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Danny POV:

Wow. That is the only thing going on in my mind. I really look hansom if I don't say so myself. As soon as I had gotten into Jump City, I saw a huge shopping mall and decided to check it out.

I was really cautious and paranoid about going in but I decided I had waited and put it off for as long as possible. So I had slouched down and came in with a crowd of people. Now listen, I'm the type of guy who hates shopping and will never go just to please a girl.

I went into the first boys clothing store I could find, which happened to be named Ghosts and Ghouls, Beware! I snickered a little at the ending, reminding me about the Box Ghost. Maybe I should find a way to hide my ecto-signature. It's a surprise no ghosts have come after me yet.

As I came in, the store gave the impression of a gothic hangout. Everyone was dressed in black, had on black make-up, pale skin, and… reminded me of Sam. 'No, don't think like that Danny. Think of clothes and new hairstyles.'

Ugh, both choices are bad. Aw well, at least this will remind me of her and I won't forget her. That thought alone gave me enough of a push to find clothes.

Time skip: 4 and a half hours

After wasting half the day trying to find 2 new outfits and a new hair style I figured it out. Danny Fenton's outfit will be:

A blue shirt with a black dragon, black jeans without chains, black converse, and a little Danny Phantom choker necklace. Danny Phantoms outfit will be:

An inverse jumpsuit of the already inverted jump suit of Danny Phantom, black fingerless gloves, and a white cut-off sweatshirt with the DP symbol already on it.

I already had the names changed too. As of now my normal; human name will be Jack and my abnormal; ghost name will be Thanatos Phantasama.

Now that I had a headache from going store to store with blasting music everywhere, I decided to eat at the pizzeria I passed getting to the mall. Hopefully it will be relaxing enough for me to think clearly. As I was nearing the pizzeria, I got a strange sense of foreboding.

Just as I was about to enter the pizzeria, an explosion from behind me knocked me into the door. Luckily, I was trained and stopped my fall before drawing blood. I turned around quickly to find a slender girl rise from a crater.

She looked of alien nature with red flowing hair and neon green eyes that glowed just like mine when I was angry; and boy was she angry! A foolish man who was close to her decided to take a picture and she started on a rampage. Since her arms were encased in what looked like high-tech handcuffs, she slammed them on the ground with superhuman strength. Just as I was about to run away like the other humans and change into Thanatos, a small boomerang hit her head.

I ran into an alley and changed into my new outfit. When I came back (invisible of course), Robin, sidekick of Batman, was dodging every throw, punch, and kick the alien was giving. When she threw a car at a building close to Robin he muttered," Stronger than she looks."

I decided that was my cue to step in so I became visible and hit her with a medium ecto-blast to her back. While she was on the ground, I floated over to Robin.

"Who are you?" Robin asked me in an awed and slightly afraid tone.

"I am Thanatos." I said in my normal echoing voice. What we didn't realize was while we were talking the girl had recovered and was about to hit us. Just as we realized this, a green ram hit her in her head, efficiently putting her down for the count. Then if things couldn't get weirder, the ram turned into doom patrol member, Beastboy.

"Ex Doom Patrol member Beastboy, sir. How can I help?" okay so now ex-member, "Wowzers you're Robin aren't you, sir?"

"Well you can start by not calling me sir." Robin said in a bored voice. Beastboy wasn't even fazed by this though, he just said,

"Well let me just say that it's a real honor to be…," I decided this conversation had gone on too long and decided to cut in.

"Beastboy was it?" I asked even though I already knew it.

"Yes sir?" instead of answering I just pointed to the girl. During the conversation the alien had mustered enough strength to pick up a bus and chuck it at us. We all quickly hopped out-of-the-way but a big guy with a grey sweatshirt and black sweatpants jumped in the way of the bus and caught it. He then threw off to the side like it was nothing. When he was done with that he looked at us and I could make out 1 red-eye. Jeez, how many weird teenagers live in Jump City?

"Yo, who's here messin up my neighborhood?" he yelled in an angered voice. Apparently Beastboy is a joker and decides to let his witty remarks pass his mouth and said,

"She started it." Just as he said that the outer metal of the alien's cuffs fell off and hit the ground with a clang. Then her hands were encased with a green light (ectoplasmic green) and she shot the green discs at us in rapid fire. All of us decided to take cover behind a relatively undamaged bus.

