Chapter 2

Jupiter puts her leader undearneath a nearby shelter, on the bench. Settling her leaders head on her lap, 'She's so cold!' exclaims Jupiter.

Mercury touches her earring and her visor covers her eyes, pulling out her mini computer of her subspace pocket. 'You guys comethings sapping her life at a defying speed, if we don't do something soon, she'll dye.' explains Mercury sadly.

Luna thinking theres only one person who could help, runs off to find Darien.

Coming up to his apartment, she jumps through and straight onto the lap of Tuxedo Kamen.

Shocked Luna shouts 'Why are you ignoring your bond?' she asks.

'I need to keep away from her, to protect her' says Darien sadly.

'Well you staying away from her doesn't seem to be protecting her very well' yells Luna

'What!, they told me she would be safe' yells Darien

'Who is they?' asks Luna suspiciously

'Never mind that, whats wrong with Serena?' asks Darien

'Something is killing her, she's in a coma and won't wake up, and so long as she stays in this was she will die as it slowly saps her life energy' says Luna sadly.

'Alright I'll come' says Darien


Mercury is knelt holding Sailor Moon's hand, Jupiter is stroking her hair, with her head in her lap, Venus is comforting Rini and Mars is pacing.

They hear a motorcycle pull up, turning they see Tuxedo Kamen on Dariens bike.

'About time you got her' screamed Raye.

All the girls are currently giving him evils, he sees Jupiter sat on the bench and finally spots Serena, looking pale.

He blanches not sure what to do, before he can move a bright light appears and a figure appears.

'You disgust me Tuxedo Mask, not coming to your beloved's aid due some silly dreams' says a male voice

The girls all look up at him shocked, Rini walks up to him 'How could you?' cried Rini she then kicked him in the shin and ran and hid behind Raye.

All the girls smirked at the girls attempt at protecting their leader.

'So who might you be?' asks Luna

'I'm surprised you don't recognise him sister' states the cat beside him

'No, it can't be, they died on the Moon' Luna spots the sun mark on his companion cats head 'Apollo!, I saw you die on the moon'

'Yes, sister, I also saw you die too, but yet here you stand' said Apollo

The figure steps into the light, 'Daddy' screams Rini and runs and hugs him.

'Rini,I come from the future to help Sailor Moon' explains the man. Rini looks at him confused.

'Now for introductions, I am Apollo, guardian of the Prince of Solaria the kingdon of the sun!' said Apollo, 'the man next to me is said Princeexplains Apollo.

'I don't remember a Prince of the Sun, and why do you look just like me' says Tuxedo Kamen snidley

Stepping forward, 'No you wouldn't cousin, since your armies kept us busy on Earth during the fight' explained the Prince

He turned his blue eyes onto his sleeping princess, 'I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from this guy in this life either, I am yet to awaken my memories in this time, you will see me again in a few years', he leans down and kisses Serena on the lips. Rini gasps, before she can ask him why he disappeared.

Everyone is stood shocked, before they can get their wits about them, Sailor Moon stirs 'What happened you guys?' she asked.

Everyone is releived, all the girls run to hug her, looking up she sees Darien, did he save me she asks herself. No he couldn't have, he doesn't love me no more.

'Darien why can't we be together anymore, why don't you love me' asks Sailor Moon

'I just don't love you anymore Serena' he turns to leave.

With his back turned the others didn't see the tears running down his face.