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Loren ended up falling asleep on Eddie's lap while Eddie was scrolling through his Twitter.

He smiled as he saw some of the Tweets were about him and Loren.

'Oh My God, Loren and Eddie are so adorable! Even cuter then when Eddie and Chloe were together!'

'Loren's so pretty! OMG, Why does Leddie have to be so cute?'

Leddie? Eddie thought, looking up from his phone with a confused expression. It suddenly dawned on him.

Loren and Eddie…that was our couple's name! Duh! Eddie thought, smiling real big. He looked down at his sleeping girlfriend and his grin widened, if possible.

She looked so adorable, sleeping like that, He said in his head.

He suddenly got an idea and took his iPhone and put it on camera and pointed it to Loren's sleeping face and then taking a picture.

He smiled at the picture for a minute before going back on his Twitter and uploading the picture with the description saying 'Look at how cute Loren looks while she's sleeping ;D'

Eddie smirked and clicked upload and then put his phone away, just in time for Nora to walk through the door.

"Hi Nora," Eddie said, making sure h didn't wake Loren up.

Nora jumped a bit and looked up.

"Gosh Eddie, you scared me. Hello sweetie," She said, hanging her coat up.

Eddie chuckled and mindlessly began to stroke Loren's hair.

Nora saw her sleeping daughter and smiled, "You guys look so cute. I'm glad she chose you instead of that Cameron guy. You know, I just don't have a good feeling about that guy." She said and placed her hand on her hip.

Eddie looked down at Loren, "I'm glad she chose me too."

Nora smiled and straightened up, "Okay, well, I'm going to get something to eat then I'm headed to my room."

Eddie nodded and tuned on the TV, keeping it on low, not wanting to wake Loren up.

After about an hour or so of watching TV, Loren began to stir and then her eyes fluttered opened.

"Hey baby," Eddie whispered, stroking her cheek.

Loren smiled a tired smile, "Hi…"

Eddie leaned down and kissed her softly.

"How was your nap?" He asked, pulling away.

Loren yawned, "Good. It got my mind off of the pain in my foot."

Eddie gave her an apologetic smile.

"The pain will go away soon."

Loren smiled and closed her eyes, getting ready for another nap.

"Are you seriously going to nap again?" Eddie asked with an amused look on his face.

Loren nodded sleepily, "Yes. Now hush, I'm tired."

Eddie chuckled as he watched his girlfriend close her eyes and fall asleep for the second time that day.

Eddie peeked at her foot and saw that it was a bit swollen. He sighed and picked Loren's head up and got up before gently laying her head on the couch.

He walked into the kitchen and got a bag before putting ice cubes in it and sealing the bag before wrapping it around in a towel, not wanting it to be too cold. He walked back into the living room and crouched in front of Loren's foot and gently placing the ice pack on her foot, watching her face the entire time, making sure she didn't wake up from the coldness. Her face stayed the same and her foot twitched a bit.

He chuckled a bit and stood up, taking his phone out. He went back on Twitter and his phone was instantly full of comments from the picture of Loren.

'Awe! She looks so pretty when she's sleeping!'

'He makes such a cute boyfriend!'

'Loren's so lucky!'

Eddie had a silly grin on his face and tucked his phone back in his pocket. He looked at the oven and saw the time


He sighed and turned back at Loren, he really didn't want to leave but it was late and her mom would have a cow if he slept over, considering they barley started dating.

He started walking towards Nora's room, praying she wasn't asleep.

He softly knocked, "Nora?" He whispered.

A few seconds later, Nora opened the door, "Hey Ed. Need something?"

Eddie smiled and shook his head, "No, I just wanted to ask if you can tell Loren that I'm on my way home when she wakes up. I don't want her to be worried."

Nora smiled, "Sure honey."

As Eddie walked away, her remembered something.

"Oh, and Nora?"

Nora stopped from closing her door and looked at Eddie.


"Uh, Loren kind of stepped on a piece of glass, but don't worry, I took it out and it's wrapped up. Just make sure she doesn't walk on it that much so she can let it heal."

Nora gave a tiny smile, "Thanks for telling me Eddie. I know she wouldn't have, we know how stubborn she is."

Eddie gave a soft chuckle at the comment, "Yeah, I know."

"Well, thanks Eddie."

"No problem, Nora. Have a good night." Eddie said, waving.

"Bye Eddie, you too,"

Eddie walked over to Loren and kissed her head softly.

"Night baby," He whispered.

He walked out of the door and was on his way home.

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