BASS the (Turtle)Tortoise

Maura and Jane had a weekend off from work. They planned a romantic weekend just the two of them. Wanting privacy they decided to stay at Jane's apartment. Jane helped Maura bring Bass to Jane's apartment . Bass was a little ill so Maura wanted to keep an eye on him over the weekend. But it was no easy feat when you have a 200 pound tortoise to move from one place to another . But thankfully they were helped by Jane's burly weight lifter neighbor Johnny who lived two doors down. They thanked Johnny once they got Bass inside.

Jo Friday was with Angela for the weekend . Maura and Jane start settling in for their romantic weekend. Maura started putting the groceries away that they had bought for their weekend . Jane came over and grabbed a beer and a kiss from Maura.

" Jane I do not see the strawberries we bought for Bass . All I see is our chocolate covered ones. Did we bring everything up from your car? "

Jane picked up one of the chocolate covered ones and took a bite from it. Then offered Maura a bite which she took. " I brought every thing up Maura they must not of put it in our bag. Can't Bass just eat these chocolate covered ones? "

Maura made a disapproving face and said " It won't hurt him but it is really not a healthy choice for him. "

Jane came up behind Maura and pulled her into a hug . She rested her head on Maura's shoulder and said in Maura's ear " Ah let him live a little this weekend and have some chocolate. "

Maura turned her head and kissed Jane " Jane if he gets sick from them you have to clean it up. "

" Ah he will be alright. " Jane picked out a fresh strawberry and bent down and fed it to Bass. Bass ate it . " See Maura he likes them. "

Maura fixed a plate of healthy food for Bass. She bent down and gave it to him. Maura started to walk out of the kitchen. When Jane grabbed another strawberry and put it on Bass's plate.

" There you go buddy that ones for dessert." Jane and Maura both laughed as Bass ate the strawberry first.

" Jane you are a bad influence on him. "

The couple settled down in the living room . They were sitting on the couch cuddling watching TV.

" Jane...? "

Jane looks up from Maura's lap. Where her head was positioned. " What Sweetie ? "

Hesitantly Maura wondered if she should ask Jane a question. She wanted to try something new in the bedroom. But knew she had to approach new sexual things slowly with Jane. Jane tended to be a little skittish. Even though Jane had been open to everything she had suggested so far. But this next thing she was going to suggest might be a little too much for Jane. Considering Jane had been tied up before by criminals and held hostage. So Jane might not be opened to willingly let her handcuff her and have sex with her. But Maura thought it could not hurt to ask. Because she really wanted to do this with Jane. It had been her fantasy for a long time.

" I was thinking ."

Teasing Jane cut her off " Oh no I'm in trouble when you start thinking."

Maura smiled and playfully smacked Jane on her forearm. " Jane … I have had this fantasy... and well.."

Jane let out a long breath " Another one? …. Geez Maura how many more you got? Why don't you just show me the list? Which I know you must have somewhere. Let me know what I'm in for here. Or if I need to take out more life insurance. " Jane grinned at Maura waiting for her reaction. Jane didn't want Maura to know how much she really enjoyed all the new sexual things they had been doing. But she really did like it.

Smiling down looking into Jane's face. " Life insurance really? No …. I was well I want to ..." Maura started getting nervous . Flashes of Jane's ordeals with Hoyt started running through her thoughts.

" Out with it Maura. What's the worse that can happen. I say no . No big deal. We then just go down to the next thing on your list." She smiled and pulled Maura down for a kiss.

Maura gathered up her courage and asked " Well Jane I would like to try maybe using handcuffs."

Jane physically flinched but tried to recover quickly before Maura noticed. But Maura noticed right away.

" Jane it's okay we do not have to really it is not a big deal. " Although it really was a big deal to Maura . For some reason Maura could not stop thinking about this one fantasy. But she would try to forget it. If it really upset Jane so much.

Jane stayed quiet for awhile not making eye contact with Maura . While she was still laying her head in Maura's lap. Then knowing she was taking to long to answer Maura. Jane said. " I just need some time to think about okay. I'm not saying no but just let me think about okay? Let's finish watching this movie then I'll answer okay? "

" Jane there is no rush you can think about it for as long as it takes to make you feel comfortable. We do not even have to do it or think about it this weekend if you do not want to. I certainly do not want to pressure you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable. Jane nodded in agreement.

