep it that way. No one has to die, yeah? Just…go back home? Would that even work?" Rose wondered to no one in particular.

"Bit more complicated than that," the Doctor muttered.

"Right. I figured. Any ideas then? Donna, do you have anything?"

Donna was distracted by the large diamond on a device behind her. She half heard the question, but she had to point at the beautiful jewel instead. "No, though I would like to ask if those diamonds are for sale? Maybe on a ring? Or a necklace? Blimey, just give me one on a stand and I'll carry it around."

"It's a White-Point Star," the Master rolled his eyes. "Only found on Gallifrey and only for Time Lords. No human should wear one."

"You talk like I'm some sort of inferior creature. Like a dog!" Donna huffed.

"Yeah, that's about right," the Master snickered.

"That's my best mate! Take it back!" Rose snapped with a glare.

"Let me think about that. Um…no. You're both inferior. I wouldn't sink so low as to travel with you, let alone do anything else with you. The Doctor is disgusting."

"And that goes double for your mum, mate!" Donna shouted.

"Leave the Doctor out of this," Rose agreed. "You're the one that's disgusting!"

"Well, so is your face," he grumbled, sticking out his tongue.

"STOP!" Rassilon put a hand to his head. "Either kill me or I kill the Master. I have a dreadful headache and we are on a tight schedule."

The Doctor didn't know what to tell Rose to do. He didn't want to kill anyone either, but they had to do something. His mind was running and so was Rose's. She hoped aloud, "Can I shoot something other than a person?"

"Can I have the diamond when this is all done?" Donna whispered as she joined the huddle. They stared. "What? It's gorgeous. Even the Master has it on display."

He smiled proudly at his clever companions. "That's it. Rose, shoot the diamond right now."

Turning, she shot the diamond and Gallifrey quickly vanished into the Time Lock. Donna wandered to the stand with sorrowful eyes. "You…shot…the diamond. What the hell was that!? Do you want to break my heart?!"

"I wasn't breaking your heart. I broke the link. They needed a signal to come back. It was the drums in the Master's head, but that wasn't tangible enough. They needed something more, so they sent the diamond. Destroy that, and their channel out of the Time Lock vanishes. This was all you two. Without you, I wouldn't have gotten the idea."

They were interrupted by Rassilon's furious voice. "I will not die alone! You, Doctor, are going to come with me."

Rose and Donna forcibly pushed him behind them. "You have to go through us first," Donna warned.

"That can be arranged," he smiled wickedly.

The Doctor tried to pull them aside, but they weren't about to let him get harmed. To their surprise, the Master went to stand in front of them all. His entire life was rushing back to him, and he finally understood why he heard the drums. It was the Time Lords that drove him to insanity. The Doctor was right. He could have been so beautiful, and he missed that chance. So, he was going to take it now. "You did this to me. You are responsible for everything that happened! I could have been so much more! Don't you see that?"

"We did what we had to do," Rassilon spoke nonchalantly.

Preparing his hands for the energy burst, the Master smiled and counted the sounds one last time. "One, two, three, four…"

"Get down!" the Doctor called, protectively forcing the women to the floor in front of him.

After a pause, there was a flash and things were blown about. Once it settled down, the Doctor got up and checked on his companions. They seemed to be mostly all right. Rose looked around in surprise. "They're gone?"

"He sent them all back to the last day of the Last Great Time War, including himself…" the Doctor whispered quietly.

Rose tightly embraced him. "It's done. We did it. I'm sorry you had to relive all that."

"It's all right. You were both brilliant. I'm glad you were here with me," he nodded with a smile.

"Well, we weren't about to let those jokers hurt you again. They did a good enough job the first time, back before you had us. That's all different now," Donna replied as she stood a bit taller, proudly smiling.

He hugged her too. "Thank you, Donna. You're my best mate. I mean it. Oh, that reminds me. We have to make a stop before we get Addams and Rossiter."

"Where?" Rose asked curiously.

"To pick up a book."

