"So why are we doing this again?" England said tiredly as I picked him up from the airport.

"I told you. I want to take you on a tour of my national monuments and sightseeing places." I said.

"Okay then. Where are we going first?" he asked.

"Well we're in Washington D.C. so I figured we'd take a tour of the memorials first." I explained.
"Ok America." he said.
I puled up to the Lincoln Memeorial. "I know you have je lag but we're going to walk around a little." I said, opening his door.
" Okay that's fine. I like walking around after a long plane ride." I stared at him.
"You are so wierd." I said.
As soon as we got out of the car, black body gaurds surrounded us. "America, sir." They said.
"I don't need you guys. I'm touring my own capitol. Besides, I got England." I smiled and slung my arm over his shoulder, giving a thumbs-up.

"We were asked to protect Mr. England as wel." they said.
"I'm with America, whom I raised and I'm in his own capitol. I'm perfectly safe." he insisted.
"Plus do you guys plan on ruining our date?" I added.
"Our what?" He ooked at me, shocked.
"You didn't knwo that was why I invited you out here?" I asked.

"N-no!" he stammered.

The big men seemed to get really uncomfortable. "Fine but we'll be responsible if anything happens." They argued.
"Don't worry. I'll watch over them." A smooth female voice said from behind the gaurds. A sleek woman with long black hair walked up to me.

"Yo! Maddy!" I said.
"That's not my name." she replied, with a glare. "And it's AGENT."
"Cmon. If I didn't exist, neither would the country. I am the country... Or something like that. Why can't I get special treatment? And you just look like a Maddy." I pouted.

"My name is Agent." she said.

"Yeah well I call you Maddy and England's going to do the same." I sad, pointing at him.
Maddy turned to him, looking him up and down. "So this is the esteemed England you had so many fights with?" she said. "He doesn't look like much."

"Now Maddy. Without him, I would've been overrun and taken over by France. Besides, they were all resolved."

"Plus my place is quite great." he added.

"Whatever." Maddy said. "Let's get this show on the road." She started walking toward the Lincoln Memorial.

I smiled at England. "Let's go."

Englan's face as he walked in was amazed. "Why did they build something so big for a dead person?" he said.
"He was one of my superiors." I said. "He solved my battle of slavery."

"Oh." England replied.

"Ready to move on?" I asked.

"Yeah. Sure."

We walked in the shade along the reflecting pool and turned onto a trail of statues walking though the underbrush and a wall reflecting them.

"What is this for?" England asked.
"This is honoring the people who died in the Korean War." I replied.

"Korea would be pissed if he saw you weren't honoring Koreans as well." he said.
"Yeah I know. So would Vietnam." I pointed to a black wall with names carved in them. "That's everyone that died in the war."

"Wow. You need to stop getting into wars." he said.

"It's so ironic that you would say that. And you have to talk to my superior before that happens." I said.

We walked to the WW2 Memorial.

"This is impressive." England said. "You have so much dedicated to the sorrow you've experienced."

I laughed. "Only you would say sorrow anymore. And just wait. We haven't even started."
"I was trying to have a serious moment!" he said, and playfully punched me on the shoulder, laughing.

We walked to the next memorial.

"Looks like a giant toothpick." He said.

"Don't say that about the memorial to my first superior!" I said. I put my hand over my heart and formed another one with my hands to the memorial. "Love ya Washington." I said.

England watched from afar. "Was I really that bad?"he said.

"Your taxes were unnecesary, there was no freedom and my people were unhappy, so yes." I said. England frowned. "But for your first time raising someone, I didn't turn out half bad." I grinned. We smiled and laughed. We clapped eachother on the back and stood there laughing a while.

"Seems like you two are having fun." Maddy said.

"Very." I wiped an eye. Noticing that everyone had backed up a few feet I said "Maddy, you should get rid of the gun. You're scaring the citizens."

"Gun?" England said, jus noticing the holster on her hip.

"Mommy? Is that woman a terrorist?" a little girl said. The mom and I laughed. I ruffled her hair.

"Actually that woman protects us and is very nice." I told her.

She smiled. "I'm going to grow up to protect my country like she does."

"Now little one. Think of all the sadness that protectors and their family have to go through. You have people that will miss you when you're gone." I said.

The girl thought. "Then I'll help my country in another way!" She said, excited.
"There ya go!" I said and stood up.

"Thank you, Mr. America." The mom said.

"Please, call me America." I said.

She nodded and walked away, the little girl shouting, "I love America!"

"I love you too!" I shouted after her. She turned and waved, then ran after her mom. "You see? You're scaring the children! Put it away."
"But-" she protested.

"Put it away. I don't care if you have it, just put it somewhere people can't see it." I said.

"I can shove it up your monuments." she said, putting it in her jacket.
"Too uncomfortable." I said. England stifled a laugh. "What?" I said.
"Nothing. You just have full loyalty of your people." he said. Maddy smiled.
"Anyways, off to the next stop!" I said.

We got back in the car and drove out of D.C. and to New York.

* * *