They were both quiet and deep in thought throughout the rest of the movie. As soon as soon as the credits started to roll. Jane shot up " Let's do it... I'm guessing you want to put the handcuffs on me right? " Maura nodded yes. " Okay Maura let's go to the bedroom. "

Jane turned off the TV and took Maura by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Jane went to her gun belt and pulled her handcuffs out . Then she handed them to Maura. Maura noticed the slight trembling of Jane's hand as she handed her the cuffs.

Maura took Jane's hand into hers " Jane we do not have to do this really. If it is making your hand tremble like this. I love you I do not want to do anything to hurt you or make you uncomfortable."

Jane smiled thankful Maura was trying to be understanding. Jane looked her in the eyes and got serious " Maura sweetie I need to do this..for me too...I'm just so tired of being afraid and scared. I think this might be a step in the right direction to take back the control of my life. " Jane smiled and crooked her head sideways thinking about what she just said. Thinking that it didn't sound right. So she jokingly said it out loud again trying to explain it to herself. " So I am going to try and take back control of my life. By giving you all the control of my body. Nope that still sounds wrong... But Maura you know what I mean don't you? "

Maura laughed and nodded " Yes I do Jane come here. "

Maura opened her arms for Jane and held them out . Jane walked into her arms and Maura held Jane tightly and kissed her .

" Are you really sure Jane? "

Jane nodded yes. Maura smiled and said " Well then you are wearing too many clothes. Let me help you with that."

Jane smiled as Maura started slowly undressing her. " Maura I believe the same could be said about you. I'll help you ." Jane started kissing her and quickly undressing Maura . Jane wanted Maura naked first.

Once they were both naked Maura sat on the bed and patted the bed for Jane to sit on. Jane froze and was having flashes of that psycho who had cuffed her to the bed and thought she was his wife.

" Maura I don't think I can do this on the bed . It's too much like what he did ….."

Realizing what Jane was saying Maura said " Oh God I am sorry I was not thinking. Of course … Jane I forgot he had duplicated your bedroom. I am so sorry ….I Jane.."

Jane came over and took Maura into her arms She said into Maura's ear " No no Maura it's okay …. I think maybe if I'm just not on the bed …..I'll be okay. " Jane pulled out of the embrace and kissed Maura .

Jane looked around the room. She said " Maybe at the end of the bed on the floor. That way I will be facing the opened door and I won't feel so trapped. What do think would that work for you? "

Maura kissed Jane . Then she said as she looked over the area Jane pointed out. " Yes. Well I think we definitely need to put down a lot of pillows to lay on. " Maura looked to Jane . Jane nodded in agreement.

Jane and Maura threw all the pillows and cushions from her living room and bedroom onto the bedroom floor. It was like a little bed on the floor at the end of the bed facing the opened door.

Maura stood back and looked at it " Well I think we are ready . Last chance to back out Jane? "

Jane smiled and sat down onto the makeshift bed. Jane gave Maura a sexy smile and started curling and uncurling her index finger at Maura for her to come to her. Maura smiled and came over and knelt in front of Jane . She gave her a passionate kiss then said " At any time you want to stop we will stop okay? " Jane nodded yes " Okay I'm going to put the handcuffs on now? "

Maura took Jane's arms and lifted them up over her head and cuffed her hands together and hooked the handcuffs through the bed frame. That way Jane could either sit or lay down. Then Maura slowly ran her hands down over Jane's breasts. Jane closed her eyes and let out a small moan. And then Maura pulled on the handcuffs to make sure they were not too tight.

" Comfortable? " Jane nodded yes. " Okay now Jane I need to go into the kitchen and get some things. I will be right back. Yell if you need me Okay? " Jane nodded again and Maura leaned over and kissed Jane. Then got up and left for the kitchen.

Maura gathered up everything she needed and came back in to the bedroom. She sat the tray of goodies down on the floor next to Jane. Then Maura sat down beside Jane so close that their thighs were touching . She put her arm around Jane's shoulder . And pulled her closer to her and kissed her.

Maura picked up a chocolate covered strawberry and held it up to Jane's lips. Jane licked it with her long tongue. As Maura watched her she was biting her own bottom lip. Then Maura moved the strawberry closer to Jane's lips. Jane sucked it halfway into her mouth. Then swirled her tongue around it. Maura was getting aroused . She could feel herself soaking the pillow beneath her as she watched Jane .

Maura heard Bass make a noise in the kitchen. It made her jump and the strawberry fell out of fingers and fell down in between Jane's legs. They both looked down at the strawberry and back up at each other. They both smiled as they saw the lust in the others eyes. Maura started lowering her head to go down between Jane's legs and retrieve the strawberry.