"Girls gonna wreck the city," Cyborg decided to say and I couldn't help but say the first thing that came to mind,

"No, where did you get that idea. Was it the super strength or the green energy?" He actually growled at the comment and Beastboy laughed. Man, I missed witty comments.

"I won't let her. I won't lose this fight." Robin said bringing me back to the situation at hand. By some unspoken commandment we all charged to the weakened alien. Just when I was about to let lose some seriously bad blasts, a huge black shadow raven came out of the ground. Then I heard a voice that said in monotone,

"Maybe fighting isn't the answer." Then a girl wearing a purple cloak and black leotard stepped out of the shadows. Even with the hood up I saw here purple eyes. Purple eyes… Sam. For a second I believed it was Sam, but then I knew she was dead and I felt like crying. 'No, you have an alien to get rid of. Focus!'

Apparently while I blanked out Robin had gone up to the alien and started to talk to her. As soon as the cuffs were off the alien kissed Robin for a good 3 seconds! Then just as abruptly as it happened, she pushed him off of her and she states,

"If you wish not to be destroyed, you will leave me alone!" Then she leaves by flying quickly away. It may have been a trick of the light but I think I saw her smiling. Aw well, no time to think about that I'm starving. Just as I'm about to leave, Cyborg says,

"Well, whoever she was, girl sure knows how to make an impression."

"Well I think we made a pretty good impression. Crazy space girls gone, the city's saved. Mission accomplished; right sir?" Beastboy said in an almost a pleading tone. Robin doesn't even look at him when he said,

"Seriously, stop calling me that." Jeez, that was rude. Although, Beastboy isn't fazed when he salutes and says,

"Roger." I chuckled on the inside when he said that.

"Looks like we're done here, I appreciate the help." Is that it? Is he seriously just going to leave?

"You're gonna track down the alien?" The way Raven made it sound it was more of a statement than a question.

"I have to find out if she's a threat." Robin said in a way that made his answer seem obvious. Now that I think about it, I bet he just wants to make-out with her more.

"More like find out if she'll give him another kiss." Cyborg spoke in a low voice so Robin wouldn't hear. Both Beastboy and I had a good laugh about that. It seemed that everyone was leaving except for me and Beastboy. I was about to leave just like the rest of them but what stopped me was Beastboy yelling,

"DDUUUUUUDDDDDEEEEEE" As I turned around to find out what was wrong, I found my answer as a shadow. I looked up to see a huge red and orange spaceship with large pointed objects in the front the ship slowly moving towards a small isle near the coast. Then, an orange pod was dropped on the isle and Cyborg decided to remark,

"Looks like Space girls got friends," and Robin finished by saying," or enemies." The pod then shot blue lighting into the sky. It separated to show a hologram of what could be a blue lizard with a tail and yellow armor. He then spoke in a low, hard tone,

"People of earth, we come to your planet hunting an escaped prisoner; a very dangerous prisoner. Do not interfere and we will leave your city with only minimal damages; but if you attempt to assist her, you destruction. Will. Be. Absolute." Then the hologram disappeared and a hundred aliens came out of the pod, heading toward us.

"That's a big ship." Cyborg decided to enlighten us of that information. Then to make us sound even more stupid, Beastboy replied by saying, "And those are some scary looking aliens."

"You can say that again." I said because really, it was sorta smart. To bring us back to the situation at hand, Raven said, "They told us not to interfere."

"You're still goin after her, aren't ya?" Cyborg said to Raven and Beastboy said," Can we come too."

I'll admit; I don't know what I want. Sometimes all I want to do is help and become the hero I once was. Yet, other times, I know I can't. I couldn't save the ones I love, how could I save the ones I don't know. Also, my future; I'm a monster. I can't become a hero.

"I suppose I could team up, just this once." Robin's voice brought me back to the present. Everyone gives a slight smile at that remark and starts walking away: everyone except Raven and me. When they realize we aren't walking with them, Robin comes up and asks," You in?"

Raven said," I'm not the hero type. Trust me, if you knew what I really am, you wouldn't want me around." Raven said exactly the same thing I would have said. What Robin said next really made my mind up.

"I know enough. What about you, Thanatos. You in?" I had to nod a yes to that. I guess the past can still hurt to remember but it doesn't make up who I am. We all walked into an alley and stayed silent until all the blue aliens were gone. Then Robin spoke in a leader voice," Alright we need something to track."

