Trekkie kids
based on the T.V series Star trek original series and Star trek Animated series
Episode #2: What are friends for?

Scene 1
Narrator: we last left you when we were about to go to Spock's ranch to ride horses with our newest friends Scottie and Christine well on this day I end up more hurt than you could imagine and poor spock blamed it on himself
(Spock, McCoy, Kirk, Christine and Scottie enter in Spock's barn)
Spock: (continuing conversation) and this is my horse Pete he's nice
(spock's uncle enters)
Keith: Spock are you gonna ride the horses like Kirk?
Spock: you bet uncle Keith
Keith: then you and one of your friends will have to ride together these horses are big
Spock: yes sir now which one will ride with me?
Bones: I'll do it
Spock: thanks bones
(they exit)

Scene 3
(they all enter riding horses around Spock's coral when suddenly spock's pet snake appears)
(the snake hisses spooking Pete)
Spock: Whoa pete Whoa!
Bones: Spock what's happening
Spock: Something is spooking Pete hang on Bones!

(Bones and Spock both get flung off and pete runs off)
Spock: Bones are you ok?
Bones: ouch! Help I can't get up my leg is hurting
Spock: Quick get Uncle Keith
(Kirk runs into the house)

scene 4
(Harriet and Keith enter in the kitchen Kirk rushes in)
Harriet: oh Jim what's the matter sweetie?
Kirk: (panting) Come… Quick… Bones… is… Hurt!
Keith: lead me the way sunny!
(they Exit)
Scene 5
(everybody enters around Bones in a hospital bed with his leg in a sling)
Spock: oh Bones are you ok I'm sorry terry my snake got out
Bones: it's ok spock you helped me with something I know now what I want to do for star fleet
Everybody: What?
Bones: I want to be a Doctor and help people like they helped me
Keith: well I'll be darn you wanna be like you daddy by the way your daddy says you can stay with us until your leg heals ok Bones

Bones: thanks Mr. Keith
Keith: aw you can call me Uncle Keith like Spock does

Narrator: well by then it was indeed official that I stayed at the ranch with spock and his family cause one thing I learned about Vulcan half breeds are that you get hurt around them they get all upset and start blaming themselves and will do anything within their power to heal ya the next day I'd leave the hospital

Scene 6

(Spock enters crying along with his aunt Harriet)
Harriet: Spock baby what's wrong why ya crying?
Spock: It's… all… my… fault… that bones… got H-Hurt
Harriet: oh now it's not your fault that dang horse went crazy it wasn't terry he was still in his cage must've been a black snake
spock: But I should be the one laid up with a broken leg not Bones I should've broke my leg
Harriet: Now Spock don't you ever let me catch you talking like that again ya hear Bones will be alright and he's staying with us since we know how ya feel
(Spock hugs his aunt and they exit)

Scene 7
narrator: well over the course of the few weeks Spock took good care of me and we became like inseparable brothers we played cards and the gang even came over many times but what we didn't know was my father may have an important science mission for us to soon venture on