"Ugh. I'm so tired of being in a car." I complained, adjusing my butt on he seat so that it didn't hurt anymore. I failied. "My butt hurts and I can't sleep."

"Why don't you pull over and I'll drive?" England suggested.

"But I don't like the way you drive." I mumbled.


"I said I'd barely get any sleep anyways. We're almost to where we're going." Perfect excuse.

"Hmph." He crossed his arms and legs and looked away from me, just like he always did when he was pouting. You know, even though he was older than me, he could be such a child sometimes. I laughed at the annoyed look on his face.

"What's so funny?!" He angrily turned towards me.

"Nothing, just you're so funny when you're annoyed."

The hard look on his face softened and then hardened again. "Shu up you bloody idiot!"

I laughed again. "Calm down, Iggy. You'll scare everybody away if you always have a scowl on your face. Let's eat." I leaned out of the window as I pulled into a McDonald's drive through to order. "What do you want?" I asked.

"You're going to grow fat if you keep eating like this."

I pouted. "I'm not fat. Now what do you want?"

"You were so cute when you were younger, always 'England, England, England.'" He slipped away into the past.

"Fine, I'm ordering for you then."

"Welcome o McDonald's. How can I help you?" Echoed out of the speaker.

"I'll have five burgers, a large coke, two large fries, and a 12 piece chicken nugget. Oh! And two apple pies and an icecream please."

"Is that all for today?"

Suddenly, England's stomach growled. I sighed. "Add a chicken nugget kid's meal to that, please."

"Thank you. That's $20.78. Please pull forward."

As I pulled out of the drive through with my food, i ripped open a ketchup packet with my teeth and sprayed it all over my frech fries while balancing my drink in my oher hand, which was also holding the steering wheel. Already by my side was an empty box of chicken nuggets and an ice cream cone wrapper. I set my ketchuped fries on my lap and shoved Iggy's happy meal at him. He came out of his pout for a few minutes to look at me with a confused expression. "Here, this is for you." I babbled, a straw in my mouth. Slowly, he took it and looked inside. "Eat your food before you play with the toy." I scolded.

He looked at me annoyed again. "I'm not a child, America."

"You're hungry and I know you have the stomach of a child." I grinned at him. "You wouldn't have been able to eat a burger."

"Arse." He muttered. "Hey, you got something other than cheeseburgers this tome."

"I wanted to try somehing new." Arthur threw the kid's meal in the back seat and grabbed one of my hamburgers. "Hey! That's mine. I got you food." I growled at him.

"I've decided I'm having this instead." He unwrapped it and took a bite.

I sighed again. "Fine." I tossed another wrapper to the side.


I stuck out my bottom lip. "I just have a high metabolism is all."

"No, you're fat." He squished my stomach and it rumbled.

"I'm still hungry." I whined. I eyed the burger Iggy had in his hand and grabbed his hand, pulling the burger up to my mouth.

"A- America!" he shouted.

"Juf lgh meh afe itfh." I grumbled, it already half way in my mouth.

"No! I'm hungry!" He tried to wrestle it from my grip but instead I grabbed his hand and pulled the burger from his hand with my mouth. Through all of this, I was struggling to keep my eyes on the road and we almost crashed a few times. Iggy freaked out.

He gave up and sat back in his seat, sighing. "At least let me hold it for you."

"You saying you want to feed me?" I smirked.

A slight blush krept on his face but he kept his annoyed, flabbergasted look on his face that told me I was acting childish. I don't care. It's who I am. "Yeah, sure." He took the burger from my mouth as I took another bite. I tried to take another bit but the burger was too far away from my mouth. I grabbed his hand and pulled it closer towards me. "Arhur, keep he burger close to my mouth." He froze. "What'd I say?"

"Nothing, just you haven't called me Arthur since before.. you know.." A pained expression filled his face. Wow, he has a lot of expressions. It's like.. he's an expressionist or something. Sorry, serious talk. Right. -_-"

I leaned back in my seat and kept driving. "Right..." An awkward silence filled the car.

After a while Iggy said "I'm sorry for everything I did. I was busy, and unfair and-"

"Arthur, it's fine." I smiled at him. "'Cuz we care about each other, right?"

His shocked expression slowly turned happy and a soft smile played on his lips. "Right." he nodded.

"Hey, love birds, that's kind of sickening." We both froze.

"Huh?" I asked, looking in the rearview mirror. I saw a woman with dark eyes and hair staring at me. Her hair was perfect. "Maddy? I forgot you were back there! How is your hair perfect when you've been sleeping in the backseat all day?"

"I'm amazing." she replied. Then her voice grew annoyed. "Now, who woke me up?" England and I exchanged a confused look. he held up England's happy meal. "Whose? Explain."

I lauhed out loud. "That would be all Arthur's fault!"

He gasped a me. "Huh? You bought it! It's yours!"

"Yeah, but you threw it. Who's the immature one now?" I looked over to see him balling himself in the corner of the seat, as far away from me as possible with his bottom lip stuck out and his cheeks a pale pink. I laughed again.

"Shut up." He said, looking out of the window.


"Here, we're finally here."

"I just want to get out of the car for the rest of my life." Iggy mumbled, slowly waking up, more on the asleep side. I chuckled.

"C'mon." I got out of the car and picked Iggy up princess style. "Hey, get our backs please, Maddy."

"Like hell I will." she snapped.

"You've been appointed as my body guard right?"

"Not you're pack mule."

"Yeah, but if you wake up Iggy and make him walk, we'll all be as good as dead."

She rolled her eyes and grabbed our suitcases. I smiled. "Thank you, Maddy."

I walked past a sign that said BLUE HERON FARM. "Are you sure we should be here?" Maddy said. "This sign say 'private property'. You get lost often. I wouldn't put it past you."

I scowled. "Of course it is. It's the only place high security and secluded enough for us to stay at."

She smirked. "You think too highly of yourself."

"And why did you come to that conclusion?"

"You just- nevermind." She walked pas me and in the front door. When we had finally gotten into our rom, I dropped Iggy on the bed and collapsed next to him.

"I'm so exhausted. I want to sleep."

"Brush your teeth." Maddy commanded.

I groaned. "Iggy's asleep and you suddenly adapt his personality."

"Not his personality, just his responsibilities when it come to you." She laughed.

"Too bad. Go away."

She rolled her eyes. "Ok. Fine. I'm going to go take a shower."

"I'll be asleep when you come out." I answered, sleepily.

I heard her footseps go into the bathroom and I woke up Arthur just enough so that he pull his pants and shirt off. I laughed at the fact that he was too tired to change into his flannel pjs. We finished changing at the same time, me acually in my pjs. He groggily got up and wrapped his arms around my neck, resting all his weight on me. I chuckled and picked him up, placing him in his bed. When he was on the bed, he wouldn't let go of my neck and instead pulled me down onto the bed with him. He was so impulsive and childish when he was sleepy. I collapsed on the bed. I was too tired to get up and go over to the other bed. Besides, I'd like to give Maddy a real bed for a night. Instead, I pulled the covers up over me and Iggy. Feeling like a child, I decided I wanted to act like how it was a long time ago. I snuggled up into Iggy's chest, placing my arms on his chest and he tightened his arms around me. I passed out immediatly, wrapped in Iggy's fragile arms, heat radiating from both of our bodies.

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