Raven said immediately," She's near," as soon as we all stared at her and she seemed very uncomfortable," I can sense things." That made more sense. Too bad I haven't developed that skill yet. Everyone else seems to have a method; Beastboy as a bloodhound and Cyborg a sonic analyzer in his arm.

"I've got her trail," Beastboy said soon and Cyborg said," I can hear her heartbeat." We all then started running after Beastboy. He led us to candy store with a medium-sized hole with red outlining. We came in through the door and found her chowing down on popcorn and candy with the wrappers still on them. Beastboy, ever the joker, ruined our sneak attack by saying," Ah, those taste better without the wrappers."

The alien then dropped all the food and quickly turned around, her hands and eyes glowing with green intensity. Just when she was about to attack Robin said in a nervous voice," It's alright, we're friends; remember?" She then spoke in somewhat butchered English,

"Friends? For what purpose did you free me?" Robin answered in a relaxed tone with a hint of nervousness," Just trying to be nice." She didn't calm down at all in the slightest. Instead she looked a little confused and said,

"Nice? We do not have this word on my planet; closest is rutha; weak." Cyborg must have been annoyed by how slow it was going and told her straight forward and in an annoyed tone, "Well around here nice means nice, and if you want us to keep being nice, you better tell us why the lizard king took you prisoner."

That seemed to get to her. Her hands and eyes lost their glow to show beautiful, emerald eyes. Her hands dropped to her sides and she looked vulnerable. When she spoke, her voice lost all anger and sounded sad and defeated.

"Not prisoner, I am prize. The Gordanians deliver me to the Citadel, to live out my days as their servant." I just had to ask even though I had a pretty good idea, "And the Citadel are…?" She finally looked up at me and answered plainly, "Not. Nice."

Robin then said a bit roughly, "Then you're not going with them; not if I have anything to say about it." Hey what about the rest of us!

"Um, don't you mean us?" At least Beastboy agrees with me. Just as Robin was going to answer, a hole was blasted into the side of the store. After the aliens yelled 'Seize her!' we ran at them. Along the way Beastboy changed into the rhino, the 3 of us with energy charged it, and the rest of them just ran. I was very focused on the aliens in front of me I don't know what the rest of them were doing.

After taking down 4 aliens on my they decided to retreat. I then turned to find Cyborg's sweat suit demolished and parts hanging limply on him. "Aw man. My suit." Jeez, is that all he can think about. Aliens are invading and he's thinking about fashion; really?

"So, you look way cooler without it." Okay, this is just too much. I guess I must have zoned out of the conversation because next thing I know the hologram thingy was back on the alien was starting to speak again, "Fools! The Earth scum were warned. Your insolence will be punished. You city shall be DESTROYED!"

After that declaration a humongous red laser was pointed directly at the center of town. Okay this is bad. Beastboy then decided to let us know everything that went wrong today, "So after trashing a pizza place and a perfectly good video store, now we've managed to make a humongous gecko mad enough to vaporize our entire town?" The way he said it made me feel guilty. I knew I couldn't be a hero and look what happened when I was.

"Go team." Cyborg said in a depressed voice. Okay he is seriously making me mad. "You think this a joke? An entire city is in danger because we had to play hero. I knew this was a bad idea." I yelled at Cyborg, but of course that triggered everyone else to yell and play the blame game. Everyone that is except for Raven and me.

"Quiet!" Raven and I yelled at the same time. I followed up and said, "It doesn't matter now. We need to work together."

"Thanatos* is right; we work as a team and we beat the bad guys. We have a city to save." Robin said in his leader voice, "Now, does anyone know how to get up there?"

"I do." This surprisingly came from Raven. So we gathered around her and she chanted a basic spell. We were soon covered in dark energy and the sensation of teleporting. The black soon dissipated and we were standing in an empty hallway near the center of the ship.

"C'mon, we have to get to the firing controls, there isn't much time." Beastboy, the alien, and I followed Robin. I was thinking intensely of what we were exactly doing. I was helping to save a city from aliens along meta-humans. Huh, sounds like a knock-off of a movie. Beastboy's voice broke into my thoughts and startled me back into reality.

Then Robin set off his explosive disks and told us to get into place. After the smoke cleared away, we stood facing Trogar with intensity and Robin said fearlessly, "We're not five heroes, we're one team!"