Before she could act on it they heard a loud crash. Maura jumped up and went to investigate. Maura went to the kitchen and saw Bass. He had knocked over a bag of Jo Friday's dog food. And the food was everywhere in the kitchen. Maura panicked as Bass was headed to the food. She grabbed a broom and swept the food as far away from Bass as she could. Then she ran back into the bedroom.

Jane looked worried and started pulling on the cuffs to get loose. " What! What is it? Get me out of theses cuffs. Maura talk to me ."

Maura took a deep breath " Bass he knocked over Jo's dog food and it is everywhere on the floor. "

Jane laughed and was confused as to what the problem was " Maura calm down. Just unlock these cuffs and I'll clean it up. "

Maura still looked panic stricken . " Jane you do not understand. It is dangerous for a tortoise to ingest dog food. It could really make him deathly ill. I have to get it all cleaned up before he eats some of it. "

Understanding now Jane nods " Maura quick get the keys And unlock these cuffs and we can both get it cleaned up before Bass can eat the dog food Okay? "

" Yes yes okay . Where are your keys? " Maura asked Jane.

" I think they are on my key chain. My keys are on the kitchen counter. Next to where the dog food … was. " Jane struggled with the hand cuffs trying to get loose.

Maura went to retrieve the keys. She saw Bass once again headed for the dog food. " Bass NO! She pushed the tortoise away with her foot. Then took the broom and quickly swept the food in the opposite way Bass was traveling. Maura's backside knocked into the counter and knocked over a bottle of champagne she had been chilling in a bucket of ice. It went crashing to the floor. The bottle broke and the champagne and glass spilled all over the dog food .She panicked and began sweeping the mess best she could away from Bass. She looked for the key chain and found it on the floor in the dog food. She picked them up and went back to the bedroom.

Nervously she asked " Jane which key is it? " She held the keys in front of Jane's face.

Jane looked but didn't see the key. Then Jane remembered " Oh Shit! Maura I left them on my other gun belt at your house. You are going to have to go get them. "

Maura still panicky " I can't leave. I broke a bottle of champagne on top of the dog food. It is a real mess. I have to clean it up before Bass eats any of it . Let me go get Johnny so he can keep Bass away from the mess .While I go get the keys. "

Jane's eyes got big " No! God no Maura . He can't see me like this. Now wait there has to be a way we can do this without involving other people. Give me a second. " Jane was thinking. Maura was nervously tapping her foot. Then Maura grabbed her clothes and started putting them on.

" Maura look in my closet. I think I still have that safety dog gate Ma gave me when I got Jo. That would keep Bass out of the kitchen till we get it clean up. "

A look of relief washed over Maura's face. She ran to the closet. She started throwing things out looking for the safety gate. " Oh Yay! " Maura had found it and pulled it out of it's box. She looked at Jane and said " I am just going to go put this up and I will be right back. " Maura leans down and kisses Jane .

Relieved Jane says " Well I'm just glad I remembered that I had it. "

Maura took the gate and went to the kitchen and set it up. Once it was up she shook it to test it to see if it was strong enough to keep Bass out. And it was. She then went back to check on Jane.

" Maura could you get me a blanket or something. I'm getting cold. "

Maura smiles and teases Jane " Of course sorry I should have gotten you one earlier. But you just look so sexy sitting there naked. "

Jane smiles and blushes " Maura stop it. Just get me a blanket . "

Maura takes a blanket from the bed and puts it around Jane and kisses her. Then takes a look under the blanket at Jane's naked body. Maura laughs and kisses Jane again and says " I need something to think about while I drive to my house. "

Jane smirks " Maura please go get my keys. We will have plenty of naked time later. "

Maura smiles " Mmmm naked time I like the sound of that. Jane baby do you need anything before I go? Maybe something to drink?"

" How bought some champagne? "

Maura gave Jane a mean look. " That is not funny Jane. That champagne was that champagne you liked so much at Garrett's family house. "

Very disappointed " Oh no I loved that champagne . Damn! "

" Language Jane. But yes I know you liked it. That is why I bought two bottles. I put the other bottle on ice for later."

Jane smiled " Really ?! Thanks Maura. Listen I don't need anything. Why don't you just go and get the key. " Maura leaned over and kissed Jane. And started to leave . " Hurry but be safe Maura."

" I will . Jane do not go anywhere. " Maura saw Bass headed for the kitchen. She gave him a shove with her foot and he started heading toward the bedroom. Maura thought that would be okay he could keep Jane company while she was gone. Maura was at the door when she heard Jane yell from the bedroom.

