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"Lo.." Mel whispered to Loren during a test.

Loren turned her head to her best friend.


"What's the answer to number 8?" Mel asked.

Loren rolled her eyes and giggled quietly.

"Uh," She said, looking at her paper. "C."

"Thank you!"

Loren smiled and went back to her test.

After the teacher collected the testes, they had 10 minutes until the bell rang so they just talked.

"So….what happened with you and Eddie?" Mel asked, jumping on her desk and swinging her legs.

Loren laughed and leaned against her desk.

"I just had this talk with my mom last night."

Mel laughed, "Well, you're gonna have it again."

Loren smirked and crossed her arms.


"Tate!" Adrianna yelled, cutting Loren off.

Both, Mel and Loren groaned.

"What do you want?" Mel asked annoyed.

Adrianna smirked and walked over to them.

"Well, I want a lot of things. Like a car. Or my own house, maybe-"

"Maybe for you to go away?" Loren said, turning her head to meet Adrianna.

Adrianna glared at her.

"Listen, you think that you can make me disappear, and leave you alone, just like your dad, but you can't! Your dad is actually lucky. He doesn't have to deal with you. That's why he left. He didn't want to deal with an ugly, untalented loser like you."

Loren's eyes stung with tears and once the bell rang; she flew out of the class room with Mel chasing her.

"Loren!" Mel called after her.

Loren ignored her and kept on running. Her vision was blurry so she didn't know where she was going. Suddenly, she ran into someone.

"I-I'm so sorry! I didn't m-mean too." She apologized. Once she thought she could see, she looked up, only to see Eddie looking down at her with concern in his eyes.

"Lo? Are you okay? What happed?" Eddie asked, pulling her closer.

Lore cried into his chest and clung onto him as if she's let go, he'd leave.

"Sh….Loren, you're okay. I'm here." Eddie whispered.

Loren looked up at him and wiped her eyes.

"Sorry," She said.

"Hey, don't be sorry. You have nothing to be sorry about." Eddie said, cupping her cheeks in his hands.

"Thank you." Loren whispered.

Eddie smiled and gave her a quick kiss.

"Of course,"


Loren turned around and saw Mel sanding there, arms crossed.

"Hi," Mel said, smirking.

Loren smiled a little and blushed.

"Hey. Sorry I ditched you."

Mel scoffed and walked over to Loren, bringing her into a hug.

"Don't say you're sorry. Adriana just wants to break you. But, I know you're stronger than that." Mel said, pulling away from the hug.

"That's because I have you and mom to keep me together," Loren laughed.

"And it seems like you have Eddie too," Mel said, looking at Eddie.

Eddie blushed and looked down, smiling.

Loren giggled and hugged him.

"Awe, the rock star's getting embarrassed." Loren teased.

Eddie lifted his head and glared at her playfully.

"Okay, you guys are so cute." Mel commented.

Loren laughed and shook her head, "Thanks. Oh, hey, did I tell you that Eddie's driving me home?"

Mel raised her eyebrows and smirked.

"Really? Well, then I best get going." Mel said, backing away.

"Loren rolled her eyes laughing.

"Okay, fine. Don't give me a hug." Loren teased.

Mel smiled and walked back to her and gave her a hug, "I'll talk to later. Okay? You need to give me the answers to my homework."

Loren laughed and pulled away, "Deal."

"And you," Mel said, pointing to Eddie, "You better take care of her. Or you will pay."

Eddie laughed nervously and held his hands up.

"I wouldn't dream of it."

Mel's facial expression softened and smiled.

"Good. Now, I have to go. My mom said she needs to talk to me about something."

"What is it?" Loren asked her eye brows stitched together in confusion.

"I'm just as confused as you are, trust me." Mel said, sighing.

"Well, good luck." Loren said.

"Yeah, I'm going to need it." Mel said.

"Okay, well, don't keep her waiting."

"Alright! Bye!" Mel yelled, running to her car.

"Bye!" Loren yelled after her.

Loren turned back at Eddie and smiled, "Ready?"

Eddie smiled and nodded, taking her hand in his, "Let's go."

Loren got in the car and Eddie went around and got in also.

Half of the ride was silent. That is, until Eddie broke it.

"So, why were you crying?" He asked, giving her a quick glance, and then looked back at the road.

"Oh uh," Loren cleared her throat, "There's uh, this girl in my school and she just likes to taunt me."

"Then it shouldn't bug you. I know for a fact you're much better than this girl." Eddie said.

Loren smiled, "Thanks, but this was different. She went too far. I don't usually cry when she torments me, but when she brings up my father, then I just….break…." She said, fiddling with her thumbs.

"What happened to your dad? Did he pass away?" Eddie asked kind of hesitantly. He wasn't sure if it was right to bring up the subject, but his curiosity got the best of him.

"Not exactly. When I was four, he uh, he…left. He just….left. Didn't say goodbye, or anything. He just got his stuff, and walked out the door….ad never came back." Loren said, looking out the window, making the situation 10xs more dramatic.

"Why'd he leave?" Eddie asked, getting more into the subject.

Loren shrugged, "Guess he wasn't ready to be a dad."

"Well," Eddie said, pulling into his apartment, "It's his loss, because he doesn't know what he's missing out on."

Loren smiled and leaned over and gave him a kiss. Eddie smiled into the kiss and pulled her closer.

Eventually, air was needed so, Loren broke of the kiss.

"Come on. I'm hungry." Loren said, giggling.

Eddie smiled that one smile that would make Loren's heart melt. And the best part is, she's the cause of it.

"Let's go, Beautiful."

Eddie took her hand and they walked up to his apartment.

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