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Chapter 8:

Trunks stood there watching the two, they were in his dreams last night too.

He watched as they hugged, oblvious to those around them.

The girls blonde head raised, and her eyes met his, her eyes a pure blue the colour of sapphires, they were like a portal to her soul.

She smiled at him, it was wide and filled with happiness, his heart skipped a beat in excitement and he smiled back.

'If you guys don't come in and join us, glutton over here is going to eat it all' said Chi Chi

Goku sat there happily stuffing his face, not caring if people were watching his enjoyment.

They had only just sat down when they felt evil, standing quickly and running out the door, without so much of an explanation.

As she ran out the door Trunks got a glimpse of her face, it was grim and tense.

Getting up her followed, the others curious as well followed.


Usagi was stood hugging the happy Hotaru, she didn't understand why she was so happy to see her.

She could feel someone watching her, looking up her eyes met the most gorgeous ocean blue eyes she had ever seen.

Thinking about her dreams last night, she smiled at him and when he smiled back her heart did flip flops with joy.

She still couldn't understand what the dreams meant, or all these new feelings, all she wanted to do was go up and ravish him.

As if sharing the same thoughts he blushed, her tummy grumbled making its presence known.

'If you guys don't come in and join us, glutton over here is going to eat it all' said Chi Chi

Goku sat there happily stuffing his face, not caring if people were watching his enjoyment.

Only just sitting down to eat, they felt an immense evil energy headed their way.

Usagi turned to meet Hotaru's eyes, she nodded that she too had felt it.

With little or no explanation the ran out the door.


The others ran out side and were just in time to see Usagi get flung, the sound of her head hitting a nearby tree made them wince.

Goku stood watching from the doorway, worried for the girl 'Trunks go check that she's okay' he intructed.

'There's something about that girl that brings out my protectiveness, something like protecting Gohan or Goten, I wonder if she could be...' his thoughts were interupted by a whack on the head by a magical frypan.

He turned to see his wife glaring daggers at him 'What are you standing here for, out kids are out there, get moving' she instructed.

Grumbling under his breath he teleported and ended up stood next to Vegeta 'So what do we do now Kakorot?' he asked

'We can't fight this evil, but we may as well try' entering a fighting stance the two grinned at each other, about to enjoy the fight.


Trunk reached the spot where she'd hit the tree, he couldn't find her anywhere, surely she'd be out, looking around he found a trail of blood.

Following the trail it lead him to the clearing where they found them two nights prior, she was laying on the hill, her pjs tattered and torn and covered in blood.

Walking up to her, he could see the dried up blood that was earily coming from a cut to her temple, it was now healed.

'Just who or what is this girl?' he thought.

As he leant over to check her pulse, he saw a strange mark on her forhead 'I'm not familar with that symbol' he thought.

Just as he reached forward to touch her neck a blinding silver light shot out of the symbol, straight to the empty sky above.

To say he was shocked was an understatement, it was a white orb floating above the atmosphere, it wasn't in his schools teachings.

A link had established between the orb and the girl, and he could see what looked like energy being transfered.

He could also see her colour was returning, to what he considered would be normal.

Looking to her right he could see her hand was tightly clasped around something, opening her grip he found what appeared to be glass shards.

'How'd she get that?' he thought.

Her stirring brought him back from her thoughts, she whispered something in a language he didn't understand.

Before he could protect himself, he was surrounded in a great warm silver light, he managed to open his eyes while shielding them, he could see the light was being generated by the shards in her hand.

He went to stand, before he could they disappeared.


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