I'd never known what it meant to be truly happy, truly, madly, deeply in love until now. I met Jack Dawson's eyes as he took my hand, helping me into the back seat of William Carter's Renault. He climbed into the driver's seat, beaming. Twice, he honked the horn.

"Where to, Miss?" he asked me in a formal voice.

"To the stars," I responded, before reaching underneath his arms and pulling him into the backseat with me. He sat next to me, our breathing the only sounds in the darkness. Our fingers entwined with one another. My heart was hammering in my chest, but I wasn't nervous. I knew what I wanted. I wanted Jack. I wanted to be with him forever, 'till death did we part.

"Are you nervous?" His voice was soft, almost a whisper. This was it. The moment of truth. I was more than ready to face it. As long as I had Jack, I could face anything.

"Au contraire, mon cher." Jack stroked my face, his eyes full with such love and tenderness that I wanted to cry. I kissed his fingers before meeting his eyes.

"Put your hands on me, Jack," I said softly. In response, Jack pressed his lips to mine hungrily. I slid down into the seat, and let myself be engulfed in his love.

As Jack made love to me, of one thing I was certain: I knew where I belonged.