" Not Funny Maura!"

Maura laughed as she left and drove to her house.

Jane sat there bored to death. Then she saw Bass moving inside the bedroom doorway. " Well well well Look who it is, the trouble making turtle . And I even gave you chocolate covered strawberries. What do you have to say for yourself? You know I was going to have sex with your Mom. Is that why you did it? "

Bass was silent just staring at the naked Detective cuffed to the bed. Jane huffed " I thought so. Nothing to say for yourself. Go on out of here . I'm going to take a nap until Maura comes back. " As if the tortoise understood Jane Bass turned and left the bedroom. " Yeah that's what I thought you know who's the boss around here. Go on and leave. " Jane got comfortable and quickly fell asleep .

Sometime later Jane felt something heavy on her legs underneath the blanket. Jane couldn't move her legs. Still not completely awake she thought it was Maura. Jane had not opened her eyes yet. She could feel something rub on her thigh . It felt good and Jane moaned softly.

Maura was walking in the door to Jane's apartment . And she heard Jane moan. She thought maybe Jane was in pain. So she hurriedly ran to the bedroom. Maura saw Jane sitting there naked and handcuffed to the bed. The blanket had fell down to her waist. Jane's eyes were closed. And there was something moving under the blanket between Jane's legs. Jane moaned softly again. She still thought it was Maura. Maura saw something move again and saw a tail a tortoise tail. She put her hand over her mouth trying to hide her smile. It was Bass. Bass had crawled under Jane's blanket. And had made Jane moan (in pleasure). Maura started giggling.

" Jane should I be jealous? "

" Maura what are you talking about? " Jane finally opened her eyes and saw Maura standing in the doorway of the bedroom. Jane was still sleepy and now confused. She looked at the blanket then at Maura. She still wasn't getting it.

Maura moved toward her and pulled the blanket off her and Bass. Jane's eyes got big as saucers and she screamed.

" What the fuck?! Get off me. Maura I can't move ! It's touching my thigh! " Maura was laughing hard at the situation. Jane was squirming trying to get out from underneath the turtle. But her hands were still cuffed. And the weight of Bass on her thighs made it impossible for her to move.

" Oh! Ewwww! it's got a tongue Maura and it's touching my leg. Maura help me please. Stop laughing Maura. "

Maura was doubled over laughing. But she grabbed hold of Bass's shell and tried to pull him off her girlfriend. " Bass get off Jane... She's my girlfriend." Giggling but still pulling on the shell. But Bass wasn't budging.

" Maura I swear to God if this turtle touches my vagina in any way shape or form. I'm going to shoot it. Maura get the key and unlock the cuffs. .. Ewwww Ewww Ewww! It's got a head and it moved Maura."

Maura ran to get the key . She ran back in looking through the keys for the key to the handcuffs. " Jane calm down Bass is not going to hurt you. And yes he has a head and a tongue. They are not going to hurt you. Let me ask you something. Is that strawberry still between your legs? "

" Yea Maura it is but now is not the time . Get this turtle off of me. … Wait you know what just get me my gun. I'll just shoot it . "

Maura laughing finds the handcuff keys. Maura starts unlocking the cuffs. " Jane tortoise not turtle. And you are not going to shoot Bass... And I was not coming on to you about the strawberry. I was just going to say that is what Bass was probably after. "

The handcuffs finally unlocked and off Jane pushed Bass off her. She then held the blanket up over herself clinging to her chest. " My God Maura get that thing out of here or I will shoot it."

Maura runs to the kitchen and gets a chocolate cover strawberry. Comes back and holds it in front of Bass and leads him out of the bedroom with it. Maura throws it to the living room . And she watches in amazement as Bass almost runs after the strawberry.

Maura closes the bedroom door so Bass can not come back in. " See he was after the strawberry not your vagina. " Maura laughed and sat down next to Jane.

" Maura it's not funny." Jane smiles at Maura. " Well maybe a little. " They both start to laugh.

" You know Jane if you had not given him that first strawberry this would not have happened. "

Jane laughs and teases Maura " Give me my gun . I'm going to shoot you both. That way there won't be any witnesses to what happened to me."

Maura laughs and nods Maura reaches under the covers and retrieves the strawberry from in between Jane's legs. She then takes a bite out of it " Mmmmm Jane it taste like you sooo good . No wonder Bass wanted some so badly. Here take a bite. "

Jane leans over and kisses Maura. Then takes a bite of the strawberry. " I feel so dirty. I need a shower. "

Maura and Jane both break out in a fit of laughing and giggling.