Chapter 4- No More Secrets

Titan's yell shook Archibald's whole body. He trembled for a second and looked up at Titan.

Archibald stood up calmly and grasping the teleporter still, said, "I can explain."

"Explain what?" Titan said furiously,"You don't think I know what you've done? Following us. Listening to our conversations. Throwing papers at us. Stealing my tele-flashlight!" Titan said, burning with anger, "What's your deal? What's your secret?"

"My deal is that I know your secret. I know that your flashlight is actually a teleporter. Larryboy's teleporter. And I know you are really Black Titanium," Archibald said sternly but without shouting like Titan.

Vicki's eyes widened at this and she turned pale. She gasped and stumbled back away from Titan, knocking over her chair.

Seeing Vicki's reaction, Titan replied to Archibald, "What? Just leave us alone."

"Larryboy would like to know this,"Archibald began to say.

"Just leave us!" Titan yelled, "and give me back my...flashlight!" Then Titan jumped in to Archibald, reaching for the "flashlight." Archie threw/dropped the teleporter down the sidewalk and it rolled in to the street.

Before Archibald could jump for it, Titan pushed him down.

"Titan!" Vicki yelled.

Then Titan pulled out a metal disk out. He pressed a button on it and placed it on his chest, where it stayed. Suddenly, out of the metal disk, metal parts extended from it. Titanium parts extended from it. Black titanium parts.

Suddenly,a ten foot tall black robot stood before everyone. Archibald realized he was right about Black Titanium being Titan. In fact, Titan controlled the robot from inside.

The crowd screamed and scattered. Vicki started to do the same, but then Black Titanium grabbed her.

Archibald lay on the ground as he watched Vicki screaming in terror as Black Titanium held her in one claw while he picked up the teleporter in the other.

From inside Black Titanium, a small window about a meter tall opened up. Titan popped up and yelled out loud, "Where's your superhero now when you need him?" Then he started laughing wickedly as the window closed. Then, holding the teleporter to the robot's chest, which was closest to Titan's head inside, Black Titanium and Vicki disappeared.

Archibald's mind then returned to Larryboy. He immediately started to go back to the mansion as fast as he could.

Besides, they needed a hero of some sort.

Did you forget about Larryboy while Archibald was out spying? Of course not, you can't forget him!