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Harry's POV

"Today we will be brewing lust potions!" Slughorn announced, rather excitedly. A little too excitedly I thought to myself.

"Ought to snitch some to use on Hermione." Ron mumbled. I smirked.

"Right, so partners. Weasley and Finnigan. Longbottom and Granger. Malfoy and Potter."

"What?!" I yelled. "You must be joking!"

"Well I suppose I could switch-"

"That won't be necessary professor. I don't mind being paired with Potter." Malfoy interrupted. Slughorn nodded. I grudging rose from my seat, heading over to Malfoy's table.

"Oh don't get your knickers in a twist Potter, it's just for one class."

"Whatever." I muttered. My mind wandered as Malfoy began adding ingredients to the cauldron.

"Shit!" he cursed. I looked up just in time to see him slip his finger into his mouth. I gulped. Oh god, he was sucking on it. His tongue poked out just a smidge from between his pink lips. Dear god! My pants were beginning to feel a bit too tight. Without thinking I reached forward, pulling his finger from his mouth for examination.

"Pott-" he started.

"Professor I think Malfoy needs to go to the hospital wing." I cut him off. Please say yes, I've got to get him out of here!

"Right. Take him will you Mr. Potter." God dammit! Sighing I stood up from the table, pulling Malfoy along with me, ignoring the stares from the rest of the class. Once we were a ways from the door Malfoy stopped abruptly.

"What the hell Potter?! I don't need to go to the hospital wing, it's just a small cut." he said, glaring daggers at me. I swallowed. Even glaring he was gorgeous.

"W-well it might be infected." I said. As the words were leaving my mouth I didn't even believe them.
"Riiiiight. What the hell's up?" he asked.

"Um...Well I-"

"Out with it Potter." he demanded, backing me up against the wall. He was so close. I groaned, grabbing the front of his robes and yanking him against me, crushing out lips together. He froze for a moment before trying to shove me away. It was too late for that. I'd tasted him and I wanted more. Using my tongue I pried his lips apart before delving inside, sliding my tongue into every crevice. He moaned into my mouth then, bringing his hands up to tangle in my hair. My hands tightened on his waist, pulling him even closer. A slight tug on my hair made me pull away, gasping. We stood there for a moment, breathing hard. Malfoy was the first to speak.

"What was that about Potter?" he asked, arms still hooked around my neck.

"Guess." I panted. Smirking he brought one his hands down to brush against the front of my trousers.

"Gah-ah!" I moaned.

"Well, I'd say you like me Harry." he purred. "Would I be correct?"

I nodded quickly.

"Good. I like you too." he breathed, connecting our lips again. I smiled into the kiss before switching our positions so his back was pressed hard against the wall.

Who needs lust potions?

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