A/N: I do not own Sailor Moon. I know I'm writing A Clearer Future and Changes, but I couldn't resist.

Usagi was running through the streets in her pyjamas and a cardigan looking for the runaway Rini yet again. She was so tired of having to run after that brat, but she knew she had a duty to protect the inicent even if they weren't all that inicent.

She kept running and running, and suddenly she heard a scream, and a bright light shone in the sky, she knew Rini was in trouble, and ran straight for that direction.

Upon coming up to where they were, she could see the Akyashi sisters trying to capture her yet again.

Holding her compact close to her mouth, so she doesn't get heard by the sisters or Rini, she kisses her compact.

When her lips met the compact it opened and the crystal sparkled into life.

'Hold it!' she shouts.

'Ah, Sailor Moon just in time' says Petz who is holding Rini by the neck.

While Petz is distracted Rini manages to bite Petz's hand 'Ouch! the little brat bit me!' Petz screamed dropping Rini.

Rini ran and hid behind Sailor Moon, 'Droid hipnotica come forth' orders Petz

'Yessss master' says Hipnotica

'Get Sailor Moon' orders Petz, 'We will leave you to it' and the two sisters vanish.

'You are sleepy' says Hipnotica

'I'm not even tired' says Sailor Moon

A weird light the appears coming out of Hipnotica's horn thingy.

It bathes Sailor Moon in its light and she starts feeling tired.

'Run, Rini' says Sailor Moon barely suppresing a yawn.

She drops to her knees, and Rini starts screaming.

The other scouts have now appeared, in time to hear Sailor Moon say 'Good night'.

Sailor Jupiter ran forward just in time to catch her leader 'What happened Rini?' she asks

'It's all my fault' says Rini who instantly starts crying.

Sailor Venus kneels down and embraces the child, giving her comfort, trying to calm her down to get an explaination.

Everytime they try to ask her something, she just crys harder.

They decide to let her calm down on her own.