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William Darcy finally gathered up the courage to propose to Lizzie Bennet after three years of dating. He stumbled through his words, and the question hadn't been 'popped' so much as it had been blurted out in a rush.

By then Lizzie was used to his shyness and found it endearing. She said yes immediately, and they skipped desert to go straight home, though neither of them slept that night for more than a couple of hours.

In the next forty-eight hours they received a flood of emails, texts and calls from friends, family, and coworkers alike congratulating them on their engagement.

Both Lizzie and Darcy could barely keep their feet on the ground, they were so ebullient. So much had happened in the past three years. Their lives, and the lived of those they loved, had changed for the better in monumental ways.


Jane and Bing were married two years after moving to New York with a big white wedding. Mrs. Bennet had spared no expense. Lizzie was Maid of Honor, and Darcy was Best Man, and of course, Lizzie caught the bouquet yet again. At least it wasn't a repeat of the most awkward dance ever.

Jane and Bing were now trying to start a family.

Jane was doing fabulous at her job, and Bing had started his own charity that was quickly expanding and they were both ready for the next phase of their lives.


Lydia got into film school in LA after completing community college with Mary's help, and was now in her second year. Her grades were top notch, and Lydia had discovered a passion for film unlike anything else she had ever experienced before.

As for her dating life, well, after what happened with George, she took things slow with guys, but now she was dating a fellow film major, Brian. They had a mutual love and respect for each other, and it was the first healthy relationship that Lydia ever had with a guy.

About a year and a half after the incident, when she and Brian had just started dating, they had run into George Wickham. Lydia noticed with satisfaction that his nose looked as if it had been broken. Score one for Darcy.

"Hey peach," he said.

Lydia glanced over at Brian, who nodded, and then she took two steps towards George, slapped him with all the strength she could muster and said, "Eat your peach you douche bag."


Gigi's launch of Welcome to Sanditon was a huge success.

She was now in graduate school while balancing new projects at Pemberley Digital.

She was dating a fellow grad student, Hunter, and things were going well. However, Gigi, like Lydia, no longer depended on a guy's love to make her happy. She was creating her own happiness through her education, friends, and career.


Brandon and Fitz were finally married in Washington in a small ceremony and were talking about starting the adoption process.


Caroline finally decided to make nice with Lizzie, at the urging of her brother. She was finally worn down. Things would never be great between her and Lizzie, but they both were trying.


Catherine DeBourgh finally accepted that Lizzie Bennet made her nephew happy, and as Lizzie's production company grew more successful, Catherine grudgingly admitted that perhaps her fist impression of Lizzie Bennet had been incorrect.

She and Darcy mended their broken relationship. They were family after all, and Catherine truly cared for Darcy, and deep down she wanted him to be happy.


Collins & Collins was now, Collins & Collins & Lu. Charlotte was the CEO of the California branch, and was wildly successful. So much so that she eventually invested in Bennet Productions. Lizzie and Charlotte enjoyed the occasional business meeting together.

Charlotte, workaholic that she was, didn't date much and didn't even look any guy's way until she met one of Bing's Harvard friends at Jane's wedding. His name was Chandler, and they had been dating for two months.


It turns out that Jaime was real. She and Ricky Collins were married shortly after Jane and Bing. It was a surprise to all, but being married kept Mr. Collins in Canada most of the time, and everyone was glad for it.


Lizzie grinned as she thought about everyone that had been in her life during her year of video diaries. She was grateful for the diaries and everything they had brought to her.

She was happier with William Darcy than she had ever been. Her company was growing and becoming more successful with every passing year.

She had William had begun to build a life together, established on a relationship built on open communication, love and trust. They both had grown and changed for the better, and while they were not perfect and still had their miscommunications, they appreciated each other for their flaws.

They were married after a six-month engagement and Team Figi and Lydia were in charge of the wedding video, which was later posted on Lizzie's old youtube channel.

Lizzie's viewers stayed loyal to the end and broke the Internet when the video was released, much to the amusement of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy.

Life was progressing beautifully, and Lizzie and Darcy couldn't imagine being anything but happy.

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