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Chapter 10.

Trunks tried to move, he was so sore from whatever form over travel they just used.

Groaning he sat up, and placed his forhead in his hands, he felt a headache thumping at the back of his head.

His senses were still in overdrive from all the power she used, yet he could feel next to no ki coming from her.

Finally remembering that he was not alone, he shot up to find that he couldn't fly.

Looking around he spotted golden tresses spread around a body lying not too far away from him.

The gravity was intense, and he found it difficult to move.

Before he could think much further he felt another strong ki, headed right for them.

Dropping into a fighting stance, he was ready for whatever was to appear out of that purple orb.


Touching the ground, the light cleared and he could see clearly again.

They were in a tangled heap from the turbulence during the travel, after they successfully untangled themselves blushing heavily.

Gohan looked around them, none of the surroundings were familiar.

'Where are we?' he asked.

She turned to him her face features sad, looking behind her he saw... no it couldn't be, could it? before he could think further he fainted.

Hotaru and Trunks sweat dropped, 'Exactly where are we?' he prompted.

Shaking her head she pointed towards a light that was hovering over the figure with the golden tresses.

Not sure on how to react to the light, he prepared to fight once more.

Putting her arm in front of him stopping his movements, she shook her head in a gesture meaning no.

Confused, he could only watch as the light solidified to form a small fairy like woman.


'Welcome to my home my children, Princess Hotaru of Saturn and Prince Trunks of Vegetasei, it is nice to see you again' she said warmly

'Thank you for protecting my daughter as you always have Hotaru, our kingdom is in your dept' she said solemly.

A bright bliding light shot from the blonds brow and they found themselves in some sort of dome, and what looked like rubble.

Hotaru turned to Trunks 'Welcome to what remains of the Silver Palace of the Silver Millenium' she said sadly.

'You have met my hime, but are yet to know her name, I introduce to you Princess Serenity heir to the Silver Imperium Crystal' said Hotaru

'Why were we brought here your highness?' asked Hotaru

'No need to be so formal Hotaru, I am no longer Queen' said Selenity

'We are here so Usagi can get her full powers and also learn of her father, as well as give you your powers' she said further

'I thought I was already at my maximum, said Hotaru

'No you're not, you will continually grow in power to meet the needs of protecting those around you, there will be a time when it no longer grows, when your children take up your posts and you become queens of your own respective planets' she instructed.

'Now to save Usagi's life I'm going to need your help Trunks' she said

'Me, how can I possibly help?' he asked

'Simple' she said with a smirk


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