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Blair was sitting next to Soul, while he was asleep. She was planning to give him a nosebleed, but that was getting old. She was bored.

Then she thought of Soul and Maka's relationship, and how they obviously had feelings for each other. She formulated a plan to help out the partners. She pointed her finger at Soul and recited, "Pum-pum-pum-pumpkin!" She watched Soul transform with a smirk. She slinked out, and transformed into her cat form, curled up into a cat, and attempted to look innocent.

"Soul, you should-HOLY DEATH!" Maka exclaimed. Where Soul was supposed to be, there was a cat with fur the same color as Soul's gravity-defying hair.

Please not be Soul, please not be soul, please not be Soul, Maka thought. The feline opened his eyes, and surely enough, they were a crimson red, just like Soul's. "Soul!"

He stretched. "Mew?" When he realized that he just meowed, he started panicking. "Meow meow meeow!" He shook his head rpidly. He was most likely thinking, This is so uncool.

"Soul, calm down! I'll go get Blair." Maka said, trying to calm Soul down.

Blair was sitting on the couch in human form, "Why hello, Maka. Can I help you?"

"Yeah! Soul was turned into a cat, and I don't know why. Can you turn him back?"

"Hm... I don't know."

"Oh come ON. You're a freaking magical cat!"

"Fine~! I'll go talk to Soul. Oh, speak of the devil."

Soul had padded through the door. "Meow?" I heard my name?

"Mrow meow!" What happened? Blaire replied.

"Mroooow!Meow meow mrow!" I don't know~! Maka woke me up like this!


"So can you turn him back?" Maka asked, the raw hope unconcealed in her eyes.

"I don't know. I'm gonna need Dr. Stein's help. You may as well alert Death. Wanna come with me?" Blaire asked.

"Sure!" Maka replied. She picked up Soul, and they walked out. Soul wriggled in Maka's arms.

"Meow!" Let go!

Maka ignored his mewling. She started absentmindedly scratching behind his ears. Soul stopped wriggling, and started purring. He leaned into her scratch.

"Let's take his motorcycle!" Blair exclaimed.

"Meow meow MEOW! meow meow meow MEOW!" No way in HELL missy! That thing cost a fortune and it's GENUINE leather! Soul objected.

"Um...I don't think Soul wants us to..." Maka said.

"Don't be silly!" Blair said, completely ignoring Soul's protests.

Blair managed to scratch the motorcycle on the way, and now Soul was mewling as if he was dying.

"Meow! Meow meow meow!" No! What have you done Blair!

"Pum-pum-pum-pumpkin!" Blair fixed up his motorcycle. Soul immediately latched himself to her leg and rubbed his head against her leg, purring. This greatly annoyed Maka.

"Ya ya! What brings you here, Blair!" Death greeted them.

"Soul was turned into a cat, sir." Maka said.

Death leaned out of his resident mirror, inspecting Soul.

"Spirit, get off of Maka and get Dr. Stein please." he said.

Spirit was attached to Maka's leg in a way reminiscent of the way Soul did to Blair, and Maka was about to Maka Chop the living daylights out of him. He stood up and straightened his shirt. "Oh course." He walked out, not noticing the raspberry Soul (tried) to give him behind his back.

Soul padded over to Maka and meowed, demanding to be picked up. He scratched at her legs. When she picked him up, he involuntarily snuggled into her.

Spirit returned with Dr. Stein.

"I'm gonna have to examine him..." Dr. Stein said, grinning widely. Soul tried to wiggle out of grip, but it was useless.

"Let me come with you!" Maka said, not really trusting Dr. Stein. Ever since the accident in Italy, Dr. Stein wanted to dissect Soul.

Dr. Stein sighed. "Fine. You ruin all the fun." He mumbled the last part under his breath.

They took him to the infirmary. Everything was fine, and apparently Soul's stomach was ticklish. Maka filed that for later.

"Maka, he's going to be like this for two weeks."

"TWO WEEKS!" Maka yelled at the same time Soul meowed the cat equivalent. Apparently he could understand English.

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