They got back to the TARDIS and stopped by a bookstore. Donna and Rose had to go through their rooms to find enough money to buy it, but once they did the Doctor took it from them. He wrote something in Gallifreyan on the page, explaining, "This is what led us to the right place before. It says Go here. Simple and to the point. Where did you find it?"

"Gramps said it was in the mailbox as a Christmas present for my mum. Wait, I get it. That's from me to my mum for me, isn't it?" Donna wondered, causing the Doctor wink in confirmation. "I'm still not used to this timey-wimey nonsense."

They stopped a few days earlier than when they arrived to place it in the post. It was the dead of night, so no one saw Donna quietly pad to the box and back to the bigger, blue box. Then, they picked up Addams and Rossiter and took them to see the history of their planet. As soon as they were satisfied, they said farewell and collapsed in the console room from exhaustion.

"It's always funny how we dramatically save the world and the next day it's business as usual," Donna commented from her place lying on the seat.

"That's life," Rose agreed. She was lying down up in the coral with the Doctor on the platform by the door. "Did we ever figure out that whole thing with the Ood?"

"The song bit?" Donna seconded.

He frowned. "I don't know. I don't want to know."

"It worked out. That's all that matters," Rose smirked, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He kissed her and they rolled over playfully, which made Rose wince. "Doctor…I still have Wilf's gun in my back pocket."

"Oh, right! Wilf. We should go give that back and assure him that we saved the world. Donna, we're going to your place!"

She merely grunted and mumbled about needing sleep. Upon arriving to Wilf's, she woke up slightly and embraced her grandfather and mother. They went inside for some food and to return the gun. Wilf took it back with a proud smile. "My gun and granddaughter saved the world!"

"And my two best mates. Don't forget them," Donna smirked. "Although, I am the most important person in the whole of creation…I just love saying that every now and then. Makes me feel all tingly."

After tea and biscuits, Rose and the Doctor sat together on the couch while Wilf and Donna helped Sylvia with the dishes. "They're so good together," Donna commented happily.

"I see that you got them to go for it. That's my little girl!" Wilf laughed.

Sylvia only smiled and continued to put away dishes. Suddenly, Ood Sigma appeared in her kitchen and she had to scream. The dishes in her hand broke and she fainted. Luckily, Wilf caught her as Donna's mouth fell open. The Doctor and Rose came running inside, hand in hand.

"What are you doing showing up in human people's kitchens?" Donna demanded.

"I am sorry for any inconvenience. I miscalculated the transmission," Ood Sigma responded regretfully. "Please come to the Ood Sphere immediately."

He disappeared and the Doctor had to help Wilf get Sylvia onto her couch. They said an awkward farewell and piled into the TARDIS, heading right for the Ood Sphere. Ood Sigma was waiting and flinched when Donna walked over and whacked him. "That's for scaring my mother half to death! She could have fallen and snapped her neck!"

"Shall we see the Elders?" Ood Sigma ignored her completely.

Once they reached the Elders, they were met with very happy Ood. They sat them all down and cheerfully spoke about how the prophecy was fulfilled.

"What exactly does that mean?" Rose inquired carefully.

"Though the universe was doomed, you saved it from destruction. The Doctor-Donna continues to travel, and the Doctor's song has ended."

He choked on the drink they gave him. "What? I thought that meant that I'd die!"

"No, no. The Doctor's song has ended, but the Doctor-Rose song has just begun."

"We have a song? The two of us?" Rose smiled excitedly.

"Yes, that is what our prophecy meant. You have survived the toils of the universe to become one. Shall we officiate?" the Elder inquired.

Donna squealed. "I know what that means! You two are getting wed by the Ood!"

"What?" Rose and the Doctor blushed in unison.

"Donna is correct. It is in the prophecy," the Elder confirmed.

The Doctor awkwardly tugged on his collar. "I haven't even asked her."

"You were going to ask me?" Rose asked in surprise.

"Well, yes. I figured that I would at some point in the future. Given time and proper preparation and—"

"Just shut up and ask me."

He smirked embarrassedly. "Will you?"

"Yeah. I'd love to."

