Toys for a Lonely Lady

One can feel lonely at times, even when there are people around you. I remember that when I used to live in the castle I was always surrounded by a multitude of fiery faces. I remember the peasants, the cooks and the actors. I remember the minstrels, the jesters, and the nobles. But I don't remember to have ever enjoyed their company, not even from my own father. I was alone.

Then Finn and his brother came into my life. Things changed for good, they really did! I got my own house and something that I've never had before, friends….

I know that Finn is more than just a friend; we both know it and we both love each other's company. It's always fun when Finn and Jake are around me, I never felt like a real girl until I learned what it was to play, chat and laugh like a normal person. When Finn says that he's going to drop by, I sit outside and wait impatiently for him. My joy grows with every passing minute and when I finally distinguish his particular figure in the horizon, I feel that there's not enough space inside my chest to contain my overflowing heart.

I just wish he'd come more often….

I'm not complaining, I know that Finn and Jake are heroes and that they are always going on adventures. I know that they have better things to do. It's just that, no one ever comes to play with me…

People avoid my house. I know it because, besides Finn and Jake, I've never seen another person showing his face around here. I wonder what's wrong with this place…

Green hills and mountains that reach the clouds surround the crystalline lake where my bonfire flickers warmly. A small creek runs nearby, filling my ears with its soothing music. Little birds chirp and shelter themselves on the pines, whose fresh scent is always being carried by the soft breeze of the wind. There's beauty everywhere, why wouldn't anyone like this place?

Is it because of me?

Sometimes I ask Finn if there's something wrong with the way I dress myself, talk or behave. He just smiles and whispers that he loves everything about me. But Finn also says that I'm not still ready to venture beyond the limits of my home. He's afraid that people might not understand me…

I don't really mind to stay here. I mean… I'm used to stay in just one place for a long time thanks to my imprisonment in the lantern. It's just that… I can't help to feel lonely, if only Finn could stay more time with me…

There are times when he doesn't show up for weeks or even months… Sometimes I fear that he might have forgotten about me, but in the end Finn always appears to make my flames grow brighter.

The wait is worth it, it really is! And while he's not around, I'll always have my toys to help me fool the loneliness. They are nothing but two pieces of coal that Finn brought once. They were meant to be eaten, but after Finn left I thought that I could turn them into something that would help me think of him. Perhaps I wouldn't feel so lonely then.

I used my fire to sculpt them into a couple of fire wolf figures… Fine, I know that they don't look like fire wolves at all, and I also have to admit that I wanted them to look like Finn and me… but I'm not very talented, okay?!

It's not much…

Flame Princess grabs the two figures from her shelf. She sits on her bed and begins to play with them.

"Hey Princess, what's up?" she says while she holds them close to each other "Not much, Finn… You know, I just missed you…"

"Don't worry my lady, this time I will stay with you forever!"


"Of course, FP! I love you!"

"And I love you too, Finn!"


But it's something…