While fighting the aliens I thought about what Robin said. I know I can't stay with them. They are nice and I couldn't stand if they got hurt. They're the closest people to friends I've had since the accident. As soon as this is over I will leave and spare them the heartache that's bound to happen if I stay.

My opponent took my wandering mind as a weakness and struck hard. I ended on the floor near everyone but Beastboy and Raven. Cyborg and Robin were trying to reconfigure Cyborg's arm into a weapon. Meanwhile, Trogar was standing between us and Raven who was supporting Beastboy who was leaning heavily on her.

"Get away from my friends. Azarath. Metrion. ZINTHOSS!" Raven yelled and an explosion rocked the ship out of the sky and narrowly landed on a small island. After the dust settled Trogar rose again and before he could do anything Cyborg shot him from behind and he finally fell.

"Alright. I'm only gonna say this once; BOOYAH!" I have to say, I feel like celebrating too. Man, I haven't felt this great in months, though being homeless can do that to people.

Time skip: 2 hours

Now we're all just standing on the edge of the little island, the spaceship right behind us. The alien hadn't come out yet; she was changing in one of the rooms of the spaceship. The sun was starting to set, sending rays of purple and pink across the sky and puffs of clouds dotting the sky.

"That quite a view," Raven said right beside me.

"Somebody otta build a house out here." Cyborg said. Man that really sounds nice. No more cold nights sleeping in a tree or worrying about where my next meal is coming from. Wait, what am I thinking? I have to leave. I can't stay with these people otherwise they might get caught in my past.

"Yeah if you like sunshine and the beach," Beastboy said startling me out of my mind.

"Humph, you know, you're kinda funny." Raven said with a sliver of a smile on her face. That comment made him crack a huge smile on his face and said in a high-pitched voice, "You think I'm funny? Ohohoh, I know some jokes!"

Raven's face dropped quickly and she quickly took a step back from him. I chuckled at her misfortune but stopped as soon as she shot me a glare that could have turned me into a pile of ash.

"Please, I look nice?" Starfire said behind us causing us all to turn around. Robin stepped toward her with a blush on his face and stated, "I still don't know your name."

"In your language it would be Starfire." She answered. Hm, Starfire. Finally I have a name I can call her. Robin then took another step and stood tall and said in a proud voice, "Welcome to Earth, Starfire."

"I wish to thank you all for your bravery and I wish to ask permission to remain here. Where the people are most strange, but also most… kind." Starfire said.

"You don't need our permission," Raven started and Robin finished with," But if you want our friendship, you've got it." Wait. I didn't know we are now friends.

"I guess we could all use some new friends." Cyborg said wistfully and Beastboy said, "Besides, we kinda made a good team."

I should really leave before they suck me into a new team. Memories of them and me ghost fighting were flashing through my mind. Robin's voice brought me back to the present when he said," I thought we might want to keep in touch so Cyborg and I designed these."

He was holding out 4 small, compact devices in his green glove. The sun was glinting off of the yellow communicators when I finally spoke up and said, "I'm sorry, but I have to go."

Just as I was about to go invisible and fly away Beastboy's voice stopped me when he said, "Where? Please don't go. We can be a team."

I looked down and answered in a voice that sounded surely depressed," I don't want you guys to get hurt. If I stay here my past will catch up to me and I can't be responsible for any more deaths." At the end I looked up and their faces shown with determination. Not the kind to say I'm a monster, but their eyes practically screamed, 'We will personally tackle you and hold you down until we convince you to stay here!'Although I doubted that they could actually do that, I felt flattered.

"Ugh. Fine I'll stay." I said in an aggravated tone even though I was surely smiling like the Joker. I was surprised, yet again, when they tackled me anyway and hugged me until I felt I would choke. When everyone finally got up Robin said," When there's trouble, you know who to call…" and I finished with a name I just thought up on the spot, "The Teen Titans*."

They looked at me questionably but I just shrugged in response and said," We obviously need a name and we are teens. I just thought of titans. If you don't like it I'm sure we could come up with a different name."

"I love the name, Thanatos." Robin said with a ghost of a smile on his face. Everyone then turned toward the sunset. I smiled because even though I knew we would face tribulations, I had new friends and a team behind me to face them along me. Sure I would never forget my original team but I have gotten over the sadness and am ready for whatever life throws my way.

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