They kissed and Donna leapt up and down for joy. Once they split apart, all three of them were added to a circle with the Elders. Donna was there as witness. They performed a telepathy ceremony, which the Doctor had to give the humans the ability to participate in. As soon as it was all said and done, Donna embraced them both and whipped out her super phone.

"Who are you calling?" Rose laughed as she hugged the Doctor's arm.

"Everyone. But first is Jack. I'm going to ask him to plan a reception with me! And don't say that you don't want one. Your mates are going to be angry enough that you had an Ood wedding instead of one that they could see. At least give them a party. It's only polite."

The Doctor sighed heavily at that. "Oh, all right. Do what you want to. You'd just do it anyway."

"Of course I would. This is me we're talking about!" Donna chuckled. "Jack—it's Donna! You are never going to guess what just happened!"

A month or so later, the TARDIS landed outside of Horace's pub. Donna had already been dropped off a week before to plan the reception and give the couple a honeymoon. When they wandered into the pub, they were greeted by Donna, Jack, Martha, Mickey, Sarah Jane, Wilf, Sylvia, and even K-9. They gave everyone hugs and began to talk amongst themselves. Rose was catching up with Mickey and the Doctor was talking to Martha and Sarah Jane. Jack was too busy being introduced to Donna's family by Donna.

"How's the married life?" Rose asked Mickey with a smile.

He grinned. "Brilliant. Martha is incredible. She's the woman for me. I always thought it'd be the pair of us, but look at where we are now. Things have a way of working out, don't they?"

"Yeah. They do. You're still one of my best mates, Mickey. I mean it."

They embraced each other warmly. Meanwhile, the Doctor was at the table with K-9 at his feet and the ladies at his table. Sarah Jane and Martha were swapping embarrassing stories about the Doctor, particularly moments when it was obvious that he had feelings for Rose.

"You can stop now," he told them with a scowl.

"It's not our fault we have so much in common," Martha defended. "We're happy for you, Doctor. You're just too much fun to tease."

Sarah Jane laughed lightheartedly. "Really, you should see your expression right now."

"Affirmative," K-9 spoke from beside his chair.

He wanted to pull his hair out. "Oh, not you too! K-9, I thought you'd be on my side!"

They chuckled and Sarah Jane said seriously, "Congratulations, Doctor. I'm glad you found your lifelong assistant."

He smiled at them both. "Thank you, Sarah Jane and Martha. I'm lucky to have friends like you."

"Please. We're dysfunctional enough to be a family," Martha smirked.

Jack turned on the music from across the room. "The newlyweds get the first dance! C'mon you two! It's time to get this thing going!"

After the first dance, chaos ensued. Everyone took turns dancing with everyone else. By the end of the night, Martha and Mickey were together in the corner while Sarah Jane and K-9 were getting to know Wilf and Sylvia. Donna and Jack were dancing the night away and the Doctor and Rose were seated at the bar with an order of chips.

"Some party," he commented with a grin.

"I'm not sure which part was the best: K-9 dancing with Sylvia or Wilf wearing his coat like a wimple."

Smiling, he added, "Although, you can't forget when Mickey passed out on the counter and Martha put ice cubes down his jumper to wake him."

"Or Sarah Jane and Donna getting into that dance off."

"And Jack joining in."

They sniggered to themselves. "Funny how things work out, isn't it, Doctor?"

"Oh yes. And our song is just beginning, Rose Tyler. Why don't we go home?"

She looked around at everybody else. "What about the party?"

"Mickey drank himself into a coma, Martha isn't much better, Sarah Jane is comparing notes about being a mum with Sylvia, and Wilf is asleep with K-9."

Rose frowned. "What about Jack and Donna?"

"He and Ianto split apparently, and so it seems like he might be rejoining the TARDIS crew. Look for yourself."

She glanced and saw Donna and Jack snogging as they slow danced in a circle. Cheering, she embraced the Doctor. "Finally. That took them long enough. Not as long as us…"

"We were busy, remember?"

She smirked. "You and your excuses. Let's go home, husband. Quick as we can before anyone sees us sneaking out."

They stood up and he took her hand with a broad smile. "Run!"


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