Hey! I have a new story! Obviously.

Enjoy the story! It is a little more romantic than other stories but is also full of action.

One more thing for this long author's note. This is a Larryboy Cartoon Adventure FanFict, not the Veggietales one. I like the Veggietales one too, but this isn't a Veggietales one. So yeah.

Chapter 1- Disappear

"Master Larry, do you see him?" Archibald said into a microphone.

" I think so," replied Larryboy, Bumblyburg's own superhero. He was in Bumblyburg while his friend, butler, confident, things like that, was right now at the LarryCave, Larryboy's secret underground headquarters tracking down the newest villain.

Suddenly, Larryboy could see a dark metallic robots rampaging through the city. It was the newest villain that went by the name "Black Titanium" since he obviously was a black titanium robot. It was merely more of a robotic suit since someone controlled it from inside. Larryboy had yet to find out who was inside it and see who Black Titanium really was.

Larryboy was driving in his LarryMobile. He passed by the park. As he zoomed by, he saw Vicki Cucumber. She was reporter for the local newspaper, the Daily Bumble and was collecting information.

Larryboy sighed. He always liked Vicki. He REALLY liked Vicki. In fact, today was the day he was about to make some kind of move on her. He finally worked up the courage...he thinks. He was just always mesmerised by her- her smile, her personality, her beauty, everything. Larryboy knew she was single. He was coming up to her when Archibald suddenly calls in about Black Titanium.

Larryboy found out about Black Titanium before. Just that past week the Black Titanium stole a prized object that every supervillain wanted to get their dirty hands on. It also happened to belong to Larryboy.

Archibald created a new gadget for Larryboy- a teleportation device. It was a metal rod that would teleport you to where ever you were thinking about. You would just have to hold it above your head.

After Larryboy used it to defeat villains many times, everyone knew how much power it could give one person. Every criminal knew that while Larryboy had it, they could not even show their faces on the streets. But if one of them had it, they would behold the power.

Just ten days ago the device went missing. Larryboy was holding it when a crowd of people surrounded him to cheer for him after his latest victory. In an instant, the device was gone. Someone grabbed it and teleported away.

Archibald tracked down the teleportation rod and found out Black Titanium had it. He did not know how Larryboy did not see a 10 foot black robot take it. But he did know that as soon as Larryboy got the teleportation rod back, it must be destroyed so that it did not fall into the wrong hands again. Larryboy was disappointed at this, but agreed since the Black Titanium used his teleportation device to pop up at random places and destroy them.

Larryboy hopped out of the machine and looked at Black Titanium.

"Stop right there dark robot!" he yelled. "Give me back my teleporter!"

Black Titanium started to run towards Larryboy. In one big robotic fist, he held the teleportation rod. Larryboy shot a plunger at it. He ended up sticking to Black Titanium's fist. Black Titanium simply swung Larryboy away into some nearby trash cans. When Larryboy looked out again, Black Titanium probably teleported again since he was gone.

"Master Larry!" Archibald yelled into his microphone, "I now tracked the device to-"

"Not now Archie!" panicked Larryboy, "I'll catch up on this later! I have to get to Vicki!"


"Larryboy over and out!" Larryboy yelled while he disconnected the call on his radio in a hurry. Then he ran back to the park.

When Larryboy arrived, he could still see Vicki. But he stopped walking when he saw her on a park bench next to someone else. He was a cucumber like Larryboy and Vicki with blonde hair and black clothing. What he heard Vicki say next made his heart stop.

"Sure. I'll definitely go out with you!" said Vicki excitedly, much to the other guy's pleasure. Not to Larryboy's.

Larryboy stared at them mouth open wide. He got down in the bushed before they saw him. He really wished he had the teleportation rod now. He wanted to teleport away. He could not believe it.

Larryboy just missed his chances with Vicki.

Black Titanium's name is kinda lame. I did not know what to name it so I just used this website that generated it.