Sorry this took a while ._. School's back and everything. I have tons of books to read (Thanks to my 4th period teacher ^.^) So I got some new ideas c: Hope you like this!

Beautiful. That's all she wanted to be called. Sure she has Mel, and her mom calling her beautiful, but that's different. She's known them forever. And Cameron, well, she could just tell he just wants to get into her pants. Everyone else? They don't talk to her. Besides Adrianna. And they're sworn enemies. So whenever Adrianna passes Loren or vice-versa, Adrianna jumps at the opportunity to insult her in some way. The most common insult? Ugly. At first, she's learned to ignore it, but after a while, it started to bug her. But lately, whenever Loren passes her, she has headphones in her ears, with Eddie Duran on blast.

"Tate!" Adrianna yelled annoyed. Once again, Loren was passing by her and she had Eddie booming through her headphones. She could faintly hear Adrianna's voice. She rolled her eyes and kept on walking. Then, she felt someone grip her arm and forcing her to turn around.

Loren yanked her earplugs out of her ears forcefully.


Adrianna glared at her, "You think that since you have headphones in your ears that I'd just let you ignore me? Please, when I comes to me, no one will ignore me."

Loren rolled her eyes. Adrianna's focus was now fixed on her headphones. You can hear Something In The Air clearly boom out of them.

She smirked.

"I see you're a fan of Eddie," Adrianna said, crossing her arms. Loren looked at her headphones then back at Adrianna, "Looks like listening to his music is the closest you'll ever get to hearing his voice."

Loren gritted her teeth and closed her eyes.

"Come on Loren. Even you know you won't ever meet him. And if you do, then he would only look at you once and maybe regret it. I mean, come on. Why would someone as hot as Eddie want to look at someone as ugly as you?"

Loren felt like she was going to cry, but she didn't. She was going to be strong.

"Why do you think your dad left you?"

That's it. That's what did it. The tears started running down her cheeks, slowly.

"Don't," Loren said, her voice cracking, "He left because he wasn't ready to be a dad. You have no idea what I went through. So just shut up and leave me alone."

And with that, Loren put her headphones back in her eats and walked off to her locker where Mel was. Before she could get to her locker, she wiped her tears, not wanting to answer any of Mel's questions.

"Hey Lo! Where were you? I've been waiting for 10 minutes?" Mel asked, walking towards her.

"Sorry. Adrianna trouble again." Loren said, pulling out one of her headphones, stuffing her books into her bag.

Mel groaned, "What did the Barbie say now?" Mel asked. She was just as annoyed with Adrianna as Loren was.

"The usual, how I'm ugly and how No one would like me." Loren sighed.

They began exiting the school.

"I swear, sometimes I just want to slap her." Mel warned.

Loren laughed, "Trust me, I would too."

They got into Loren's car and started talking again.

"Loren, don't worry about her. You're beautiful. She's just jealous." Mel said.

Loren took a quick glance at Mel then back at the road.

"Thanks Mel, but you're my best friend. You're supposed to say that to make me feel better.

Mel sighed, "Lo, you're so insecure. It's true. Even Cam sees it."

"Cameron just wants to get into my pants. He's done it to almost every girl." Loren said, turning a corner.

"He hasn't done it to me." Mel said shrugging.

"That's because he knows you're with Adam."

Mel smiled and nodded.

"Plus," Loren continued, pulling into her driveway, "You wouldn't do that to Adam."

Mel nodded, "Of course. We've come so far in our relationship to ruin it now."

They got out of the car and up the walkway.

"I swear, you two are the cutest couple ever." Loren said, unlocking the door to her house.

Mel smiled brightly as they walked in, "Oh, I know."

Loren smiled and rolled her eyes. They dropped their bags by the door and Mel made herself comfy on the couch while Loren went to the kitchen.

"Loren? Is that you?" Her mom said from her room.

"No mom! We're robbers with the key to the house!" Loren said sarcastically.

Nora walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

"Well, excuse me. I was in my room and I heard you guys talking."

Loren smiled and shook her head.

"Okay mom."

"Hey Nora!" Mel waved.

"Hey Mel, how was school?" Nora replied.

"Boring. Thank God it's Friday." Mel sighed.

Nora laughed, "Oh hey, I have good news. Now, don't freak out but guess who I ran into?"

"Uh, the president?" Loren asked sarcastically.

"What's up with all the sarcasm today?" Nora asked amused.

Loren shook her head and laughed, "I don't know. Anyways, who'd you run into?"

"Oh!" Nora snapped her fingers, "I was at Home Depot, getting paint for my room, and you'll never guess who I ran into!"

"Mom, spit it out!" Loren urged, laughing.

"I ran into Max Duran!" Nora squealed.

"No way!" Mel and Loren exclaimed. Mel jumped up and ran to them.

"Don't mess with us Nora!" Mel warned, pointing a finger at her. Nora laughed.

"I'm not. I guess he's building this new club and he was there to get supplies. We talked for a little and I might have…..maybe….invited him and Eddie for dinner." Nora whispered the last part.

"You what?!" Mel and Loren yelled at the same time.

"You did not!" Loren said in disbelief.

"I did! And he accepted! He called Eddie and he agreed too! They're going to be here in like, "She checked the clock, "An hour."

"An hour?!" Loren and Mel yelled at the same time.

Nora laughed.


"Okay, that's it. I'm so staying for dinner." Mel beamed.

Loren laughed.

"What's for dinner?" She asked.


Loren's eyes lit up.

"Best Friday ever!"

Mel and Nora laughed.

"Lo! We have to get you ready!"

And with that, Mel dragged Loren to her room.

Nora smiled and shook her head and muttered "Teenagers." Then went to get dinner ready.