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Chapter 4:

Standing in the doorway of the darkened room they watched their princess sleep, their faces grim and their posture tense.

Usually calm Hotaru stood their her hands balled into tight fists, her nails embedded almost drawing blood. Her usually kind and happy eyes a light amythsyt, now dark light storm clouds before the strom breaks.

Haruka stood feet shoulder width apart, arms crossed her whole aura tense and ready to pounce. Her usually emotionless face drawn in a sneer, her eyes so full of her emotions she usually kept well in check.

Her partner Michiru stood quitely watching her partner with worry clear in her features, she reaches a hand to calm her partner, Haruka fliches from the brief touch jaring her out of her dark thoughts.

'I'm sorry to pull you thoughts, I'm worried about our Hime-sama she still hasn't woken yet' said Michiru.

Hearing a whimper and seeing a frown cross her hime's face, Hotaru walked across to her and touched her face and screamed. Her skin was so hot to the touch, and her crescent moon was still shining the only light in the dark room.

Michiru using her powers while holding Hotaru's hand ran healing water over her burn, so it would calm the skin and stop it from blistering.

'I think we're out of our depth here, I think we need to locate Ami and ask her opinion' said Haruka.


Haruka paced backwards and forwards across the loungeroom, running her hand through her hair cursing under her breath.

Michiru raised a finely groomed eyebrow, not used to this side of Haruka.

Hotaru sat on the floor using the coffee table as a desk, she was holding a pencil in her hand having ceased her colouring to watch Haruka pace.

Sensing someone at the door Haruka stormed over to the front door and threw it open harshly, not looking she snaps at the visitor 'What do you want' she snarls.

'Now that's not very nice Haruka-chan' said Mina pouting.

Surprise lit up Haruka's face 'What you guys doing here?' she asked.

'I'm guessing you weren't expecting us, by chance would you know the where abouts of Usagi-chan?' asked Ami

Haruka's features sombered from a change in mood 'You better come in' her voice grim.

The inners just looked at each other confused, shrugging they followed the wind senshi in the house.


'We ere just thinking of coming to find you guys, how did you guys know to come here?' asked Haruka

'Honestly Haruka we dont know, one minute we are talking at the shrine next minute at your door' said Rei

'I think our Hime has something to do with this, maybe she called for you with the crystal after all her emotions affect the crystal its possible that knowing she needed you brought you here' said Setsuna.

'You're talking about teleportation aren't you Setsuna?' asked Ami

Turning to look towards the hallway that lead to the room where she was resting, she looked worriedly hoping her Hime was okay.

While the others were busy talking in the lounge room Hotaru showed Ami to the room where their Hime was resting.

'How's your hand Hotaru?' asked Ami

'It's fine, nothing compared to what Hime is going through' said Hotaru

Ami was prepared to enter a dark room, but the room was far from it.

Kneeling beside the princess she took our her Mercury computer and was currently scanning her, the others all followed and were stood in various positions around the room.

'What's wrong with her Ami?' asked Haruka.

'I'm unsure she appears to be in perfect health, what's wrong with her now doesn't appear to be physical' said Ami

Usagi's compact opened and the crystal floated out, letting off a blinging silver light.

'What's going on?' asked Rei

'I don't know' answered Ami

'Maybe I can be off assitance', they all looked up from Usagi and all dropped onto bended knee.

'Your highness, it is good to see you again' said Setsuna.


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